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    Obama’s defenders will continue to prefer the most complex and implausible explanations for Social Security and Medicare being on the chopping block. But breaks will appear, as one did with Lawrence O’Donnel several nights ago, when, making the case that Obama was merely engaged in a masterful masquerade as a…well…republican, suddenly mentioned that Clinton was [...]

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    shekissesfrogs: Thank you for your excellent post and link. Yes it could very well turn out that Loughner is a paranoid schizophrenic. I’m sure the facts as we know them will be presented to a court appointed psychiatrist. But more importantly.. “The diagnosis is made based on a thorough interview of the person and family [...]

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    Hello shekissesfrogs: First I must say that I indeed looked at fairlefts’ link as well as your’s later. And like you I tried to get an idea of what Loughner was getting at. Yes, his writings contain disjointed thoughts but in time you were able to summarize what his beliefs are. Others too have been [...]

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    Thank you for your reply fairleft. Certainly Loughner has an odd way of expressing his views at times, although I plead guilty to that as well. Loughner seems to be searching for a basis for an alternative currency which is natural enough in these uncertain times. Loughner also wrote that he won’t pay debt with [...]

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    There is a widespread assumption that Jared Lee Loughner is “mentally ill” even though no diagnosis of this has yet been made. It is rarely specified whether the writers mean it in the generic popular sense or the clinical sense and yet the difference is important. Few of us are psychiatrists- myself included- but I [...]

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    Very best wishes on your situation Joesy and yes, Obama has betrayed us on about level possible. He’d rather fight for the people who spit on him than the ones who cheered for him…the latter group now dwindling in numbers. I defended Obama for a long time, always rationalizing that ok he gave in on [...]

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