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  • I believe you are neglecting to account for economies of scale…

  • If you want to try and solve our health care crisis by decree, which is what has been done here, and mandate that every citizen have medical insurance there are a number of options. You could mandate that businesses cover all of their employees, and I believe that this was once the Democratic Party alternative to the right-wing Heritage Foundation’s individual mandate idea, with appropriate subsidies for small businesses of course. You could mandate that the individual states assure coverage for all of their respective citizens, much as Medicaid does for the poor and disabled. You could extend Medicare to all through a federal mandate to cover everyone.

    All of these methods of achieving universal health care coverage would be infinitely more desirable than putting the onus on the individual to purchase a poor quality product in the private market from a for-profit corporation. By definition then the consumer is not getting full value for their health care dollars, because money is being skimmed off the top for a profit margin that was previously unlimited and is now capped at 20%. As a consequence the consumer gets only 80% of what they pay for, assuming they can prevent their insurance company from screwing them in other ways.

    So why were these other forms of mandating universal health care coverage deemed politically unpalatable while sticking it to the individual citizen apparently is? Money, specifically campaign contributions from big business and corporate health care providers in particular. It seems that the individual citizen’s interest is not currently represented in our government and thus the path of political least resistance leads to what we have, the individual mandate. Unconstitutional? Only if you believe the Constitution was created to limit the power of government over the people, which is not a popular interpretation these days…

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    Perhaps if we had a nationwide “jungle primary” we wouldn’t have to give a megaphone to all of these extremists every four years…

  • To the insurance companies this is a “productivity increase”. The money goes in but it doesn’t come out…

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    I don’t see how this is any different from a “suicide by cop” scenario. OBL surely wanted to die in this way and it’s entirely possible that we did him a favor by accommodating that wish. What I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have wanted was to be captured alive and put on trial in front of the world for his crimes. That would have been justice, and would have been much more tortuous for him than the supposed martyrdom of dying in a hail of bullets.

  • 75 years ago it was 1936 and jackboots were preparing to march across Europe as authoritarianism ran amuk. How far have we come, really?

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    Astonishing??? That “the entire American defense and foreign policy establishment, from the President on down through our national security advisers and Congressional oversight, can be complicit in despicable murders and war crimes, and not one member of the Beltway elite can honestly describe what just happened.” Astonishing??? Have you been paying attention? This is a [...]

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