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  • A good point, Laurel. As I said, I applaud you going to her campaign to get answers.

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    Canadian law enshrines protections of freedom of speech too, you know. It also enshrines a great many rights of the worker, including rights against unfair dismissal. If Mr. Goodard feels that he was unlawfully dismissed (as he would be, were the tweet the only cause of his dismissal), then why isn’t he taking it to court? Besides providing him with a more visible platform to purvey his point of view, it was also result in significant material gains – win-win, from his perspective.

    Instead, he chooses to cross the border and whine to a known hate group about how those evil gays wrecked his career. The only remotely sane reason for doing that is that he knows (or at least seriously fears) that not only will he lose in court, he’ll be embarrassed by whatever his ex-employer says about him.

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    Frank has made no bones about his reason for retirement: the new legislative map, which doesn’t make his district less Democratic, but does chop out a lot of his old CD and add in a whole lot of new people. Rather than introduce himself to over 300,000 new people at 71, Frank decided to retire instead – and leave the district open to someone who wants to start fresh.

  • How on Earth will dividing people along racial lines foster greater unity?

  • People, please take a step back and think. Elizabeth Warren is a person seeking public office – as such, it is certainly the right of any and every group of citizens to inquire regarding her political views on their primary issues, and to expect to receive a response. I applaud Laurel for seeking and receiving an answer.

    However, when it comes to what’s on a candidate’s website, I’d imagine that unless there’s a contradiction between what’s on the site and what you’ve been told by the campaign, then it really is the candidate’s option what to put there. Remember that Warren is running, first and foremost, as an economic populist, a promise to be a voice against Wall Street’s greed, corruption and excess, not as a social crusader promising equality or civil rights advancement. Having said that, I am surprised that Warren hasn’t put that on her website – it really costs her nothing – although not at all surprised to hear that she’s not really talking about social issues.

    Expecting her to make a big deal about social issues this far out….well, it seems to me that were I Warren, I’d still want to be talking about my signature issue at this stage. Particularly given the circumstances – the time is right for Warren to make hay (at Brown’s expense) on economic issues. Changing the emphasis to social issues will basically undo the work Warren has done to show Brown’s economic right-wingerism, and give him a chance to buff his “moderate”, “independent” Senator’s halo.