• It must be nice to be completely free of any moral and ethical constraints. You have to give these people credit though. This behavior is way more lucrative than robbing liquor stores, and nobody will hold them accountable.

  • Backlit commented on the blog post “The Good Guys…”

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    Didn’t this crazy person also say that crazy people shouldn’t have access to guns?

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    . . . while Liberals and Mixed tend to trust all the other major news networks (CNN, ABC News, NBC News and CBS News) except Fox News. . .

    Yet various news outlets continue to equate the conservatives’ fox bubble with the liberals’ everything else bubble.

    That’s some liberal media bubble we have there.

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    In related news, conservative throughout the United States are taking notes from Beijing regarding new and more efficient ways to rig elections. Defining who may and may not run for office, on top of who may and may not vote, offers a brilliant solution to the problems that democracy poses.

  • Backlit commented on the diary post When “Tax Reform” Means a Tax Cut for the Richest, and a Tax Increase for Others by WI Budget Project.

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    This scam is not a secret. Willful ignorance and cognitive dissonance are very popular in Wisconsin these days. It’s also no secret that Walker is corrupt to the core. Somehow, Wisconsinites believe that his corruption and incompetence are somehow the president’s fault.

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    There’s no stopping progress in Oklahoma. This offers more proof that governments can find money to spend, as long as their priorities are in order.

  • I doubt anyone in Ferguson is fooled by his bullshit and I hope his days as the Prosecuting Attorney for St.Louis County are numbered.

    I highly doubt it. Although he is corrupt to the core, withholds evidence, and lies in court, it is an elected position. The people of Missouri appreciate that kind of behavior, as [...]

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    I find it very surprising that Google didn’t know in 2011 that ALEC were liars. Hell, I knew. They simply signed up for something unrelated, got what they wanted, then bailed when people started nosing around ALEC’s trash heap. They can’t possibly have been so thick to not have known what ALEC was or what [...]

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    One would think that three decades of supply-side policies would have shown at least some benefits for the overall economy. It has done exactly the opposite. And yet these brave policy makers insist that supply-side policies are the answer to the problems caused by supply-side policies.

    This is not a tough long-term economic decision. It’s an intellectually dishonest and cowardly long-term economic decision, that will only result in the further breakdown of a functioning economy and society.

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    Rush Limbaugh, official spokesmodel for .

    Has a nice ring to it, eh?

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    The school board’s attempt to whitewash history made it necessary for the school kids to make history. Regardless of the intent of the school board, their attempt at furthering right-wing propaganda, and the protests that it caused, is already in the archives.

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    It’s always those damn school teachers. If they’re not out robbing liquor stores, they’re completely dismantling the global financial markets. It’s about time someone reined them in.

  • I don’t think that ALEC, as Wisconsin’s unelected lawmakers, really cares about any of this nonsense. They’re not interested in a functioning economy or society; they are interested in profits.

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    It helps to be a little high when trying to piece together today’s proclamation that we will never give in to fear, with yesterday’s proclamation that we are going to start throwing more bombs because we’re terrified of the terrorists.

    I wish I was in the mind altering substance business.

  • However, it didn’t mention the logical inconsistency that I find particularly maddening – when opponents of the expansion argue that states can’t count on the federal government.

    For the life of me, I can’t figure out why Wisconsin accepts any federal money, since none of it is guaranteed in perpetuity. Yet, people continue to buy into this [...]

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    Pay cuts for you, tax cuts for us. Yet more proof that supply side economics is working as designed, not how it was sold.

    The very people who demanded (and continue to demand) supply side economic policies are the same people who refuse to allow anything to trickle into the larger economy in the form of higher wages and better jobs. The very sad part is that people continue to listen to them.

  • Obama should immediately reverse that decision and go ahead and implement the employer mandate. That should make the republicans happy.

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    The policies of “education reformers” – charter schools, merit pay, vouchers, drill and kill testing to evaluate teachers – that Duncan has promoted have consistently proved not to work.

    This goes well with Obama’s record of hiring economic advisers who have been so consistently and spectacularly wrong about economics.

    All of this does pose an interesting conundrum though: who are they going to blame once the teachers have been completely beat down? They may just have to address the actual problems in the system.

  • Conservative vision of freedom consists of their freedom to tell others what they may and may not do.

    Conservatives have the freedom to not only prevent women access to proper healthcare, but to even discuss it with their doctors.

    Conservatives have the freedom to decide who may and may not vote.

    Want to smoke a joint in your own home? Conservatives have the freedom to throw you in jail if do.

    Isn’t freedom fun…for conservatives?

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    You can’t argue with willful ignorance. It kind of demands strict adherence.

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