• Sounds like Edwards was just going by the book, that is, the Obama Administration Handbook for Whistleblower Harrassment and Prosecution. I am surprised this guy wasn’t promoted to the White House Counsel’s office.

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    My recollection and research – confirmed by numerous blogs and the White House visitor diaries released after the fact – was that Rahm Emanuel met with both Big Pharma and Big Health Insurance in FEBRUARY, long before either legislative branch wrote a bill. And it was the White House itself that never ever allowed for a Public Option to be written into a bill, at any point in the process, despite a few half-hearted assertions by Obama that it was a possibility. Baucus is a horse’s ass, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t his doing that the best option was never considered. Pelosi et al. never fought for it because they had been told that Obama opposed it.

  • I think the OP might have been born yesterday. How does one think Joe Kennedy – despised bootlegger – became “Ambassador Joseph Kennedy”? Please read a little American history. This has been common since the founding of the Republic. You want to criticize Obama, do it for selling out to Wall Street. But this particular issue is less than penny ante.

  • Pat Meehan’s statement is almost identical to the one I received in an email from Jim Gerlach, in the adjacent, suburban Philadelphia district. There is clearly some coordinated strategizing happening on the republican side, so they must have Boehner’s/NRCC’s blessing?

  • I just received an extraordinary e-mail from my Republican rep., Jim Gerlach. In it, there was a link to a one-question survey:
    “Do you support the President’s request for military action in Syria?”
    Gerlech’s office told me by phone he was strongly leaning No, so he may just be making sure he is voting in the direction the wind is blowing. But I have never had any rep. ask my opinion directly, via e-mail.

    My view is that Boehner and Cantor are praying that Obama gets his wish, because nothing will drive down Dem. voter turnout in 2014 more than yet another Mideast war. They can barely conceal their glee…

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    This is so rich. Every time anyone in the Administration makes a claim about their Police State apparatus, Greenwald and the documentary lady issue a document which directly exposes the Lie just told. Snowden really gave them the goods, and anticipated every talking point – quite a feat for “some young hacker.”

    Obama really does need to just shut up.

  • Will miss your unique abuse of the English language. Bloomsday every day…

    Have fun! We don’t get all that much time to enjoy this place. Better make the most of it!

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    Forget scary. Each warrant application that was applied for, based on these tips, is a felony count of Perjury. Each time SOD mentioned “re-create” was a felony count of conspiracy to subporn or commit Perjury. We have thousands of potential felons in our law enforcement agencies who will be doing everything in their power to escape detection and prosecution. Kind of like the Philly PD in the 1980′s…

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    So TBogg is now carrying water for the Administration, making it all about Snowden and Greenwald to obfuscate Obama’s criminal activities? Nice to know what blog to ignore going forward.

    Serwer is a self-important pissant. A real nobody, except in his own mind.

  • Stevie is a career scam artist. When I worked at the S*C last decade, we had him investing in dozens of pump&dump and PIPE&dump stocks, with him personally making the decision to get in bed with a pair of notorious penny-stock recidivists. More recently, he has been sued repeatedly for overvaluing junk stock holdings and preventing redemptions illegally. The USA SDNY won’t touch him, but the NYS AG and the DANY are hot to bring him down. If you have money with him, get it out now (if he will let you).

  • “[I]t’s not really tenable to keep the main securities regulator as a non-functioning body.”

    Since when has the SEC been a functioning body? Given that its charter is to protect investors, it hasn’t performed that function in decades.

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    Walter, like Schapiro, is a former FINRA/NASD employee, so expect the SEC to become even more toothless, as the career staff gets the explicit message that actual enforcement is frowned upon. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an SEC chief whose priority was protection of INVESTORS’ interests, rather than Broker-Dealers’?

    I can understand why Schapiro is “exhausted” – it takes a lot of energy to serve the moneyed interests exclusively while pretending to serve the public.

  • Americans for Job Security shares space with Karl Rove’s media buyer, Crossroads Media, part of the American Crossroads complex, which primarily serves to provide Rove with a huge income for very little results, as far as I can see. AJS is strictly a money-funneling operation.

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    I don’t think retribution against Huntsman by the Elders will be a problem. I have felt all along that Willard has been hiding income from his cult, which can trigger excommunication (money is above all in that organization). Thus, his real reluctance to disclose his income doesn’t stem from the secular taxes he has been ducking, but the spiritual ones – and that’s what prompted Huntsman to speak out of school to a fellow Mormon, Reid.

    Despite being a high bishop in the cult, Rommers is not the most observant… Anyone hear the oft-reported story of how he cussed a blue streak – dropping several F-bombs – at a traffic-directing volunteer during the SLC Olympics? Legendary! Above the Laws of Man and Moroni…

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    CNN poll today shows that 63% of voters – and 67% of Independents – agree that Romney needs to show more tax returns. Whoever said that this issue doesn’t have legs, is just wrong. Doesn’t seem like a “sign of weakness” out in the Heartland, Troll…

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    I think it is exceedingly easy to get to Zero tax rate. Say that only half of the LLC interest re-purchase payments from the other partners went into the IRA. (Reasonable since Mitt would not have held all of his interest in a tax-restricted IRA.) Who’s to say that the remainder was not all paid for in off-shore transfers? You think Mitt was the only Bain owner to shelter their gains overseas? I’m sure he had moved a portion if not all of his ownership stake overseas in that 15-year span before 1999. That half would be fully-accessible, and opaque to US taxing authorities (and like the LDS elders, as well). Now you can tie in his plan to allow for all off-shore profits to be re-patriated tax-free – he’s not restricting that plan to multi-national corporations, you know. Individual tax evaders are welcome in the House of Mitt, too!

    The Ten-year re-purchase/severance deal dovetails completely with the years he doesn’t want to reveal. It’s not something as simple as an IRA dodge, though – it would include a road map to his off-shore caches of hidden profits. And I am absolutely certain the total nt worth is way more than a quarter billion dollars – whoever relies on that figure is naive to the extreme.

  • The pressure Roberts was under came from his financial backers in the Healthcare and Insurance and Pharmaceutical industries, all of whom make out like bandits under ACA, with a larger guaranteed market, and no competition whatsoever. None of those stocks went down today, so Roberts earned his pay. He is still invested in them, you know… what with the SCOTUS being exempt from all ethics rules.

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    So where is Katie in this picture?

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    After DANY and NYAG take the initiative, watch Eric Holder suddenly jump into action, and take over/derail these investigations. I promise you that he won’t let these local guys touch a hair on Blankfein’s lyin’ head.

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