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  • The question isn’t what will the President say about all this. We already know the answer to that question. The question is what will we the people do about all this and to stop waiting for Obama to save us from these scum.

  • Shouldn’t we be directing families away from mindless consumerism this season? You know, consume less and save the planet for the children instead of teaching them to consume more. Let Walmart’s toy prices go sky high for all I care. Give the kids a camera or art’s and crafts lessons or classes instead. Teach them the gift of giving at the local food bank or homeless shelter or through Heffer Projects. We need to stop being dependent on corporations and get our minds and our children’s minds out of that ridiculous trap.

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    I’m really trying to put a new spin on the absurdity of this TSA pat down and x-ray machine. Maybe it’s a new way for Americans to end this ridiculous prudish mentality about our bodies. We should all just wear speedos, men and women alike. Or, at least we should have a choice who pats us down. You over there, the cute one! come over here….. and bring friend!