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  • Please accept my apologies, folks. I don’t want to appear to have been sloppy in my work. My concern has been the ability to manipulate low frequency internal harmonics, and having a consistent way of measuring what I’m doing, so that the process I was developing could be easily replicated.

    A couple of years ago, I looked up the term “VRMS,” I checked Google and Wikipedia, and found that it vaguely had something to do with the distance between the bottom and the top of a wave. For my purposes, this was all I needed to know, and I never gave it another thought.

    Starbuck is a respected friend here, and I sincerely appreciate his/her input. If you’re gonna alter the course of Civilization, every heart has to be on deck.


  • I call it the way the machine does, pal. If the spread says .7vrms variation, or if the frequency modulation is 110%. That’s what it is.

  • Persist I must. I’ve reached the Compassion Barrier. I have to find out what happens next. Pardon if I’m using erroneous terms. Folks here know that before I started down this path I was a simple musician. This is biofeedback after all and that relies heavily on intuition. So let’s just say that when I consciously push 9hz from 0.2 to 0.9 vrms (on their scale) and back, I’m phrasing it wrong. I’ll accept that.

    The idea is to be able to play the game without necessarily understanding the mechanics behind it anyway. Like playing piano by ear in a biofeedback sense. Frankly, being able to consciously manipulate internal harmonics at frequencies this low and to this extent is the real point.

  • Variability of any wave front is not a measurement of coherence, but incoherence. And speaking in terms of FM, the signal modulating the carrier wave, the Carrier Wave, and the Modulation Index is of interest. What frequency is being modulated?

    The internal coherence frequency carrier wave being modulated, moves gently between 0.6 and 1.2hz. I can consciously create modulations of 110% of the system’s scale in both directions in this frequency range. I do this by conscious control/cooperation of the Spectral peak between 7.5 and 9hz.

  • Fractality is the ability of waves to nest non-destructively. I’ve listed the parameters form the unit I use. When the Spectral Peak closest to 9hz reaches above 0.6vrms, and the Coherence Peak reaches above 130% of the Heart Tuner scale, the “Eureka Response” is activated. This may vary slightly for others, but I’ve at least established the process.

  • Variability of any wave front is not a measurement of coherence, but incoherence.

    Actually, Heart Rate Variability (Frequency Modulation) IS part of the measure of wave coherence.

    The chart I use measures Spectral Coherence in something called VRMS which, as I understand it, has to do with the distance between the bottom and the top of the wave. I’m not concerned with wave interference, as biofeedback is about wave nesting, and increasing the Fractality (the ability of a short wave to nest on a longer wave) of the EM Field.

    Perhaps my description is flawed. But experientially it’s pretty advanced. Just look at the screenshots.

  • More generally, coherence describes all properties of the correlation between physical quantities of a wave.

    1. The distance between the bottom and the top of the wave. (vrms)

    2. The variability of the Heart Wave (HRV) or Frequency Modulation. (0.6-1.2hz)

    3. Spectral Coherence from 2 to 13hz.

    More after dinner…

  • knowledgeable…

    References…Informal conversations with the conference attendees and speakers. I was personally invited to the Conference by its host, one of the Music Therapists who produced the NOVA program “Musical Minds.”

  • If my view is tainted, this is why I’ve published all of my data online instead of writing some useless new age book. I’ve used the Heart Tuner as a platform for a video game that locates the human Soul. this was accomplished simply by taking the concepts behind biofeedback to their logical conclusion. I’ve been personally encouraged in my research by knowledge academics in the fields of Cognitive Neuroscience and Music Therapy.

    I’m comfortable as I proceed…

  • As far as I know, Internal cardiac coherence measurement is unique to the technology I’m using, in that it measures the exact frequency and amplitude that the heart rests at between beats in real time. If there is a video somewhere of the human EM field dancing to music other than mine, published before the summer of 2007, or since, I haven’t seen it. Same with the EM discharges.

  • “Psudo” clearly doesn’t apply here, respectfully. I was the first person to record the human electromagnetic field dancing to the beat of recorded music, regardless of heart rate or level of focus. I was likely one of the first persons to prove beyond doubt that music can be used to entrain electromagnetic coherence. I was the first person to demonstrate and record two distinct EM discharges caused by Coherence. I added to the growing evidence of a heart/mind harmonic connection at 9hz.

    I’ve proven near total control of my heart’s amplitude modulation at under 1 cycle per second. I am producing new science on a near weekly basis, and my work was well received at the Academy of Sciences in NYC. Every step of my process is posted at my blog for easy replication when the time comes.

  • What happens when Lovers feel like two halves of the same person? If a person experiences a moment of “Eureka!” or even a mystical “Oneness,” is there something measurable that happens in that person’s electro-physiology?

    And, if these experiences can be measured, they can also be taught. This is my field of study. As I’ve said, I’ve taken this research to the point where I can say that I’m about the first person to reach the Compassion Barrier while using an electronic device.

    The next part of my research will focus on what happens when several people share a “Eureka” “Oneness” moment at the same time over the internet. My game and the technology I work with makes this inevitable. The sharing of Electromagnetic Coherence in this way on a global scale will change our understanding of Consciousness.

  • Not psudo science at all. I’ve been researching the effects of Music on the human electromagnetic field since 2007. Last year I presented a poster at the NY Academy of Sciences on this subject. It’s posted in my diary.

  • It wasn’t my intention to hijack this thread. It’s been my understanding that after 11pm Eastern time, off topic items are encouraged. I’ve been posting here since around 2004, when I was involved with Howard Dean’s presidential bid.

  • Unbearable happiness is what happens when the Compassion Barrier is reached. I’m certain that the “unbearable” part of it can be overcome with a little practice. That’s why I’m creating the game.

  • That’s because, I’m not talking about anything auditory. I’m dealing with Coherence frequencies of 0.6 and 1.2hz, and spectral frequencies of 2-13hz

  • The body’s electromagnetic field radiates 5 to 8 feet in all directions from the heart. In most folks, this energy seems chaotic and unfocused. I’ve developed a method as part of the game to learn how to make this EM energy ordered and coherent. After doing this for a while I’ve come to realize that this EM Field is conscious in and of itself.

  • Good Evening Folks,

    Late Nite OT…

    Sorry I haven’t stopped by lately, but in addition to having a new family with 3 children, my friends here may remember that I’ve been working on an interactive biofeedback video game that locates the human Soul, and makes the resulting Coherence shareable over the internet.

    I posted a Diary about it a few days ago, but this is the first time I’ve been up late enough to promote it.

    In essence, not long ago I discovered what I’m calling biofeedback ignition sequences. this discovery led to my reaching what I’m calling the Compassion Barrier, which is sort of a sound barrier for Consciousness.

    I’ve been working really hard to get this done, so I hope you stay tuned.

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    If you’d like to follow my research, you’ll find it at my blog http://teocawki.blogspot.com, or you can friend me at Facebook.

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