• Thank you Jane !!! Thank all those who are willing to put this in our face, to remind this country what we have allowed and ignored as a nation, going about our lives with their eyes wide shut. ‘Newspeak’ prevails in America, as inept ‘actors’ posing as journalists, skip over the REAL stories while giving us fluff and this subject is a prime example. This came and went with little fanfare and certainly little if any opposition.

    This blatant shove in recent years towards violence from the fringe of the Right not only must end, but rather should have been stopped immediately, when it first came upon the scene. Yet we’ve dared listen to the claim their ‘Constitutional Rights’ to spew whatever violence they chose, as being ‘protected under the law’. Would we have been so tolerant if what you’ve presented to us here had been posted by a Muslim man for example? We ALL know the answer to that. Yet how is it that this behavior on behalf of Palin not a terrorist act(s)? She specifically Targeted specific politicians. Targeted with no doubt AND touted ‘lock and load’ as her manta. We’d of been dimwits not to fully understand her intended implications. Yet they were dismissed and ignored. Now that a Reaction to her musing has taken place, we are suppose to now buy into her Prayer for the victims crap? Seriously? Especially with the likes of what she has been espousing here?

    Truth is the disgrace of yesterday’s incident in Arizona lies squarely upon the shoulders of more than just Palin. Duly culpable is Beck, Limbaugh AND the Rep. Party itself, who has not only stood by and allowed their ‘representatives’ to promote this Poison but have USED these very folks to fuel support for their Party since Palin hit the scene. They’ve certainly knowingly used and supported their un-vetted, ignorant and obviously uneducated half term Governor solely for the purpose of gaining support for their Party. It worked! NOW, however, they must be forced by this Nation to deal with the consequences of those actions.

    If only we could count on the media to hold their bs rhetoric to the fire and call the Right out as they are already attempting to spin this into a ‘both sides’ issue. The Dems too must FINALLY have the balls to once and for all call them out on this one. It is imperative the country not let the Newspeak be allowed to spin the truth of this fringe mindset, fueled by the likes of not just Palin but Angle, Bachmann and all others of this ilk and call it for what it is ~Terrorism.
    Yet, silly me, for our inept mainstream media seeks little in the way of truth. Ratings is there goal and entertainment is their MO. How refreshing it would be to have them once challenge the claims this happens on both sides of the aisle, with guns and 2nd ammendment rights as the motto.

    Thank gawd for the internet, that is still able to remind us our reality is far removed from the spin we are daily fed elsewhere.
    Again, Thank You Jane for all you do!

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