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    I’ve got Shadow Marie, adopted from the SPCA in 1997 as a young adult and still going strong at 15+ years old. Black and white farm collie, crazy active for the first 10 years or so, now the grand dame of the neighborhood where we take sedate walks that consist mostly of sniffing and searching out disgusting things to eat. Interesting how their personalities change with old age–she was never a chow hound before, she would never get into the trash, was always friendly with strangers. Now she breaks into the trash, breaks into the cupboards to feast on dog treats, and backs off from people she doesn’t know. Most books on geriatric dogs focus on the health issues and not the behavioral changes but I find them just a challenging.

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    And there’s something happening here and you don’t know what it is, do you Mr. Brooks?

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    Yep. I am more liberal than you even if I don’t get a badge. I realize that people have value even if they aren’t exactly like me, even if they go to (gasp) Branson Missouri instead of Paris. How can you claim any solidarity with the 99% when you clearly feel you are so superior to it? Re: ageism: Palin is unquestionably a grandma and I don’t consider that perjorative. Maybe you do?

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    Let’s see, because the far-right is sexist too, somehow that makes it OK? Even if Sarah Palin is sexist too, that somehow makes it OK? I don’t follow your logic.

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    I’m with Rafe on this one. It seems that Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann really bring out the sexism in some people. Why are we talking about her tits and popping out babies? I’ve never read any blogs on here about the number of Boehner’s kids or the size of Harry Reid’s weenie. This vitriolic sophmoric “humor” turns me off as does the classism.

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    If one bothered to check the facts (I know, wapo check facts?) you’d see that it is reported everywhere that Gibson Guitar is being investigated for violating the Lacey act by importing endangered species to build their guitars ( So the “great mystery” surrounding the investigation of Gibson is not such a mystery after all.

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    No one is talking about reactors 5&6. Don’t they have spent fuel as well? Maybe the justification for running power lines is to start their pumps which seems more doable since those reactors have not sustained the damage seen in units 1-4.

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    I find it interesting that this Joe guy is making the news rounds. According to the video clip, Patricia says it was Colonel Badger and Roger Saltzgeber who took Loughner down and Patricia grabbed the magazine. Acc. to news accounts, Joe Zamudio sat on him after the fact, which is a good citizen thing to [...]