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    Zach, I’m a Vermonter and communicate with Senator Leahy on many issues. I’m interested in helping out in ways beyond just signing a petition, as I think a constituent’s active participation is invaluable, and can make a difference toward moving Senator Leahy to take strong action. As FDL has my acct email, feel free to contact me to discuss how I can help.

  • calling for an assault that ends in death is absolutely disgusting.

    Mr. Bundy is grazing on public lands without permit or without paying fees. Mr. Bundy is effectively using public lands free of charge. He is a mooch. A free-loader. A sovereign citizen nut job, to boot. But there is no lesson that ends in death that needs to be taught. Shame on you.

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    No, it doesn’t. I’d much rather have both in my camp. Get the Seniors to take the Youth out for voting and lunch.

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    another thing, this time a question. Is it better to have Seniors in your camp, with their voting reliability but declining numbers, or is it better to have the Youth, with their greater numbers but also a greater reluctance to step in the booth?

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    I look at the data and see something different. The Democratic advantage with Older Folks started sliding in 2007, well before Obama took power. The negative spread peaked in 2010, the off year election that saw the Republicans hammer Democrats for the proposed Medicare cuts. But the spread has decreased by 1% each of the past three years. Is this a trend? I don’t know. Does it mean the difference will be down to -2% this year? Again, I don’t know. Perhaps the damage inflicted in 2010 is done and fences are being mended. But one thing I do know is that having both age groups in the Democrats camp doesn’t guarantee a good election outcome, as 2004 attests.

  • Rmwarnick is right. Seniors are certainly less likely to feel the effects to themselves or their ways of life than other age groups. And I suspect that most folks just can’t see see how warming will impact their lives in a serious fashion. Unlike cigarettes, which pose an immediate danger from the moment one starts smoking, global warming is a much bigger threat to the entire system. We can look at individual catastrophes (such as CA’s incredible drought) as global warming induced, but we can also look back at the historical record and see similar events and then have trouble concluding that this is a serious threat. That’s the inherent difficulty of defeating the intentional confusion spawned by industry.

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    Gallup surveyed 1,020 adults. Given that the law is intended to affect a small (by percentage) number of people, I would expect the sample to contain very few people who are directly impacted by the new law. Thus, their satisfaction or dissatisfaction would not be well represented in the poll.

    Therefore, it follows that the opinions on the law are largely a reflection of those who are not affected by it. If a person is not affected by the law, they probably aren’t paying close attention to it, or if they are, they are getting their views as a result of media attention, which as we know, has been duly negative.

    I expect the polling to slightly improve in the coming months, but not dramatically unless media coverage shifts to something more favorable. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one, though, as good stories just aren’t the forte of the media.

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    motive is incredibly important. Do you folks read crime fiction and mysteries? If you don’t understand the Why, you often don’t get to know the Who.

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    Your last paragraph nailed it. Insurance is still ridiculously expensive, a major drag on the economy, and a tremendous impediment to starting your own business if it means leaving a job with benefits. I’m all for giving the ACA a chance, but it needs to reverse costs, not just slow down the increasing cost curve.

  • perhaps I’m confusing what Obama proposed as the same as the bill that Landrieu proposed in the Senate.

  • I expect there to be more to this story than meets the eye. I don’t see Obama’s fix becoming law (House won’t pass it), nor will the House bill, as that one will never get past the Senate. So he’s canned for being critical of fix that will never be enacted? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • “Are progressives really so timid as to order a steak, receive a shit sandwich, and are just thankful to have the shit sandwich??

    This isn’t a fair characterization at all. Despite all the flaws well documented by Jon Walker and many others, the ACA represents a step forward from the current system, which already is the “shit sandwich.”

  • I disagree, Jon. While it doesn’t contain the measures that would have made substantial improvements in insuring Americans, it is still a significant step in the right direction. I look at it as if we fought for a yard, but only ended up gaining six inches. I don’t want to abandon those six inches, because giving up any ground would make that yard goal that much harder to obtain. Of course, if you think this sets us back six inches, a foot, or even a yard, by all means retreat from the ACA. But I’m confident it’s a net positive, and a place to move forward from.

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    Good question, Grover.

    DSWright, you write that the “U.S. government views the American people as enemies in the war on terror.” Not only is it important to note that the word “terror” is applied broadly to include things such as environmental activism, but it’s also important to remember that the Department of Homeland Security was used to investigate the Occupy Movement and Fusion Centers were and are being used to coordinate responses to Tar Sands protests. Which suggests that the U.S. government considers the American people as enemies of the 1%.

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    I think the ad needs some work to become an effective message to those not following the details of the drive to cut Social Security. First, it casts Alan Simpson as the evil villain pushing the cuts. Unless you live in Wyoming or are a politic junkie, you’d probably say “Alan who???” And to that effect, so what that he’s been pushing this message?

    The changes to social security are being sold as a technical fix to improve the longevity. My father is a pretty smart cookie who retired and starting drawing social security checks in 2011, so you’d think he’d be one to recognize the con in switching to chained CPI. But no, he thinks its a tweak to keep the benefits flowing and doesn’t realize that he’ll be getting 10% less very shortly.

    To be effective in casting Simpson as the villain, you’ve got to tie him to Obama. Use clips of Obama praising the Simpson/Bowls report. Everybody knows Obama (duh), people generally approve of his performance, but that approval probably drops dramatically when you ask Obama why he keeps singing the praises of someone desperate to cut Social Security. So there’s risk to Obama if people know that he’s the BFF of the cut Social Security crowd.

    One graphical note is that the text throughout the ad doesn’t fit on the screen. Was that done on purpose?

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    The conclave will give Cardinal Mahony a good reason to leave the U.S. and conveniently find another position within the Vatican and never return to the US at a time when the wheels of justice are slowly turning in his direction.

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    Yes, reconciliation is definitely required. I’d very much like to see priests and bishops publicly acknowledge their crimes and concealment, seek forgiveness from their parishioners, and offer to resign. I don’t expect it any time soon. For that reason (one among many, including the fact that the local priest keeps telling me how to vote, [...]

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    I wouldn’t pay a penny into this campaign, regardless of its name, structure, or appeal. Why should I, as a layperson, be financially involved in restitution for criminal actions committed by employees of the Catholic Church? Especially when the behavior of officials, including Archbishop Gomez, continues to minimize criminal liability for both priests and the [...]

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    I looked at the files and saw that at least 38 of the priests attended St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo, CA. I say at least because not all the files noted where the priests were ordained. The shear number of priests attending the same seminary does not in itself suggest that St. John’s was part of [...]

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    I’m so sorry to hear of his passing. Scarecrow’s posts were must-read items, and I deeply admired his passion and tenacity. He will be greatly missed. To Jane and the FDL community that knew him personally, I consider you among the lucky and my heart goes out to you. To his family, who hopefully will [...]

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