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    Reality check, Yeah, OBAMA could have addressed the emergency of 15 million out of work and have Dems in congress propose another spend policy to get a jobs bill passed to put people back to work. However, one small problem. The speaker of the house has “informed” this President to “not even bother” asking for [...]

  • Any democrat or far right loon republican that talks social security cuts instead of social security reform will pay a dear price at the polls. Does it require reform? maybe, but any congressman that yels “cuts” better learn how to pack… a suitcase. I have personnaly only heard about three democrats talk about social security reform but as their two year terms start coming up for re-election, that talk stops in a hurry. This is a not issue in my opinion. People over 65 do two things, collect their checks and vote…..

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    The GOP and the luny right (and some far lefties) wrote obama off within his first two years in office. He could do no right. However, if he ends those wars and ends Gitmo and the economy picks up…finally he should win a second term, but it will be much closer. Romney is a Gore, he wont even win his home state and Huckabee is not acceptable to the base. And if the GOP nominates a Palin, Bachmann loony type the only thing they will have a chance of winning is a beauty contest. The GOP has assumed to win, at their peril.

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    Being from Detroit, GM, Ford and all the rest began to crumble 30 years ago. A refusal to wake up…Its time to end the false pretense like we will somehow comeback to the old days of king george and empty drums people. The time is embrace the belief that there are several ways to economic growth and freedom. We must not just write our enemy.s off.. let us embrace our enemy to write a common future.

    Energy independence is our future, bicycles, wind, solar, waves.. whatever it takes and lets take China with us !!

  • Jed, I understand your view, however I will respecfully submit one simple question to you and every other “progressive” and/or far left winger. How many of you have ever been elected to be President?…. none

    And how many of you will ever be elected President? none

    Like the Luny Right, there are compromises to be made. This is no fairytale for our country, its about where we were, what we want and where we are heading and it can be a very slow process.

    The right wing in this country is under rated. They have money, power and a very, very strong backing. They are a forced to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, that means the far left progressive elements get marginalized at times.

    Sorry for the blunt truth.

    Hang in there and keep being right…..

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    The GOP and the far right are wrong on almost everything, except gun control. It seems no matter what happens, and alot has and will… gun control laws (except those without teeth) have very little chance of passing in most of America. Its a shame, but that is reality. Even most of my friends in working class democratic stronghold neighborhoods will not support controlling guns. They will ony go as far as supporting a police check 5 or 7 day waiting period….but that is as far as they will go. And Congress has no chance of passing any gun control laws now do they. Remember November?

  • The GOP and the Luny Right and some on the Far Left do not like to hear this but OBAMA has actually accomplished as much in two years as few other Presidents have (in four or even eight years), including most of the Democrats and most of the Republican Presidents as well. So, at least he changed one thing… the status quo over the past 50 years. He has also restored American values abroad, which as any educated person would know, was in negative territory for many, many years. However, he must get to the finish line and get there in a hurry….. Close Gitmo and those wars down and bring em home !!!

  • Ruth talks about the blood of tyrants. Well, what about the blood of tyrants? those that kill our rivers, our lakes, our young men and women in uniform our hopes and our dreams?

    The lunatic fringe right wing talks about the blood of tyrants because they are the tyrants….

    Tyrants are their heroes, we talk about bringing about peace, truth and real honesty when it comes to making real progress…

    so take your tyrants back to the 18th century, we choose to follow the NOW !!

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    Folks, screw the right wing. They are willing to trade human rights and peoples lives for human beings and life itself. Wake the the hell up and realize what is at stake here. We are trading our livelihood for satans gain!! We are losing our souls !!

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    This is the face of the real right wing. Its all about the violence and the “I want to kill someone” attitude that brings these kinds of headlines to the table.

    Folks, lets get this one right. These folks dont want a dialogue, they want rule. Hitler was not a nice guy, …. neiter is the tea party. Wake the heck up !!!

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    Of course the right wing loony fringe is blaming “gun control activists” when the gun control lobby once again calls for stricter controls on gun ownership. The loony fringe will pull out the old “it aint the gun, but the person and leftists that cause murder” not us routine, whether or not the terrorist, convict, [...]

  • This is like the wars that we are trying to pretend that we are taking over the arabs and the japs and the vietnamese over…

    we are winning … lol…

    fuggin ha ha ha

    we are winning and those people are losin… ha ha ha

    friggin ha ha ha

    what does this tea party congress think now?

    ha ha ha, he he he

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    Dont expect Agent Orange Face to change anything. This a new house speaker that spends 250 grand a year going to play golf. And this clown wants to reduce spending…. get it? Reduce Spending ..ha ha ha What a joke. Speaker Bohener wants to reduce spending, when? in between tanning sessions? Give us a break, [...]

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    Senate rules reform. Another soft tissue issue that means little to real people livin in real America with real lives. The Senate should be talking about Jobs, the wars, the economy, renewable energy and getting it all moving in the right direction. Now. Failure to do that will not play very well in the future. Hope the next Congress/Senate gets on with some reality.

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    Yes, Ohio has gone to a Republican Majority. Gee, that has helped Ohio alot eh?.. hee hee.

  • I dont mind them reading the constitution. I’m just glad that some of them can read.

    And we cannot forget that the new leadership of this house are the ones that do not support this very document. They do not support our President. They do not support our Troops. They do not support our older citizens, or the poor or those needing assistance/training that have been thrown out of their homes and jobs. They are the ones that supported anti democracy demonstrations against our country and our President two years ago. They called our president terrible names and accused him of a foreign citizen. These are not nice people. They hate freedom and want to keep people in prison without trial. They hate the constitution. Are they reading it in order to find out what it says? I hope some of them take notes. Dont you?

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    Money and all the other soft tissue issues aside. This President needs to start talking about Gitmo and “why” we need along with talking about Loony Preachers. The two are connected. Gitmo has been proven to be a denial of human rights by denying people their freedom to defend themselves in court. And the denial [...]

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    And in 2000 we had an election (stolen?) which led to financial destruction, a reversal in renewable resource initiatives and the execution of two (supposedly short) wars, together with the intention of violating human rights in the name of “God on Our Side”. All of these “new direction” policies were supposed to make our country [...]

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    Chucklebee, Palin, Bohner, Mitt, Gringrich?

    All these potential GOP candidates are dangerous in my opinion. Our recent history has been faced with near financial meltdown and remains stuck years later… in two life draining, money draining and morality and human rights draining wars. This happened because of the policies those above advocated and actively still support. Our policies that support dependence on foreign oil and continued destruction of our national resources and environment is costing us big time and those folks above actively supported, and continue to support this road to destruction. Let your political reps know that you do not support these policies and convince all those you know not to support them. Let all 2010 candidates know that they cannot expect support unless they actively support policies that give us freedom from oil, the end of these wars and economic growth. Those above hate our country and are only interested in profit. Not people.

  • I grow weary of this easy target getting so much attention as well. However, her types represent a clear danger to our country we really do need reminding of. Sarah Palin’s “golley gee” credentials may have cost her the support of normal people. We need to be reminded that she still holds sway over the loon fringe (beck,rush,hannity) wing of the lunatic.s united. Remember those other two golly gee types, one from california and the other from texas that people laughed at two. They ended up running the country for 16 years. Beware the ides of the idioism movement at your peril. Good article and great picture, thanks.

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