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    You’ve never seen footage from areas of the world where they actually have to slaughter their own animals, have you? With experience, there are ways of doing it ‘neatly’, insofar as violent death could be considered a tidy thing, anyway. People like to believe that human death is different. It is, but only from a [...]

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    As an addendum, I would like to offer a different paradigm concerning how the author is viewing this. They do not carry swords and execute people with them because they have no other weapons. You’re seeing the barbaric acts they carry out, but failing to see the symbology of the tools they are using to [...]

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    I actually know this one! See, I have always preferred melee weapons for personal and home defense. As such a person, I have become well-acquainted over the years with the market. Particularly since I have always had to be frugal in my choices, due to monetary constraints. It turns out that while you may see [...]

  • That’s the sad part. You know that ‘Coordinated attack’ on the police ‘Command Center’? The one that made it so the Guvner just had to call in the National Guard? You know what that was? 3 Ministers at the front of a group of people standing where they believed the cordon line was, peacefully protesting.

    These inbred idiots care not for laws, or rights, or decency right now. They are bullies who’ve lost control of the situation, and who’s victims are fighting back. The bully’s ultimate nightmare scenario. They are now completely out of control in their terror, and will do anything to re-establish perceived dominance.

    Only that’s not looking like the way this is going to play out. So they’re just going to keep escalating because it’s all they know how to do, until some brain-dead politician or bureaucrat realizes that the police forces dealing with this are such a liability as to need removal from the situation altogether. Probably after they’ve hospitalized or killed a number of people for no good reason. Again. Some more.

    When you have the people of Palestine advising residence of Ferguson on best practices for dealing with teargas/militarized police forces, and Monks from Tibet coming to pray for/with them, then I would hazard to say there’s a fucking problem here that needs to be resolved immediately.

    There should be officials at both the state and federal levels who should be stepping in to stop this madness. But do you see what they’re doing instead?

    They’re seeing if they’ll be allowed to get away with it. To see if they can just make this the ‘New Normal’. Obama’s just going through weak, half-hearted motions of kinda-protest at the handling of the situation, but only because it would be politically disastrous for him not to.

    What he should be doing, is stating that while we must wait for further investigations in the matter of Micheal Brown’s death, the evidence of complete incompetence and disproportional responses to perceived acts of defiance or disorder, many of which are indeed protected rights under our Constitution to engage in, has been extensively documented, and reportedly even more extensive in reality. Which given what we can see, we have no reason to disbelieve.

    He should be demanding that the policing of the protests be done by more neutral arbiters. Whether that be an agency at the federal level, or some other option is almost irrelevant, so long as they are properly trained, and that actual de-escalation and community engagement is that agency’s primary goal in dealing with the situation.

    He should be condemning the Governor’s decision to send in National Guard troops based on unconfirmed reports by an already proven to be dishonest and lawless police force. Unconfirmed, it should be noted, because the press has been clearly and actively prevented from exercising their rights, and have not been allowed to properly engage in their Constitutionally protected duties by that same police force.

    But what have we gotten? Among the most cowardly, knock-kneed, anemic, and politically triangulating of responses. I really don’t think he realizes that in a matter such as this, if you do go in, you need to go all in, or not at all.

    For cosmos’ sake, with the diplomatic disaster this is causing around the world for us, (yes…another one) he could probably have the police forces currently involved in managing this removed from duty pending a high-colonic investigation of everything they’ve ever done, ever, on national security grounds alone.

    Instead, he sends Eric ‘Bankster BFF’ Holder down there for a day to look around from on high, and from behind a wall of security. If Holder really wanted to see what was going on, he could just borrow someone’s old jeans, t-shirt and ball cap, and go down and just spend a day on the forced march without his security detail. This brings up another issue for me:

    Perhaps it is because I’m of Cherokee descent that I’m simply more sensitive to it, but I would very much like to point out that forced marches of ‘undesirable’ populations also have a long and ugly history in this country, and that places like Missouri, Oklahoma, and various surrounding states were deeply involved in that history as well.

    I am not ashamed to admit that when I learned of, and saw footage of police that were engaging in this tactic, the vehemence of my emotional response was startling to me. I am angered on the level of the horror that this is being done to fellow American citizens, yes. But for me, and I suspect others like me, it goes much, much deeper.

    To be sure, what was done to the people of my family and many others was often far more brutal in their execution, but the same purpose and principles apply. To wear down resistance, and to break the spirit. To encourage infighting due to weary, ragged nerves, so that there is an excuse to do what the police have wanted to do all along. To bully, beat, threaten and harass the marchers continually. Just like they did to my ancestors, and for the same purposes.

    For me, it is an obscenity that I scarcely know how to describe.

  • I agree wholeheartedly. There is no way they lost this alleged truck. There is no way they would be this blase’ about someone shooting at the cops. They chase those guys to the ends of the Earth if they have to.

    Just like the fictional Molotov cocktails that police alleged were thrown, etc., there is some excuse every night for these inbred yahoo cops to be kicking the shit out of unarmed protesters, particularly since those same protesters, when there have been instances of violence or looting, have been the ones to put a stop to it.

    To all the cops around the country who have, love, and can’t wait to use this military surplus crap on civilians, and play soldier: We’re all very sorry about your penises, but this is no longer the way you get to compensate for your inadequacies. Just about everyone has had it with your racist, bullying bullshit. You have proven time and again that you should not be placed in charge of so much as a water pistol, for fear that you would wet yourselves with it, and get sick.

    You children haven’t played nice, so it’s time to take your toys away.

  • And here we are, dealing with the ‘Reefer Madness’ charge again. What utter stupidity.

    If anything, smoking marijuana would make Micheal Brown more likely to comply with an officer’s orders, as it generally causes one to be more passive to such direction, particularly if authoritatively, or angrily issued, as people smoking marijuana also tend to be more sensitive to heightened negative emotional states in others.

    Which is why cops don’t have to fight weed smokers. Because when we’re stoned, we’re simply not interested in fighting. But you may find that we will be very interested in doing pretty much whatever we can to calm or distance ourselves from an angry and/or aggressive person, or group of people.

    Sadly, what Dr. Baden didn’t, and probably still doesn’t realize, is that even as he extolled upon the possibility of marijuana making Mr. Brown ‘act crazy’, he probably knows and is friends with, and/or colleagues with people who smoke pot. In fact, he was probably issuing such idiocy from his mouth in front of people on the SET who smoke pot.

    All people who hold down jobs, have normal relationships and lives, and who very often are able to do so because of marijuana. Not in spite of it.

    The worst part? Laws against marijuana were originally, and have since been maintained, because it has historically been a great way to legally persecute minorities and political dissidents. So in a cruel twist of irony, he is helping to perpetuate the very social memes that caused Micheal Brown’s death.

    For which he was brought in to help expose what happens when a group of people in authority put that same thinking into action. It is abomination.

  • That’s really the answer. Because what is the first order of business for Empires? Outsourcing all the nasty things it would be unseemly for them to do internally. For us it was many things, but primarily off-shoring slavery and other systematic brutality of large groups of human beings.

    A great deal of the U.S. population has been heavily conditioned to blandly accept atrocity, so long as it isn’t happening to them. Even told outright that they should feel lucky it’s not happening to them, even when it is. How many times in coverage and punditry during the Occupy protests did we here something akin to the phrase:”You know, these people are lucky. If this were some other country, they would be (insert atrocity against human rights here).” Clearly implying, and on some occasions outright saying that such is what they wished they could do to the protesters, or wished that the government would do to them.

    For cosmos’ sake, there was a cop in the last few days who felt it perfectly appropriate to write an obscenely authoritarian screed, wherein he advised the American people like a rapist advising his victim, essentially telling us all we should just lie back and try to enjoy it. More obscene still, the Washington Post felt it appropriate to give a platform to this display of sociopathy.

    And then the cops actually wonder aloud about how it is that they are hated by all…

  • What a joke. The Soulless Minions of Orthodoxy have once again seemingly mistaken correlation with causation.

    While I realize it to be anecdotal evidence, everything I’ve ever seen, heard, or read about such peaceful protest movements that is credible, would seem to show that peaceful protest movements tend to induct and then moderate more radical members of political society, and failing that, refuse to offer such people’s ideology a place to find purchase by kicking them from the group, or otherwise marginalizing that train of thought within the group.

    The reason this works is simple enough: While the radical may still be frustrated that more direct methods are not being employed, they are still able to feel that their grievances are at least shared by others, and able to console themselves with the fact that they are conducting meaningful work toward addressing those grievances.

    But no longer.

    After all of the infiltration of various Occupy and other peaceful protest movements, after all the facts that have been coming out concerning our government viewing each and every one of us as ‘Enemy’, most of those already radicalized individuals will no longer touch a peaceful activist group with a borrowed 10-foot pole. They will no longer have access to that relatively safe and productive outlet for their rage. But regardless, a productive outlet the rage must have…

    The Occupy movement in particular, was little more than a gigantic societal query-ping of governmental attitudes and policies: ‘We’re asking you politely, will you listen to, and obey our will as you are obligated to do?’

    The answer was swift, brutal, and perfectly clear to everyone.

    Now if this train of thought holds true, then a few predictions can be made about the societal consequences of this. In the beginning, most notably, you have a major paradigm shift concerning the government among radicals in particular. No longer is the government or it’s laws seen as something to try and change with radical acts aimed at getting the majority’s attention, and getting them mobilized to make the desired change. The government instead becomes seen as a dreaded and implacable nascent enemy that radical acts are needed to bring low and destroy before it’s too late to stop. This would be particularly pronounced among those heavily involved with paranoid, apocalyptic death cults like Christianity.

    Tea Party, anyone?

    The rage continues to build, with still no safe or productive outlet. But ideology commands that the radical act. So then the more unstable among them, with no moderating influence, begin to crack. Suddenly, and seemingly inexplicably, you see a sudden and sharp rise in the number of so-called ‘Lone Wolf’ attacks, acts of vandalism and massacres. Which is about #1 on the list of things the government, no matter how oppressive and Big Brother-ish it is, has any hope of predicting or stopping. Once again creating their own worst enemy.

    At first, these acts seem totally random because the perpetrators are unstable, and unable to see clearly the true nature of what they are up against, or who is responsible. They merely lash out at the straw that broke their backs. But these events are of course, indirectly connected by that underlying outrage and oppression.

    Sounding familiar? Most people would look at the numbers and frequency of such attacks since the financial collapse, but the real tell would be in looking at the number and frequency of attacks before and after the rise of the Tea Party, and crushing of the Occupy Movement.

    But this period only lasts a relatively short while. This is where we move into the present and the future with our extrapolations. Very quickly, on the level of near-consensus, recognition and acknowledgement of the total corruption of government, as well as it’s corruptors, occurs. This is happening even as you read these words, and it is this consensus that will drive the next phase of collapse.

    The Lone Wolf attacks will continue, though they will be unlikely to increase much more than they have already in frequency. Instead, they will become more focused. More effective.

    You see, the Lone Wolf or small cabal who chooses to act knows they are only gonna get the one shot, so-to-speak. They need to make it good. The act needs to reach the ears of as many people who might be sympathetic to their cause as possible, so that they can tell themselves it will be worth it because the cause will be taken up by others, and they’ll be lauded as heroes for it after their death or imprisonment.

    So public consensus on culpability for the state of affairs begins to paint targets for the Lone Wolves. They’ll begin to strike at the system and it’s keepers themselves. Most likely, it will start with a rash of cops and other law enforcement or governmental personnel being ambushed and killed by those who still can’t see the forest for the trees and strike out at the enforcers, rather than the masters they serve. But they’ll begin to catch on, and that will change.

    Such attacks will not be conducted by foreign nationals who are less-than-familiar with our society, government, or infrastructure, and where they are most vulnerable. They will begin to hit where it really hurts. For instance, while I doubt it is common knowledge outside of the U.S., (or inside the U.S. for that matter) within the paranoid circles always concerned about the end of the world, it is well known how pathetically vulnerable our power-grid is.

    The huge industrial transformers that are essential to the continued operation of our power-grid? Yeah, about that…

    It would seem that they are no longer made in the U.S.. In fact there are only a couple or a few places that make them at all, and they reside in places like China. Did I mention that there’s six month waiting list? Or that China probably wouldn’t be in a big hurry to get them to us? Or Germany either, now.

    Our government, being what they are, will see these as coordinated attacks, even though for the most part, they won’t be. But it will of course necessitate yet further crackdowns and infringements of people’s rights and dignity. Which further breeds resentments, and paints more targets. An accelerating feedback cycle is begun but lasts even more briefly, as the populace at large begins to pick sides and starts doing what previously only the crazies did, because by this time, they’ll have been crazed by the societal deterioration, and subsequent government actions against them.

    And then Civil War 2 begins in earnest. Sleep tight…

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    It is yet worse than you think. It is a matter of framing. One that you and probably most others have adopted by simple repetition.

    “We’re losing our collective minds!” you say.

    Why would you accept the responsibility that the fascists in control have sought to force upon you, so that you will never really think about what’s really happening, or who is really to blame, in order to manufacture your consent for all sorts of hideous things like this?

    You know what I’d say? (and I’d really like a lot of other people to realize and openly acknowledge it as well) We are actively, systematically, collectively being DRIVEN insane.

    Because disrupted societies are a fertile womb for their nascent empires. Their war machines. Created and fed with our sweat, blood, and tears to satisfy themselves alone at the expense of ALL others, regardless of the cost.

    “One of the great fallacies of our time is that the Nazis rose to power because they imposed order on chaos. Precisely the opposite is true – they were successful because they imposed chaos on order. They tore up the commandments, they denied the super-ego, what you will. They said, “You may persecute the minority, you may kill, you may torture, you may couple and breed without love.” They offered humanity all its great temptations. Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”
    ― John Fowles, The Magus

    I am an Atheist. I couldn’t care less about ‘commandments’ being torn up. But I do care about the societal compacts that are crucial for a human civilization’s existence and continuing viability. And that viability is currently being very seriously and specifically threatened.

    Oh, to be sure, you can see that they’ve left alone or at times magnified the distracting and often pleasurable trappings like with Twiddler and Facepalm, or MMO gaming. But underneath, and through those very means, they have made enormous progress in breaking the HUMAN bonds and ties between people.

    They’ve made sure there are sports teams for you to cheer for from a variety of different games, interspersed throughout the year, so that you’re sure to ALWAYS have a team to root for, and who’s stats will keep you busily memorizing ultimately utterly USELESS names, numbers, and factoids.

    And that’s just one common ‘hobby’ people are kept busy with. To those of you who are sports fans, and now kvetching, I would ask you this: What are you really investing so much time and energy and emotion into? If your team wins, what actually materially changes? Some racist billionaire getting a few hundred million more? And no matter how much you may wish to think that sending magical happy-rays out from the core of your fandom had some effect on the outcome, it did not. It was not actually a personal victory for you. It was simply designed to make you feel that way.

    Does your team winning mean you’ll get a better paying job? Or that you and/or your children might be assured of an education? Does it mean your living conditions will improve? That you will have legal recourse if wronged? That you’ll have safe water to drink, safe food to eat, or safe air to breathe?

    No. It means none of those things.

    What it DOES mean, is that your will is being sapped so that you are quite simply rendered unable to stand up for your rights and freedoms after a long day of texts, posts, and making sure all your gadgets have sucked enough power out of the wall that they will be sure to be operational at ALL times.

    People start pulling out their phones and fiddling with them the very moment they might have to spare the time for even idle thought. I work doing heavy physical labor. I constantly see people doing things like checking their phones BETWEEN and sometimes even DURING LIFTS, for cosmos’ sake. When you go out to public places, you should really look up from your phone, and be alarmed at the fact that a place meant for personal human interaction, is now mostly populated by quiet figures, hunched over a similar device, frowning in intense concentration. Even if they are there together, they aren’t talking to each other. They’re frantically tapping out messages in the biggest freakin’ game of ‘Marco Polo’ ever devised by humankind:

    Person 1: “Wtr ya doin?”
    Person 2: “In chkout line. Ugh! U?”
    Person 1: “Sux! im in trffk…
    Person 2: “SUX!! gg bbl!”


    Did you know that they’ve actually done scientific studies on the capacities of human willpower? I believe they defined ‘willpower’ as the ability of a person to force or otherwise rationalize themselves into doing something they find to be distasteful or unpleasant, but feel obligated to do.

    They found that the capacity of a person’s willpower, while expandable, was still very finite. When the limits of this capacity are reached, there is simply no more to be had. Not even for basic rational decision-making. They can actually become careless of personal safety, or even dangerous to themselves or others, because even the effort of just forcing oneself to think a potential action through is now too much.

    Those girls were simply an embodiment and reflection of the blood-fuge that grips the society they are embedded in.

  • Oh, this was a very interesting debate to watch indeed… For instance, did anyone else note how Hayden not practically, but quite literally leaped from his seat when called on to speak? That’s an example of the ham-fisted overuse of a debate tactic meant to feign an eagerness to respond to particularly damaging points being [...]

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    “But it takes a special kind of arrogance for this young man to believe
    that his moral judgment on the dilemma suddenly trumps that of two
    (incredibly different) presidents, both houses of the U.S. Congress,
    both political parties, the U.S. court system and more than 30,000 of
    his co-workers.”

    Well sir, I have to say that since most of the people you list here have largely comported themselves like true sociopathic monsters, then I hate to be the one to break it to you, but any person with the capability for human empathy has moral judgement that trumps those people’s. And apparently yours.

    In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

  • Ok. I’ll be the first to admit that I am no computer expert, but there’s something here that I think most people are missing.

    File size.

    Documents do not take up very much room. Not even in their many thousands would they eat up terabites of hard drive space. To be sure, Snowden does have documents, and probably lots of them.

    But what I’m betting, is that Snowden not only carries tons of evidence for the existence of these, and other programs the spooks are engaged in, but some of the PRODUCT of those efforts.

    Audio and video files can easily take up that much hard drive space.

    If Snowden was indeed planning this for some time, it would stand to reason that he might seek to provide excellent examples of what he’s talking about. One of his first assertions, was that as long as he had an e-mail address, he could wiretap and spy on anyone, including the President.

    Suppose he did just that to a number of high-profile people? Suppose that on those laptops of his are videos of Senators and Congressmen/women from the viewpoint of their laptop webcams, as they go about their business? Or audio of same, and a whole bunch of private phone calls? Or both? Or more that we can’t even imagine?

    Ultimately, it comes down to one question: If Snowden has already exposed their construction of a surveillance state, and the cat’s out of the bag, then WHY are they so bloody terrified of what he has? He does not appear to be interested in harming specific actors or personnel by say, giving over lists of spies in other countries. From what I understand, he may not have even had access to such information, and he’s made no claims to that effect.

    But what he HAS made claims about, is having deep access to the machinery of the surveillance state, and the products of that machinery. At the very least, raw, and possibly also refined intelligence.

    It’s an extraordinary claim. And extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, do they not?

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    I’m somewhat at a loss. Is this at last a cause we may seize upon with hope? It may very well be. I will explain. There is a problem that we are all facing, on the Left and the Right, though for ostensibly vastly different reasons. An impasse on how to proceed. Particularly those of [...]

  • I’ve known people who swear by it for that. If you have arthritis bad enough, it may not lessen a lot of the pain directly, so much as kill all the other aches and pains produced by very tense muscles etc., as you attempt to cope with the long-term pain. Slowly but surely, by the [...]

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    I’m feeling exceedingly proud and fortunate to live here in Washington State, and being able to help afford the chance for this long-needed change to the status quo to succeed.

    This will likely not be a completely easy transition, but certainly worth it.

    May it come soon for all others who wish it.

  • I voted for Jill last week, just as soon as I got my ballot in the mail. Along with marijuana legalization, and voting to utterly raze the twisted hopes of bigoted organizations like NOM.

    It was hilarious when Obama’s campaign workers came around to my door, asking if they could still count on my vote. I laughed and asked them if they meant the guy who called those of us who wanted single payer health care drug-addled mental patients.

    Their faces fell on the floor. Then one of them recovered, and with a very smug tone, asked who I was voting for then, clearly expecting to be able to dismiss and forget about another crazy Romney supporter. When I told her I was voting for Jill, and Green Party whenever possible in the down ticket races, she looked like I shot her dog, and managed to ask me why I wasn’t going to vote for Obama this time.

    “I have a list you know.” I said. “I could go get it if you really want, but I can wing it. Let’s start with his openly refusing to investigate and prosecute the war criminals among us, while pardoning the soldiers who followed those illegal orders and committed those war crimes, by saying ‘they were just following orders’, all while refusing to go after those who gave them. After that, there is his complete failure to do anything but coddle and shield the banksters from justice. Then we can move on to his putting BP in charge of investigating and collecting evidence at the scene of the murders they committed, letting them dump unknown extremely toxic substances into the Gulf of Mexico to further cover up their crimes, and limit their liabilities. After that, there’s the treatment of Bradly Manning, Julian Assange, or any other whistle-blower that would dare attempt to expose the ongoing evil in our governmental agencies.
    The list goes on of course, but in short, you could say that I’m the opposite of a ‘Birther’. You see, my theory is that Obama isn’t of African descent at all. I believe he used to be a rich white Repugnican that simply became SO full of shit, that his skin turned brown.”

    They practically ran away with a ‘Don’t forget to vote!’ tossed over their shoulders. I know it’s wrong, but I enjoyed it immensely.

  • Interestingly, the path of this storm seems like it mirrors one I saw in a program about potential major disasters. The storm surge pushed ahead of such a storm, coming from such an angle, could be disastrous for New York and Washington D.C. in particular.

    It could potentially completely flood and swamp the entire downtown area of both cities, if the storm surge is high enough.

  • Just filled out our ballots out today! Time for the federal government’s bass-akwards joke of an excuse for a farce of a charade they call ‘Drug Policy’ to be shown for what it is.

    On a side note, as a Seattleite I can honestly say that having our tourists made nice and manageable by weed is in no way a bad thing. Much better than the drunken pissing, puking, fighting ones.
    Seattle already has an incredibly warm, but well-developed and normalized pot culture. I’m a little wary of how it will be taxed and regulated, but this is a great step in the right direction.

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    Oh, it’s even better than that. She’s exhibiting the finest traits of Cherokee women since time immemorial.

    Including their tendency to pick up a war axe, and fight in the stead of those who cannot. The Cherokee were always a matriarchal society, and for good reason.

    Our women are STRONG…

  • It’s not just the people in Egypt washing teargas out of their eyes. Obama’s administration has been brutally crushing dissent here too, since last September.

    Homeland Security was in on coordinating a national response to the Occupy protests. Homeland Security doesn’t freelance. The deliberate, active, and continuing violation of Constitutional Rights in the efforts of the U.S. government to suppress efforts to reform our economic system has been nothing short of staggering in it’s scope and scale.

    And no matter how much he’d like to, Obama sure as hell can’t blame that on anyone but himself. Good for Assange in smacking Obama in the face with his own honeyed words.

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