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    If you keep showing Shakira’s Ass it may achieve escape velocity and then we would all be doomed, or blessed depending on your frame of reference.

    It could be a whole new planet. And the astronomy schools would all fill up and scientists would have to fight for telescope time.

    And kid’s would all be asking to stay up late when the Full Shakira is out.

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    This was supposed to be for there’s a riot going on. talk amongst yourselves.

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    Money has been on strike for about three years now. They are the designated creators of money in our economy. They inject money into the economy through loans. They quit making loans. They went on strike. They have caused more havoc in not doing their job than all the riots in the world.

    The solution to the organized theft of trillions of dollars is to punish any one who has achieved a middle class living. They wish to violate the labor agreements they have made with public employees, to repudiate the iou’s that the government has put in the social security fund. They are arguing that the solemn pledge of the u.s. government is subject to “budget” decisions.

    The banks were bailed out and they still have yet to resume normal lending. How is it then that they are making so much money?

    Lincoln knew what to do when the banks tried to charge 25% on loans, we printed our own money, the Greenbacks. He ran the war with them.

    What we have suffered through is the “booky rebellion” in which the pit bosses of wall street have seized the economy and dare us to destroy the economy if we challenge their position.

    A two trillion dollar infrastructure repair and construction financed through greenbacks will solve every economic problem in a far better way than attacking public employees and social security.

    As for conflict of interest. I retired at 55 to care for my parents. I am a retired teacher. I have a pension in the high three figures. No medical insurance. I have a horse in this race. And I have a long memory. I hope history is not kind to the modern Republican party and their dramatic departure from centuries of American progress. Fox News is taking a wrecking ball to Mount Rushmore. Where is the sanity in that party. And when is anyone going to ask about the most popular government program in Alaska, The Alaska Permanent Fund. How about an American Permanent Fund.