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    Exactly. But you’d never know that if you only read this article we’re commenting on, which is focused on Congress, not Congressional staff. Highly misleading/erroneous. I love FDL, which is why I’m bothered when something like this is posted and thereby hurts the site’s credibility.

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    The headline (and opening sentence) contradicts the article linked to yesterday,

    Under the new law, the beefed-up reporting requirements will still apply to the president, vice president, members of Congress and candidates for Congress. Some presidentially nominated and Senate-confirmed government employees would also still adhere to the new disclosure requirement.

    So unless The Hill`s description is inaccurate, members of Congress must still disclose their holdings.

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    Schumer’s leading the charge? Ha! Someone should go up to him and say that as long as he’s all in favor of ending subsidies for companies that don’t need it, he should be doing the same for individuals of the hedge fund variety, and make them pay taxes at the levels the rest of us do.

    What a hypocrite!

  • Ok, this is just silly. Here, with only two choices (“bring about change the country needs”), the poll lumps liberals who want him to go further with conservatives/others who wanted change, but in a different direction altogether. In asking the question, the poll doesn’t make any reference to Obama’s campaign pledges for change — what “change the country needs” means is whatever the person taking the poll thinks it is.

    This is like the polls asking whether someone likes the health care bill, leaving only yes/no. We know from other polls that provide more options that a significant portion of the “no” answers are from people who think the bill doesn’t go far enough, but inevitably conservatives lump them in with the people who didn’t want health care reform at all to show that their view is supported by a majority.

    Simply put, for the poll to have any meaning whatsoever, Gallup needs to ask better questions.