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  • These freedom and liberty loving conservatives sure do love their freedom and liberty to tell other people what they may and may not do. Their laser-like focus on homosexual sex is only one manifestation of this dynamic. Or, maybe he’s just jealous that he isn’t getting any of that gay sex.

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    Please explain the Democrats’ lack of support for populist ideals and grasping at straws. Walker and the Republican lock-step legislature are in power because of gerrymandering. In the 2012 statewide popular vote count, Democrats got over 160,000 more votes than Republicans. That is 160,000 people who were denied a voice. Obama won the state by [...]

  • Good job, kid.

    As an added benefit, Garamond is a pleasant typeface for the printed page. It’s elegant and easy on the eyes.

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    When a company forwards money to an insurance company as part of my compensation, that money is no longer theirs’ to direct. It’s between me and the insurance company.

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    Now you’re talking about profit motive, which is way more sacrosanct than than any interpretation of any religion. Besides, it’s only really a problem when your interpretation says that birth control equals abortion. Semantics, my friend. It does make me wonder though, does my religious belief that marijuana doesn’t make me high have equal standing [...]

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    Sorry, no one cares about your religious objections. You’re only a citizen. Once you’re incorporated, we can talk.

    Careful, though. If your personal religious beliefs transgress into your newly formed corporation, do your personal assets as well?

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    It makes a lot more sense when we consider the total metro area. The Milwaukee metro area extends from Mequon to the North, Waukesha to the West, and actually bleeds into the Chicago metro area to the south. Madison is a bit further out, but is still an easy hour and a half drive from [...]

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    This type of behavior is expected and admired amongst conservatives. As is firing someone for doing absolutely nothing wrong while patting on the back people they know are breaking the law.

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    Basing an argument about complex subjects on a single data point is a feature of modern day conservatism. It works for global warming, it works for economics, it works for education, it works for health care, it works for history… When your go-to-people for anything science are talk show hosts, you have to operate within [...]

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    It sure would have been nice if, in November of 2012, the American electorate had rejected the suck by electing a Democratic president, and by adding Democratic seats in both the House and Senate. But apparently Republicans won in November of 2012, because congressional Democrats can only cower in a corner with the suck that they are so happily embracing.

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    The management team I’m referring to consists of powerful people in the federal government and the various profit driven health care industries. The analogy doesn’t work because the Obama administration cannot implement the ACA in a vacuum. They have to deal with a hostile Congress, politically active courts, and a slew of profit driven corporations. The more monkey wrenches these people throw into the works only makes the implementation more difficult. Large online retailers don’t have this limitation, they would simply dismiss any entity that demanded failure.

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    Most large online retailers don’t have half of their management team openly trying to sabotage, from every angle, the implementation of an important project. They typically work together to solve problems. An online retailer would not put up with anyone openly trying to sabotage a project. They would be walked out the door immediately. The analogy simply cannot work when there are opposing goals within the same organization.

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    It would be interesting to see a study like this in relationship to the overall standard of living. Although Wisconsin taxes haven’t gone up, the quality of life has taken a significant hit. We have basically told our public servants that we neither want nor need them. The overt hatred shown toward teachers has resulted [...]

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    It seems as though Christ’s vicar on earth’s message hasn’t yet fully resonated with his American cardinals and bishops. If they are going to speak and act outside of the sanctified hierarchy of the church, they can hardly complain about a group of nuns doing the exact same thing.

    I know, I know… I can dream though. In reality, the church is thick with rich white male politicians. I bet if we look real hard, we can find other political organizations that equal the hypocrisy of the ordained.

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    In her defense of Hillary Clinton, even Kathleen Parker, who had a brain prior to her unhealthy infatuation with Mitt Romney, is willfully ignorant about the attacks on women’s rights. An entire column is a testament to misogyny within the republican party. Except for one sentence where she dismisses the war on women as an invention of the Obama campaign. Do these people ever listen to themselves?

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    I’m not sure they would even be willing to pay taxes explicitly for defense. A standing army is by definition a well regulated militia. An army can’t be otherwise if it’s going to be effective. I think the extent of their constitution would be nothing more than the second half of their former second amendment and a picture of Jesus. Since a well regulated militia would be out of the question, these heavily armed clowns would just be running around shooting at each other while, as you said, trying to figure out whom to enslave.

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    Please, go. Secede already. I wish you a very successful secession. Now that you’re gone, we can reallocate all of the federal funds that were destined for Mississippi, and use them to start a fence along our new border.

    Best of luck in your brand spankin’ new third world country. Anyone who wants to visit the US has better start looking into a Visa now. Traitors have to go to the back of the line.

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    Why even continue to pretend we live in a democracy if our democratically elected officials are just going to hand power over to a bunch of radical extortionists because they’re being childish? We may as well just vote for teabaggers if they’re going to be running the show regardless.

    Democratic platform for 2014: Vote for us so we can do whatever the teabaggers tell us to do.

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    “…Second Amendment (so powerful they never read the first clause) that the right to bear arms extends even to things that are not actually guns.”

    Just a note: the second amendment doesn’t say anything whatsoever about guns. Nor does it say anything about firearms, nor ‘all arms’, nor ‘any arms’; just ‘arms’. If the second amendment aficionados insist on ignoring the first clause, then, if they’re allowed to carry just a pocket knife, their right to keep and bear arms is not being infringed.

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    It’s interesting how right wing arguments about the legality of allocating resources amongst people who care deeply for each other, almost without fail, digress into a perverted obsession with homosexual sex. You can’t say they’re not focused.

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