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  • Once they start whittling on benefits, it will become a yearly practice. I hope the people (and the media) will not let Obama get away with claiming he had to offer our benefits up as part of a bargain. The hurtful truth is he willingly put them on the chopping block with no coercion whatsoever. Damn him!

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    Republicans have always called him a divisive president — it seems they are absolutely right. He has even succeded in dividing his own party!

    If everybody hated me and I only had a couple of friends and/or supporters, I wouldn’t go to war with the only allies on earth that I had left.

    I just can’t figure his brand of thinking. He thinks he is Abraham Lincoln or some damn thing, out to prove a point, the point being that he is neither blue nor red. But in reality land, ne needs to pick a side — we thought he chose the Democratic Party.

    It is up to the Senate democrats to stop this madness, but Harry Reid is not a war-time concierge.

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    You are so right. Obama is way too eager to offer up these cuts.

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    He is itching for entitlement reform, all he needs is an excuse. We were spared last year from Simpson-Bowles because no agreement could be reached; instead they came up with the sequester. All the Repubs have to do is offer up some pittance type tax loopholes and he will raise my deductible to the pont of pain and called it fair and balanced. I’m rooting for the Repubs not to cave in on taxes, (shame on me) but that is the only peace of mind I have with respect to medicare.

  • Hate is such an ugly emotion. I heard Robert Zimmerman’s father speak on Fox News and was struck by the sheer hatred coming from that man. He spewed so much bile towards President Obama you could almost forget about the murder his son committed in Florida. He taught his son to hate. I hope the old man is proud of himself because now he has lost his son.

  • In response to all the folks that say this is a terrible accident; I totally disagree. Zimmerman had absolutely no business roaming around his neighborhood with a loaded gun. Who authorized him to do this. Nobody, that’s who. He was looking for trouble and he certainly found it. He might not have set out to murder the kid, but he did take deliberate actions that ultimately resulted in just that outcome.

    Ths is sort of analagous to a drunk driver that kills someone. You certainly didn’t mean to, but the law holds you responsible because your actions were foreseeable.

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    For years we bought pink ribbons hoping to help in some small way; but now we find not only the travesty with Planned Parenthood, but that they are using our money to purchase expensive consulting firms. Never, never again. They are completely finished as far as I am concerned. This abuse of trust cannot be [...]

  • I hate the idea of not being allowed to purchase light bulbs as I deem fit. I go green by using the new bulbs wherever possible; however, you can’t take my 3-way bulb in my reading lamp away from me without a fuss. Also, dimmer switches don’t operate on the new bulbs.

  • Thanks. I would prefer to call them “Assholes”.

  • I agree completely. This is a very dangerous match they are playing with. Besides, why teach the other party new tricks. They won’t need Paul Ryan’s drastic plan in the future, they simply will not fund SS.

  • Obama has had entitlement cuts on the chopping block at least twice — the catfood commission and the super committee. The fact that they weren’t rammed through is no credit to him, but to others. If entitlement funding is in such dire straits that it needs chopping of senior benefits to balance the budget, then why does he push through an ss tax cut?

    I don’t know why you are calling him a neoliberal. There is nothing liberal about him. His health care was to take the country away from the popular idea of universal health care as supported by Hilary Clinton. he is not liberal.

  • The gutting of SS is occurring without a shot being fired. I would rather have a right-wing conservative in the white house — at least we would have a known, identifiable enemy. But to have a democrat in power tearing asunder our safety net makes me very ill. Damn him, and damn him again.

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    No, they will simply pass legislation to undue the trigger.

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    The real villain is Obama. He set this whole “Super Committee” scheme up knowing he was gunning for Medicare. Damn his wicked soul for all eternity. I have been living in sheer dread of the outcome of this committee for the past several months. We already know Baucus is a rat. Clyburn and Murray will [...]

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    I agree with Peterboy. They are dead to me if they do this.

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    I totally disagree.

  • This one’s easy Om. They can manufacture their products wherever they please, but if they wish to sell them here (without a 500% tariff), then they better damn well product them here.

  • If the repubs hate it this much, that’s the 1st good sign. Nothing will come of it, of course, but at least he is pissing them off royally. He is maddeningly vague about the hikes to medicare that are propsed for 2017. I really belive the best thing this super committee can do is absolutely nothing. Any thing else will be a disaster for the people.

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    I was never crazy about Biden, but he looks better all the time. How do we get Obama to step down?

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    I am scared to death. I desperately need my medicare that I paid into for my whole life. Medicare was enacted in 1965 — the same year I graduated from high school and took my first job. I am now retired and hanging on by my fingernails until I turn 65. I made all my life plans based on the premise that I would have reasonable insurance costs at 65. It’s too late for me to press the reset button and postpone retirement or make any other life changes.
    I am a life-long democrat and I voted for Obama (Hilary first). If he raises medicare, he will definitely throw the election because many will not vote for him again no matter what. He is counting on our support in 2012 and is positioning himself as the lesser of two evils. He is very much mistaken. I will NOT vote for him, I will vote for his evil twin, the swaggering, bat-crazy red-neck from Texas. Why the hell not?

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