• JetProvost wrote a new diary post: SB 1062 and The Human Nature of Hate

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    ThumbnailI’ve tried to let the veto of SB 1062 percolate in my mind for a bit and settle on its meaning. Some, like  Brian Beutler , have argued that the veto of SB 1062 has ended the use of “religious freedom” as a pretext for anti-gay discrimination.  I think the veto is even more significant than that, as [...]

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    We are approaching two years since Sen. Ted Cruz and I have finally found something he and I can agree on.  No, it’s not that the UN is involved in a sinister plot to rid the US of guns and golf courses, but that the vote to increase the debt limit should require 60 votes. [...]

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    At the risk of feeding the troll at unskewedpolls.com and barackofraudo.com (both run by Dean Chambers) or legitimizing its claims of voter fraud which journalists are thoroughly debunking, let me add one more reason why the claim that voter fraud flipped the results of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and Florida is absurd. If the claims of [...]

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    I think people miss the point a little bit when they look at Rubio’s response to the question about the age of the earth in the context of Iowa.  The real state to watch for with Rubio is New Hampshire.  Right now Huckabee is leading the polls Iowa.  Let that sink in a bit, Huckabee. [...]

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    That’s the whole post.

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    Watching Bobby Jindal decry the anti-intellectual trend of the Republican party reminds of when Jeb Bush spoke up a few months ago to say that he was very disappointed in the lack of bipartisan cooperation between Obama and Congressional Republicans.  Yes, I guess it’s better that they say these things, but where were they the [...]

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    Isn’t the whole “gifts” thing a perfect example of the sense of entitlement that has come over the American right.  When they explicitly vote for the candidate who will give them a tax cut, that’s not a gift, it’s a matter of patriotism.  When Democrats vote for candidates who propose programs they benefit from, it’s [...]

  • There has been this idea floating around for a few weeks that Romney’s inability to trounce his opponents despite vastly outspending them proves money can’t buy elections.  Some Republicans have been running with this to try and make the point that this proves that concerns over Citizens United are overblown.  I’d like to take a [...]

  • I typically focus my writing on political strategy and the big picture, but I did work in politics for several years, and want to say something about this quote from Romney that he has been repeating in various forms for a few months: “Where I come from real leadership is starting a business, not getting [...]

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    Today was a momentus day for health care reform because one of the nation’s foremost conservative judges, Larry Silberman, wrote an opinion upholding the Affordable Care Act.  Judge Silberman is the second prominent conservative judge to uphold the health care law, as Judge Sutton from the 6th Circuit also wrote an opinion upholding the health [...]

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    That is exactly how it happened. It was part of a larger bill appropriating funds for foreign operations. Bush elected to sign it with a siging statement rather than veto the whole thing.

    Thanks for reading, I hope to be writing more regularly and hope you keep enjoying.

  • Yesterday the Supreme Court heard the case on whether passports for children born in the city of Jerusalem should just say “Jerusalem” as they do now, or say “Jerusalem, Israel” as an act of Congress requires.  Many on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian issue have been getting worked up about this (for obvious reasons), but [...]

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    Sorry, one more random question, is the number next to the tweet icon the number of people that have tweeted a link to the article?

  • JetProvost wrote a new diary post: The Afghanistan Rope-a-Dope

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    Tonight Obama announced the beginning of a gradual withdrawal from Afghanistan.  Many people with more expertise in military and foreign affairs are writing about the policy issues at play with Obama’s Afghanistan decision, but true to my theme I’d like to take a minute to look at the politics.  In particular, I want to pose [...]

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    Thanks for commenting. I agree, with your analysis, option 3 and 1 are the two most likely.

    Thanks for reading I will be posting a lot more here and at my blog as we get closer to election day.

  • JetProvost wrote a new diary post: The Bachmann Effect

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    The entry of Michelle Bachmann into the Presidential race changes everything! Or does it? Minnesota Congressman Michelle Bachmann will officially join the Presidential race on  Monday. Let’s put on our political strategist hats and think of a few scenarios that could result from Bachmann’s entry into the race.  Here are what I think are the four [...]

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    First the facts:  Rick Perry, the four term Texas Governor has declared a “day of prayer and fasting” because “some problems are beyond our power to solve”  and also holding a large public prayer event.  The problems he claims are beyond our power include (1) financial debt, (2) terrorism, and (3) natural disasters.  Let’s unpack his [...]

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    A lot of people have been commenting lately on a Drudge article, among others, which are purporting to defend Sarah Palin’s inaccurate retelling of the Paul Revere story..  Once again though, it’s time to defend rationality and along the way, make a serious point about irrationality in our politics. The argument they make to defend [...]

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