• All of the comment systems are amazingly bad considering how much time and money has gone into their development. But the bloggers put up with it.

  • They hate theirs, we’re disappointed in ours.

    Seems like a tipping point that the forthcoming world economic crisis will resolve.

    Do we come up with a winning progressive manifesto and program, or do we earn an American Hitler?

  • Robert Jacobson commented on the blog post Can Politics Be Beautiful?

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    Politics is beautiful in the same way that martial arts are beautiful. True beauty is when the enemy submits. How one obtains that sublime state, whether through bone-smashing kung fu or delicate aikido dance steps, it is wonderful. Sadly, I remember having that sort of beautiful experience on the national political scene only a few times and on the local scene even fewer. The opposite of beauty is ugliness. This is what we have had to endure and what most citizens expect.

  • If Gabby dies or is incapacitated, AZ law, as I understand it, would permit Gov. Jan Brewer — she of the drug-addled mind — to appoint Gabby’s replacement.

    It could very well be Jesse Kelly, on the grounds that his vile campaign attracted almost as many votes as Gabby (1% difference).

    In that case, this could be the most successful electoral assassination in recent American history: a complete turnaround in the district’s representation, from responsibly dealing with local affairs to unbridled fawning over and favoring of the rich and the violent.

  • Ironically, the Pima County (Tucson) Gun Show takes place here next week, “Crossroad” — read “Crosshairs” — of the World!”

    Indeed. Exercise those Second Amendment remedies, folks (and arm the drug cartels while you’re at it).

  • So was the guy who killed the Archduke and started World War I. So was Hitler. So, I would contend, was George W. Bush on drugs. So what?

  • From Michael McNultry, Gabby Giffords’ campaign director, sent late in December: “ROVE STRIKES AGAIN”

    Dear Robert,

    Just last month we saw Gabrielle prevail in her re-election bid, despite facing the worst political headwinds in generations. She now stands as the only woman in America elected as a Democrat in a Republican Congressional district.

    This is a good moment to reflect upon Gabrielle’s accomplishments and upon our good fortune that she represents Southern Arizona. I found her re-election immensely gratifying.

    But even now, before her next term has even begun, Karl Rove’s political attacks are already underway. Crossroads GPS, bankrolled by the oil and insurance industries, spent thousands of dollars to defeat Democrats across the country this fall. Just weeks later, Crossroads is already so flush with cash that it has launched a national ad campaign against Gabrielle and the eleven other Democrats that were elected to Congress in districts that voted for John McCain two years ago.

    I wanted to write to you to assure you that nothing that Karl Rove does will impact Gabrielle’s agenda. Even in the last couple of weeks, she has been in the House of Representatives to challenge “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” and to support the DREAM Act and an extension of unemployment benefits. And, just last night, after much careful consideration, Gabrielle voted for the President’s tax compromise. While imperfect, the bill will help our communities as the economy struggles back to life.

    It is Gabrielle’s strength that causes the radical right to target her. With the Supreme Court unleashing most restraints on corporate spending, the ugliness of the airwaves will be unremitting for the next two years. But she will withstand the virulence and the political intimidation as she always has.

    Gabrielle’s success has always been a credit to you and to each of her supporters, whose generosity makes all things possible.

    It is the holiday season, and I do not wish to push for more financial contributions at the very time that our obligations to our families are at their highest. The goal of this letter is simply to say thank you, and to assure you that Gabrielle’s campaign team is aware that Karl Rove’s attacks are coming – and that we’re prepared for them. She will not relent; we will not relent. I promise that we will engage you early in the coming year to seek the support you’ve always been so kind to provide.

    Your support has made all the difference in the past, and we will need to pull together again to keep her in Congress where she belongs.

    My sincerest thanks and holiday wishes,

    Michael McNulty
    Giffords for Congress

    I believe Rove, the Koch Brothers who finance him, FOX News, Jesse Kelly (Gabby’s neanderthal opponent in November, who held a gun-toting fundraiser at which he suggested “taking out” Gabby), and of course Palin and Beck should be arrested, held for questioning, and ultimately indicted for conspiracy to abet a violent act against a public official. It wouldn’t take much to establish the connections. They set the stage for and encouraged this attempted assassination; whether they pulled the trigger is irrelevant.