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    I’m an economics geek, and few things push my blood pressure higher than Planet Money. The scope of their reporting is on par with a third grader’s book report, yet they combine that with the most phenomenally condescending tone. It’s like a soft-sole hipster version of the shit you’d hear from a freshman who just read Atlas Shrugged.

    If you want some real comedy, go dig up the interview they did with the spokesman for Goldman Sachs during the immediate aftermath of the 2008 meltdown. SOB didn’t have to bathe for a week after the tongue washing he got from Planet Money. (Then, for a palete cleanser, listen to the interview where Barny Frank called them morons.) Or look up this gawdfuckingawful piece Davidson wrote for the NYT last November.

    There are a lot of reasons journalism is screwed seven ways from Sunday, but I firmly believe one big reason is that reporting shifted from a trade to a profession. NPR is the textbook case.

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    Her parents must be so proud.

    Bless their heart.

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    Hmmmm. As a print for the leggy and vivacious, if you want to capture the essence of the boys shouldn’t Wembley be dining on one of her thongs?

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    My wife saw this and said “Or scrape it out and make a pie!”

    I think I’ll keep her.

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    I’m no fan of Breitbart, but this is less than meets the eye. This is her lawyer’s response to an appeal by Breitbart. It isn’t a ruling by the court on the appeal or a statement by the court on Breitbart’s claims.

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    I am going to be pulling ten to twelve hour days at work with the launch of a new software package and training people and getting new hardware installed and database massaging going on and blah blah blah,

    That would explain the 57 varieties of fuck you mentioned on Friday. Good luck.

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    Fuck fuck fuck fuckidy fuck.

    Whatever you need, Tom. We are here for you.

  • If they named it the James O’Keefe award, then he probably couldn’t enter, right?

  • What was that website TBogg linked to for the release of Expelled that tracked ticket sales vs. production costs? Should be good for a lot of laughs again.

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    That’s the most enjoyment I’ve ever felt with a Gilbert and Sullivan earworm. Well done.

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    The story is actually a lot better than that.

    Aglialoro is the CEO of Cybex, which makes commercial exercise equipment. While he’s been moonlighting as a film producer his primary employer has been spinning into the ground. Cybex had to recall 19,000 treadmills in 2008 because of controllers that caused the motors to speed up suddenly. Last year they were on the wrong end of a $66 million liability judgment when one of their weight machines tipped over paralyzing a physical therapist.

    Shareholders in Cybex (CYBI), the Galtian heroes of his own Randian epic, have taken a double-wetsuit screwing at the hands of Aglialoro. Share price has fallen from $7 to $0.75 in the last four years, and are down ~75% since Aglialoro became CEO in 2001. Cybex has been a dog even if you factor out the 2008 market meltdown. Since the NASDAQ (Cybex’s exchange) bottomed in March 2009 the exchange as a whole is up 115% and Cybex is down 25% in the same period. That’s right, their share price is lower today than when everyone wondered if we were heading into Great Depression Part Deux.

    For this, he was paid a half-million dollars in 2009.

    But the key number from Cybex related to Aglialoro’s motion picture ambitions is this: $12.8 million. That’s the market cap for the entire company. Aglialoro owns about 40% of the shares according to 2010 filings. Unless he’s made a boatload of money on the side in the last 20 years, his worth is in the range of $5 million, give or take real estate and personal debt. (His shares were worth $36 million in 2007.)

    There isn’t going to be a musical third act to Atlas Shrugged because they’ll never make Part Two. Aglialoro won’t be able to afford it.

  • I think what Douthat and you are saying is more wishful thinking than the new reality.

    Palin’s reaction to the Tuscon shooting gives “serious” conservatives like Douthat all the excuse they need to declare Palin irrelevant. But those people were just looking for the excuse. They want the responsible, Rove-led wing of the party back in charge over the teabaggers. But FNC isn’t going to bail on Palin, neither is talk radio or the conservative blogs – and those are the outlets driving the conservative movement today. Palin might lose a tiny sliver of support, but the criticism aimed at her is only going to strengthen the convictions of the 20% of Americans who really like her.

    About what she’s going to do next year, I’ve also said for a long time that Palin would never make a serious run for the Republican nomination. Spending a year in Iowa and New Hampshire just isn’t her style. Too much work and too much risk of losing badly. But my guess was that she would hold out her endorsement to keep the GOP field kissing her ass and then announce a run as an independent. That would keep her name in the spotlight through the primaries without having to do any real work and give her the spotlight when its time for the main event.

    Last week doesn’t change any of that.