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  • Madame Clinton is not the candidate for progressives in 2016. She leans towards fascism and corporatism and the US has had too much of that already. Someone like Elizabeth Warren is a more progressive candidate by far for a moribund Democratic Party that needs to go back to its roots. Let’s leave the shilling for corporations and the 1% to the Republicans shall we?

  • “The government believes that no one is put on the list that doesn’t deserve to be” or some such words? Well let’s look at the government’s record of kidnapping and incarcerating individuals shall we? First Gitmo. How many of the prisoners who were tortured and imprisoned have we now decided shouldn’t be there? About 1/2, I understand. what about individuals sent to foreign countries to be tortured like Mr. Maher? Well the US did that to him and a year later he was released and returned to his home in Canada with a full apology and reparations by the Canadian government for their part in his ordeal, as small as it was. What has the US done, nothing but continue its lies, its obstruction of justice and its perverse persecution of an innocent man? Does that tell you something about the degenerate and obstruction of law position that the US has taken. I truly pity the poor ignorant American public, but I also believe they deserve every horror they receive from their demented political elite.

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    It is a sign of the degradation of American society when the APA shows it has no ethics and less morals than a sewer rat which they are beginning to resemble.

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    America could have saved itself a lot of trouble if it simply understood and accepted that it does not have the greatest democracy in the world today. This act is proof of that. Nor does the political arrangement in the US bear evidence of democracy. Two parties eternally at odds with each other and backed [...]

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    At least Madame Clinton is smart enough to know that if she can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. However she is a gross liar and a cheat and nothing she says can be believed because if her lips are moving then she is lying.

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    I think many people now realize that Bush is a sociopath lacking in both morals and ethics but he has used his psychological disability to corrupt the morality of the whole nation. such a thing is rather unprecedented except in banana republics and other despotic regimes, and even there the oridinary people have the desire [...]

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    These kind of people are not only narrow minded and shortsighted, they are also mean of spirit and lacking totally in morality and ethics.

  • Politicians get involved in policy yes, but are not to influence judicial cases or investigations of any kind. Once a politician does that with impunity then the whole shaky edifice of judicial independance disappears. This is exactly what happened with George Bush and his weaselly gopher “turdblossom”. They attacked the judicial system with alacrity and [...]

  • Remember this Denise Barnes. She is a witch and practices sadism of a sexually perverse adherent. She must have her name kept in front of the public until she is either institutionally committed for her own good and the good of the people she is supposed to be managing or she is stripped of her duties and shiped to a more receptive area for her form of perversion such as the Afghan, Pakistan border for instance. I understand naked boys are a cultural matter over there. Whatever you do with her get her away from decent people like her charges such as Cpl. Manning who has not been found guilty of anything in case you didn’t know that.

  • If the army cracks down on the Egyptian populace the US will once more be on the wrong side of history. It’s influence in the Middle East will not be worth a pinch of salt from now on. If it can’t keep out of the problem than at least let it support democracy, not despotism.

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    Mr. Kris may have left because he gave himself two years at the job but I’ll bet the injustices of “justice” may have had a big part in his decision.