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    I had a “discussion” with a fundy about this, and I told him I agreed with him totally. But, why on earth put them there just for display? Doesn’t that make it all pointless? Why, I asked him, don’t we pass a law that says that any public office holder who violates any of the [...]

  • Aren’t the trolls’ attempts to derail this thread by harping at Obama, entertaining? Repubs have nothing to offer, but lies, distractions and greed.. They have proven themselves failures at leadership, beginning with Reagan. And this is the results- stupid candidates. Own, it, GOP.

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    Thank you, and may St. Cecelia bless you. New Orleans is my heart and my home. It is more than simple buildings- it is a culture, a community of people who share the heritage that has been passed down for centuries. Everyone in New Orleans knows why we eat red beans on Monday, what Mardi Gras is for, call ourselves “catlicks, when asked what religion we are, we know where the word “Dixie” came from and what it originally meant, why we have chicory in our coffee, why certain words are not pronounced as they are elsewhere, why we have parishes, not counties, and why you “ax about” “yo momma an ‘dem”. We can go out and hear a rock band, a New Orleans funk band, a brass band and a jazz band, hey, even a rap group, and we know that all that music came from the same place, and practically the same person. No other city in the world can trace its musical heritage in a direct line from the past to the future. And we can enjoy it all. Music, art, culture, it comes from the very soil of the city, and no person, from George Bush on down, can destroy that.
    And this says it all:

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    “Poinciana” and “Dog Days” by Leigh Harris aka Little Queenie

  • PS- in Response to; Post #7, from the parrot named Anson…….

  • Let me ask you a question – I thought you clowns hated taxes? That’s all baggers rant about, no taxes, no taxes, no taxes, but yet, here we have a company (Amazon) who isn’t paying state taxes, and you get your panties in a bunch over it. Make up your mind. That is, if you have one.

    once again, teabagger talk about of both sides of their mouth, proving once and for all, that they will destroy the country just to bring down our President.

  • My take on this:

    Her claim of found votes is way too easily dis proven. The root issue is that the vote data was stored in her personal PC, using MS Access, and her claim of a glitch is saving the count, is a lie, because Access autosaves. Even then, all votes in her district are in question, so they may all be thrown out, because they cannot be verified.

    Her story is laughable. And her behavior in the interview shows that she is being coerced and she knows she is lying, and the truth is too easily exposed. So the question now is “why?” And the answer is to stall the election results through protracted litigation and investigat­ion, long enough so Walker on the Kochs can get their agenda pushed through the WI legislatur­e. The Kochs have a sordid history of sleazy deals and string pulling in WI, and this is just another example.

    I feel for the woman. She is in way over her head, very scared, and knows she will be sacrificed for the Koch agenda. However, there is one more wrinkle here, and that is this: she ratted out once before to escape jail, and I think she will do it again, when the DOJ comes knocking.

    My bet is that she is having doubts the Kochs will save her rear end, and they will throw her to the wolves, so she may well tell all to the DOJ to save her own hide. Or maybe she will simply understand that she is doing the wrong thing.

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    the relevance is that the GOP pattern is the same as always: lie to the voters, take office, give tax breaks to the rich and big business, cut government budgets, then dump the pain and debt on the middle and lower classes.

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    The sad truth of the levee failure is this:
    Bush took office, then gave tax breaks to big corporations and his rich friends. to offset the financial gap, he cut the ACOE budget three times over the next three years. google SELA (Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project)

    This project was begin in 1995 when a flood broke the levees. This project’s object was to inspect and rebuild all of the levee system. Bush’s budget cut cut the funding for the SELA project to as little as one fourth, thereby effectively stopping the levee repairs. And the levees broke during Katrina. Bush is squarely to blame.

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    Distraction from this fact (thanks Mike Moore) that I still can’t wrap my head around:
    half of the country’s wealth belongs to how many people? Guess… Try 400. Not 4000, not 40,000. 4 HUNDRED! vs. 310 million Americans. The mind boggles…