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  • Hi all! I’ve directed an upcoming documentary film about Rockford, Alabama’s Fred the town dog. This a story about a town that came together to adopt an orphan mutt, but really it’s about a lot more – namely the disappearance and economic struggles of small towns – a very pertinent issue for discussion. I’m a [...]

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    ThumbnailI wanted to share with you my senior thesis documentary film at NYU. http://www.fredthetowndog.com In 1993 a dirty and disheveled dog walked into the tiny town of Rockford, Alabama, where he was nursed to health, cleaned, and adopted by the town, becoming “Fred” – the town dog. Fred is a film about a struggling small town and [...]

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    ThumbnailAll photos via the talented Spyros Papavassiliou Tonight thousands gathered in Times Square to occupy together and demand an end to corporate greed and priority, including Spyros and myself. Below are some photos from the inspiring event. Click the thumbnails for larger images. [...]

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    My photos were not erased. Most of the blue-uniformed police officers I dealt with where very nice, friendly, and many even supportive of the cause. They were just doing their job. It was the higher ups, such as the white-shirted Sergeants who were rude.

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    I wasn’t looking to be arrested. They told us everyone was going to be arrested, so at that point I offered myself willingly in order to show that I was not “resisting arrest.” That is unfortunately what happened to most of the 700+ people arrested.

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    Thank you everyone for the kind comments and the warm welcome!

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    ThumbnailLast night I was arrested for the first time. Why? Because I took part in Occupy Wall Street by showing up to document this historic event. I’m only one of over 700 that were arrested. I can’t speak for everyone there, but I can speak for myself. What follows is my account of what happened yesterday [...]

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