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  • avedon commented on the blog post Knee. Jerk Response.

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    I read it more as:

    Serwer: Let’s have a dick fight

    Greenwald: Okay!

  • avedon commented on the blog post A Programming Note

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    Dammit, you are one of a handful of truly vital reporters I look forward to reading regularly, and I am really really really (I tell you three times) gonna miss you. And even people who don’t realize it will miss you.

    If you decide you still have something you need to say in more than one or two short sentences, you can have the keys to my shop anytime you like. It’d be an honor.

  • Yes, I wondered what country could give Assange sanctuary that would meet with her approval. Is there one that has no press abuses at all?

    Of course, his whole point is that this is affecting everyone everywhere, and she wants to zero in on one country that happens to be the one he’s in. But he’s safer there than he would be in the US, and that’s the real issue, isn’t it?

  • avedon commented on the blog post Postal Service Challenges Have Plenty of Answers

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    That just means everybody else should be getting better retirement packages.