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    No, wait. We’ll dump the lot of them in a cabin out in the woods and pick them off one-by-one, Cabin in the Woods style. The only difficulty is finding a real redneck zombie torture family.

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    No, it would be perfect. Just run it between reruns of Sharknado and Mansquito

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    Have some sympathy here. How is the couple in the lower right now supposed to afford the $25,000 elementary school tuition for all of their kids? They’re probably going to have to let the $15,000/year nanny go. Obamma’s tax increase just cost someone else their job

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    Well, yes, but consider who I was responding to. John Seal was complaining that the current Democratic Party doesn’t resemble FDR’s Democratic Party – apparently because it supports killing people, including American citizens, without trials and imprisoning people without due process.

    One can argue if these are necessary actions, or evil actions, or both; but you can’t argue that these are unprecedented actions

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    No, I’m pretty sure that history supports me when I say that Democrats in Congress approved of the declarations of war against Japan & Germany. I didn’t realize that it was that controversial that hundreds of US citizens returned to Japan & Germany to fight for the countries they came from, and many of them died. OK, “thousands” might be excessive, but I’ve never been able to find a good estimate

    And I’m pretty sure that you didn’t object to my reference to the Japanese internment.

    So I’m not really sure what you are accusing me of making up as I go along.

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    What cwaltz, John Seal, & co are ignoring is that the actions of the president are a trailing indicator, not a leading one.

    Why is the Republican party so batshit insane right now? Because they were dragged that way by the nutjobs. But they didn’t start with the president, they stated with the local races: schoolboards & town councils. Once they got a toehold there, they moved on to state legislatures – places where a couple of thousand dollars and a few dozen energetic zealots could make a real difference.

    Once the took over the state government, then all they had to do was wait for a census and redistricting and hey! they’re sending the real wackjobs to Congress. OK, so they can’t actually pass anything, but you start getting “every sperm is sacred” debated on the Hill, until they start to seem normal.

    And this goes on until the Mittbot appears to be nearly human. It took decades. The people who started the process mostly didn’t survive to see where the Republican party is now, but they did achieve their goals. THAT is how you change a party.

    A purity vote for Jill Stein won’t do a damn thing to bring about a bit of change. Any attempt that Obama makes to grab the percent or two of voters that will vote for her will loose him 10% in the middle. You need to change the narrative and you need to do that locally.

    If Dr Stein was running for Congress, I’d probably support her. Of course, if she did that, she’d probably have to work for 20 years or more without much to show for it. Maybe in 2014, we could primary the worst of the Democrats, and maybe pick up a few seats from Republicans that have gone too far. Maybe in 10 years there will be a group that is vocal about single payer health care and willing to investigate executive overreach. And maybe in 20-30 years that small minority will become a majority and can actually implement some of this and the Overton Window can slide back to the left

    John Seal lives in California. What has he done lately to support a progressive that will replace Feinstein when she decides to retire? She’ll be 80 next year – we’ll need someone in place in 6 years, 12 on the outside. Who is a Representative now, or in the state legislature and might be in a position to move on up if you start making a case for hir now? Who is on the local town councils who deserves a shot at the state house? This is where you start to make changes, not the presidency.

    This is how politics works, and if you aren’t going to play because you are too good for the game, then you need to sit down, shut up and let those of us with both feet in reality get the real work done.

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    Err.. the Democratic party of FDR authorized the killing of hundreds of thousands of people, including hundreds or thousands of American citizens. And that is not to mention imprisoning 150,000 American citizens without trial.

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    Basic rule of lemonade economics – you don’t sell lemonade to other kids, you sell it to adults. Kids would usually run home and get lemonade for free rather than shell out some of their relatively rare quarters.

    The best place to sell to adults is if you catch them walking home, so you set up your stand right by the commuter bus stop. There, you can find people who are willing to spend a quarter on a cup of sugar water because of the “isn’t that cute” factor

    Commuter bus stops exist because of commuter buses. Commuter buses exist because of government spending. Therefore these red diaper babies are hell-bent on destroying our god-given capitalist way of life!

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    And they introduced Bane in 1993, which was, of course, the first year of the Clinton administration. Even then they were preparing for a permanent Democratic majority. Clinton just miscalculated – he expected that Romney would be the nominee in 2000 and wasn’t expecting Bush to come from nowhere. If he had, then the big Batman villian would have been “The Shrub”, a sentient pricker bush, because, admit it, everyone hates those.

    Seriously – is there any other reason for why Batman & Robin exists that actually makes sense?

    Jump to the latest movie – Nolan turned in the first cut at a script in 2008. Even before Obama was elected, Nolan was preparing the way for his relection.

    Wake up sheeple! We are all being played for fools!

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    No, it really does fit. Rand herself was perfectly willing to take advantage of anything offered to her – she accepted funds from both Social Security and Medicare.

    Maybe this is a test – if you show up to volunteer your time, then you won’t be given the magic decoder ring with directions to Galt’s Gulch

  • Didn’t Erick, son of Erick write a post a couple of years ago that called for shutting down his town’s police dept and replacing it with contract security guards? I’m mildly surprised that he didn’t die in a hail of bullets.

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    I’m sure if Newsweek were to render her down to her component molecules, they can get a couple of dollars for her as scrap.

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    Awwww… isn’t it cute. Donohue saw the boycott of Limbaugh and decided that he wants to start one too. It’s kind of like watching a pre-schooler on a tricycle peddaling furiously after the teenagers on their bikes, except more jowely.

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    Lets see… I wandered over to the State Department’s website to look for the current travel warnings. At least they got one thing right – Mexico is on the list due to the large amount of drug violence, even though there are no cases of the cartels targeting Americans (although they do warn that your travel may be delayed).

    So according to The Blaze, Oaxaca must be some violent hellhole where Maila is dodging AK-47 fire in order to snag a hit of cocaine. So I checked the website again

    Oaxaca: No warning is in effect.

    Never mind

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    I read that 5-6 times, and I still don’t understand what she is saying.

    Unless she means that providing food, medical care, and low cost housing to the destitute is somehow abuse

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    Come on, guys. You know quite well that every picture and video of Obama is created at ILM. It’s all part of the plot to cover up the fact that he is Norwegian.

    And a woman.

    With huge breasts.

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    I understand now. The Republican plan to get out of debt is to move the government to Ottawa and we’ll share the expenses of running the country with Canada.

    Of course, we’d have to sneak out in the middle of the night and probably leave a mess for someone else to clean up, but I think that would be considered a feature, not a bug.

    Makes perfect sense

  • If the ship breaks down, they would resort to cannibalism within the first 15 minutes. It’s what Ayn Rand would have wanted.

    Does anyone want to place bets on who would be the last person standing? My money is that the rescue ship would arrive 24 hours later, only to find a fully stocked freezer and K-Lo picking her teeth with the Pantload’s thigh bone