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    Obama 2012! By a landslide. Because, torture, war and assassination don’t matter a good goddamn as long as the economy for the 4% living in the US is improving from apocalyptically shitty to unacceptably shitty. Especially, 7 billion or not, it does not ever matter what happens to the 90+ percent elsewhere. Because everybody is a one-percenter for somebody else, and the One Percent President is just the man to represent US all.

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    King would not have a street even in Oakland without the beatings and the killings. Quan feels the pressure of history on her, to play her part in ensuring the advancement of liberty and justice in the US. Somebody has to supply the beatings and the killings, and she is stepping up to the plate, [...]

  • “It is the Democratic party slowly moving from defending entitlement programs to taking the official position that Medicare and Social Security should be cut.”

    Slowly moving? They have been falling all over themselves even before Obama got elected. Suppose that is why Obama was featured at the 2004 convention, and sponsored going forward by Daschle, Kerry and Lieberman?

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    “79 percent of Democrats now say they approve of the President’s job performance.”

    That is the really bad news. That is twice as bad as the Bush dead-enders, at a time when it was mostly Other People that paid in death/illness/poverty. Obushmo is cutting their jugular, and they approve. No wonder nothing ever gets better.

  • The NYPD had fortified the financial district with structures transforming the area into a kind of Green-Back Zone….

    Btw., do not forget Occupy the Wisconsin State capitol.

    And on a related note, Mr. “Oh! Wall Street!” still hasn’t found his comfy shoes to go stand with those that had their right to collective bargaining taken away. Fits.

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    I profoundly dislike what I – rightly or wrongly – tag as DDay blogging, from Hullalaboo onwards, but with the usual quibbles I think you have the latest grandstanding Act of O right, and the intervention-addicted supporters of the ‘stablishment authority du jour are unprincipled hacks.

    If the cause is so worthy, pressing and important, surely it should be possible to pursue it in a legal manner. It’s what we ask of OWS all the time. Pace Libya, the objective is NOT regime change.

    What quibbles, you ask? Congress is not ceding the power to start wars, just the burden to have to get in the way … for them, everybody in government should be able to start wars. It is not isolationist to insist on the rule of law. Your perfect willingness to believe is kinda the issue here. Interventionism to spread life, liberty and happiness at gunpoint is not liberal. And so on…

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    It’s the die-hards, the dead-enders. The Repugs have theirs, Obummer has his. Sunk cost – fool me once, can fool me forever, don’t wanna know I been had.

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    Every day is D-Day.

    Read Dayen. Read Greenwald. Why read Dayen?

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    “I can only shake my head again in utter dismay that Obama actually chose to have the Affordable Care Act not expand coverage until after the next presidential election.”

    You *want* him re-elected?

    Oy vey.

    Hey, if the man wants to run on his narcisstic personality alone, let him.

    Bush got re-elected despite the supreme international crime of a war of aggression, with torture and murder thrown in for good measure, and The People didn’t care. You are not saying that The People are going to hold Obama to a higher standard just because he is also dis-improving a crappy Bush economy, not just the other toxic legacies of 43?

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    Risk averse? Try that one on Warren.

    If she wants to do something for the middle class, going up against powerful interests, the big elephant taking a dump in her living room is Big O. That is one special interest she has never stood up against so far.

    I would not overjudge that she did not piss in the tent while inside, or that she remained in it for as long as she did – Yves Smith, too, saw it as smart bureaucratic infighting and, within the lost cause, effective – and I would not even put too much weight on her not directly and bluntly challenging the White House now or going forward.

    But there are two issues. One, there is absolutely no excuse for actively supporting Obama at this point. If she does that, she is working directly against her own professed objective. This is what has permanently disqualified Feingold in my mind as well – to support Obama is to make a mockery of what he claims to stand for.

    The other issue – what I wrote over at Naked Capitalism:
    I agree that, on principle grounds, any continued association with the Obama administration is a disservice to Warren’s policy objectives. It is the Mukasey Principle in reverse – then: If you join a corrupt administration, you will be forever tainted no matter what the motives. Now: If you choose to remain part of a corrupt administration, whatever you have accomplished will be tainted by association.
    Further, Warren had been given an incredible opening for a clean break: Obama’s attempt at co-opting her had ended in her dismissal. She could have taken this as a sign to exit, and either go the Johnsen route of low profile acquiescence (in the, likely mistaken, belief that this would serve her policy objectives better), or could have staked out – antagonistically, or with no comment whatsoever on the past – a public position building her own power base independent of Obama and the party.
    It is important to remember that even during the primaries, Obama was obsessed with control. He gutted the party apparat to build his own, gutted rival power centers after nomination and again after election (50 states etc.), and gutted nominally independent (527) issue groups. Warren has opted to rely for her election on a party machine gutted and controlled by Obama, for the benefit of Obama at the expense of the party and any potential contender. No Machiavelli, she.

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    Nobody in the Senate took this up – not Feingold, Byrd, or any other “maverick” and “outspoken critic”.

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    I remember following the fate of Lee’s “Disavowing the Doctrine of Preemption” from 2003 onwards. It was remarkable – the magically vanishing co-sponsors came first, then, when the Democrats had a majority, we moved on to no-show co-sponsors, and as Obama rose we finally witnessed the magically vanishing resolution itself. H. Res. 23 H. Res. [...]

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    “Obama has ruined the Democratic Party.” Bollocks. Obama is the prefect representative of the party. Even Feingold supports him. The one thing every voter should have gotten straight in their heads at this point is that all incumbents are corrupt. None deserve re-election. The crimes and failures of the past 20+ years are simply too [...]

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    Klein is not a good faith actor. He is a shill. Do not waste time and eyeballs on debating a fraud.

  • The fool has a point. Wikileaks as an anonimizer and firewall between whistleblowers and the public makes sense. Wikileaks as a media organization with editorial safeguards makes no sense at all, unless Wikileaks is a person, not an organization. As a whistleblower, you might trust a specific person with a track record as your “editor” – if you trust Assange, you choose his editing – but you cannot trust an anonymous, opaque organization. The case DBB seems to illustrate that accountability and transparency are indeed a problem, and that whistleblowers cannot trust a policy of deferred and edited publication. Twitterleaks makes a lot more sense – let the whistleblowers decide what to publish, how, and when, provide the protection needed, and let the public – and whatever reviewers and filters you trust – sort out what is disinformation and noise from the disclosures. FOIA for the people, with redactions only by those taking the actual risk.

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    The narcissist posture of the Grandiose Bargain is reinforced by public disaproval. Obama is ahead of his time, battling a recalcitrant Congress and an ignorant public that simply do not understand why a deal necessary to put his presidency firmly into the history books is… necessary.

    It’s the elected kind on his throne, too elevated to be paranoid.
    “Yes, I am bullshitting everybody, but am I bullshitting them enough?”

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    Feingold is apparently smart enough to recognize that running for any office except President in 2012 would make him a fraud. That he is unwilling to run against Obama in 2012 is a disappointment, but an expected one. Should he run for any office soon after having evaded the thorny issue of the 2012 election, I would still consider him disqualified – he who is able to but unwilling to purposefully wager himself in a primary does not deserve public office in any context.

    Feingold is, whatever good deeds he did and whatever good intentions he might have remaining, an incumbent of the atrocious period from 1992 to 2010, and the conclusive failure of all elected representatives involved to discharge their sworn duties under the constitution. He was, all things considered, ineffectual as a Senator.

    That might very well be a flaw of the office – a point that Warren would do well to take into consideration – but the proposition that he would be possibly more effective as anything but a Presidential candidate – let alone President – is unconvincing on first principles. Past performance predicts future results.

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    “The much promised “pivot to jobs” after the debt ceiling deal seems to be disappointingly focused on keeping the issue of [benefit cuts] on the front burner.”

    There, Jon, fixed it for you. Obama is taking (vacuous) job promises hostage to push for his Grandiose Bargain. The pivot is a red herring, bait and switch. Obama will not push for anything even superficially job related until cutting Social Security is a done deal to the point that the new flow is from the SSA Trust Fund to the Treasury, instead of the reverse.

    All you need to know to predict the outcome is this:
    “President Obama reaffirmed that he will personally push for Congress to make Medicare and Social Security cuts part of any talk about deficit reduction or job creation. (Applause.)”

    What ails the nation is the staggering surplus of gullible fools.

  • b2020 commented on the blog post Warren Launches MA-Sen Exploratory Committee

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    This would be as if Johnsen sent a job application to the Holder DOJ for whatever clerical openings they might have. Obama captured himself a regulator. Now he has her consenting to serve as a Denial-of-Funding attack on the GOP machine, in a sideshow race. And in the unlikely event she wins, she’ll be cobwebbed in the temple of money changers known as the US Senate. Win-win!

  • You are witnessing the step from civil disobedience to civil disconvenience. It is no longer the authorities that suppress, it is the Have-somes that do not wish to have their authoritarian routines disturbed by a challenge to the status quo.

    Litmus test: Imagine MLK and the civil rights movement, today.

    The purpose of government is to overreact to challenge, to implement collective punishment – Sippenhaft – to any community that within itself retains explicit discontent. The purpose of the community is to police itself. That is how statism is bred. That it is unAmerican to the core is irrelevant. The People, obviously, have spoken. Tyranny succeeds once the majority is no longer silent, because the majority is always motivated by its constituents’ desparation to run with the majority, at all cost.

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