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    I don’t see a major problem with allowing the suit to go forward

    Your statement demonstrates typical liberal equivocation on the regulatory state. This decision will force the EPA to constantly go to federal court to force compliance with its orders. The EPA is underfunded as is, and consequently it will have to pick and choose which orders to enforce, undermining the CWA scheme. While it’s not an apocalyptic disaster, it’s not the kind of thing to say: hmm yeah, well I guess that’s okay, I don’t have a problem with that. See here: http://www.progressivereform.org/CPRBlog.cfm?idBlog=373CE032-DE6C-17CA-1662860FB5C44EA0

    Also, a contrary decision would not have denied the courts to the Sacketts. They would have just had to wait until the EPA tried to enforce the order in federal court. If they were correct that they did not fall under the CWA’s jurisdiction, the court would still be able to protect them at that time. The enforcement scheme as it was was on firm constitutional ground with regard to 5th amendment due process following an MSHA case from the 90′s (MSHA uses the same scheme so that MSHA doesn’t have to go to federal court every time it wants a mine company to actually obey its orders to stop violating safety regs).

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    Exactly, I’d love to see him as the nominee so the country will actually have to have a conversation about the wars, marijuana, and civil liberties. But he would be a disaster for the working class and the poor and the environment as President. The funny thing is the Ron Paul haters and those who [...]

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    I think what you’re saying is compatible with Dean’s statement about the lack of demand resulting from the end of the housing bubble if you take it a bit further back in time. I heard a talk by a Marxian economist (can’t remember which now, maybe David Harvey?) postulating that the housing and stock bubbles [...]

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    Yes that ‘s true, Fine Gael is really not any different ideologically from Fianna Fail. But that’s largely a result of endemic Irish issues and history going back to the war, not the voting system. Their non-firstpastthepost system has allowed there to be a diversity of parties represented in Parliament including Labour and Sinn Fein (both “third” parties there) repping center left/social democrats and 5 outright socialists (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Politics_of_the_Republic_of_Ireland). While it clearly hasn’t reversed Ireland’s right wing economic structure (yet), the system allows the left a foothold in Parliament to gain publicity and respect.

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    I agree, politics trumps principle with Obama. But isn’t the problem for us that they can just rely on environmentalists and the left more broadly to just suck it up and vote for Obama in fear of whatever far-right Republican candidate emerges from the primary? I get the feeling they’re thinking, “who needs those sucker progressives to knock on doors for GOTV? We’ll just use our $1 billion war chest to buy ads that scare the crap out of moderates as well as progressives with the specter of RomneyPerryCainBachmann.” Even if they’re objectively wrong on that being a successful strategy, I get the feeling that’s the direction in which they’re heading.

    In essence what I am saying is this: considering the smog decision, ongoing MTR, expanded Powder River coal mining, wolf de-listing, no climate legislation or regulation under the Clean Air Act, and now with the pipeline on the horizon, isn’t it time to threaten to withhold our votes (or give them to the Green Party) as well as our volunteer time? Seems to me that would change their political calculus more.

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    Bill thanks so much for organizing the protest at the White House. I think that together with Friends of the Earth’s investigative work uncovering the State Dept’s blatant pandering to Transcanada we’re a hell of a lot closer to stopping this pipeline than we were a few months ago. Knowing this White House I’m still skeptical, but you and the brave protestors have given a lot of us some hope, for democracy as well as the environmental movement.

    Could you comment on what FOE-US has uncovered?

    Also, I think I read in the Post that it seems that the White House is getting more involved. Do you feel that it is getting more involved in response to the media coverage you and FOE have fomented? Does that give you optimism considering Obama’s weak environmental and broader regulatory record and the power that corporatists like Bill Daley currently hold in the administration?

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    Awesome post, Oldscribe, looking forward to the follow-up. I especially like the National Banking Service idea.

  • No, it’s an appeal to authenticity. Public Citizen has not changed its line on free trade deals for years, whereas many progressives have ignored the issue while manufacturing jobs have been offshored in this country. I see absolutely no reason to shit on them for being consistent and criticizing both Republicans and Democrats for supporting anti-regulation trade deals.

    Of course anything can be corrupted, that’s not a revelatory insight. How does Ms. Wallach’s statement demonstrate any sort of corruption? If you’re looking for a villain, how about UAW screwing the rest of organized labor by supporting the Korea FTA?

  • You realize Public Citizen was one of Nader’s main groups, right? They ain’t no DC insider group, and definitely are not a veal pen group. They’ve been bashing “free” trade deals and deregulation whoever was in office since they were founded. They’ve been ripping into Obama for the Korea FTA since way before the progressive blogosphere caught on to the issue (and then promptly forgot it). No need to demand bona fides and shit all over somebody who’s been independent of the two party system long before a lot of commenters around here.

  • Democrats and the Republicans’ corporate backers and the wealthy love it when progressives are so cynical that they believe that third parties on the left are per se counterproductive and thus reflexively support an ideologically center-right party. What third parties has to do with this is beyond me.

    That said, otherwise I agree with you, excellent post by David.

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    Also thanks to veganrevolution for coming up with the term Smogbama in a comment to David’s post, great name.

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    As David Dayen has written, the Obama administration’s decision to drop the new smog rule is a massive capitulation that guarantees that the standard for ozone remains where it was in 1997 for several more years.  The result will be more than 2 years of at least 12,000 deaths per year from ozone pollution in our [...]

  • Thanks Scarecrow, this is utterly disgusting, but not surprising as others have stated. I wonder how this will intersect with this Earthjustice suit against the EPA: http://thehill.com/blogs/e2-wire/677-e2-wire/175915-green-groups-to-court-end-epas-inexcusable-delay-on-smog-rule They were already at the DC Circuit this month basically demanding that the EPA quit dragging its feet. If the DC Circuit has already held that the EPA [...]

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    Also it’s funny that you would say “fascism” and “Whose side are you on?” in the same post. The latter sounds like proto-fascistic rhetoric to me (and George W). Maybe I should be tossed in jail too for daring to disagree with your analysis. I believe in, along with breaking up megabanks, socializing at least [...]

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    I agree with you on plutocracy, but not with your evaluation of quantitative easing. You’re not addressing what I said about the tradeoff between interest rates and unemployment, and you still haven’t said what you would have had Bernanke do rather than QE. Many left wing economists think QE was a good idea that helped [...]

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    I was speaking of political stability in the Global South (see Mubarak) as opposed to global market stability. I believe Mr. DeGraw is likewise referring to instability in developing countries resulting from high food prices, not market turmoil. Yes banks are insolvent, but how does that relate to QE3? Of course we should break up [...]

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    Let me clarify what I mean about Mubarak: if, as this DeGraw character writes, quantitative easing is a conspiracy to benefit the banksters, why would the Fed be deliberately stoking instability? Banksters hate instability because it fucks with their investments, especially when instability results in governments less amenable to the demands of US and European [...]

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    Actually I did. Only 1 article out of his links takes into account these other factors in the rise in global food prices, the McClatchy one. The McClatchy article is ambivalent on how much quantitative easing is at fault compared to the other factors. Yet Degraw’s takeaway is this: “The conclusion that we reach, the [...]

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    This David DeGraw article is really oversimplified. Fed policy is not all-determinative. He leaves out: supply problems due to drought and other production issues (related to climate change), trade deals that wipe out local production in the Global South (see Haiti), idiotic biofuel policies in the developed world, rising demand, and lack of regulation on [...]

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