• Oh my! CNN had better immediately deploy Richard Quest, who is their Senior Underage Prostitution Correspondent Senior Correspondent for all news British and all items particularly having a connection to the Royal Fuckwads. Oh, the glamour on display today! Oh, the pageantry!

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    Although I would prefer to have a trial just so the facts get established in a public way, it seems to me that Dzhokar should be able to get the same deal for life w/o parole that Eric Robert Rudolph got. I do not support the DP, though, as it seems counterproductive. (Modeling ritualized, premeditated murder as behavior which is justified when you’re really upset with somebody doesn’t discourage murder at all. It encourages it by example.) The Feds didn’t demand the DP for the asshole that bombed the Olympic Games, a gay bar and an abortion clinic. They let him plea in exchange for life in prison. So why refuse to negotiate with someone who bombed a marathon? Rudolph’s lethal intent was no different. Rudolph deliberately attacked public safety officers, too. If he could have achieved the level of carnage the Tsarnaev brothers did, he surely would have. I was surprised when Rudolph was able to dodge the DP, but the government said he was talking. Based on subsequent trials – or the lack thereof – I can’t see that Rudolph really had much of interest to tell them.

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    US declares victory in Afghanistan and goes home. Taliban declares victory, celebrates at home with cook out, wife swapping and fireworks. That’s what I love about multiculturalism! Everyone gets to have their own truth consistent with their unique, unshared values.

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    Victoria Nuland is probably already on her way with cookies. Don’t expect the US to respect Cuba’s right to exist. Ever. If we can’t overthrow the whole thing, we’ll be happy to start a long running civil war or cause a secession and partition. The tactics may change, but the Malign intent and strategic goal [...]

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    LoL. So even after he’s gone, Obama will continue to kill Democrats, like some kind of mummy’s curse, because they don’t dare breathe a word against him. Goodbye, Democratic Party: if “Obama is the future of this party and America”, your future is all used up.

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    Obama himself? No, not really. Obama’s followers? Very much so! Can the two really be separated? In theory of course, but in practice not really.

  • I wonder how many Freedom Enemas it would take to convince Mr. Hayden that they are a form of torture. Of course, the torture aspect comes from the unwillingness of the subject to have their rectal integrity and autonomy violated, and from the force used to overcome that unwillingness and to shove something up there. So if this kind of ass-play and watersport is something that the rather peculiar looking and baby-like in appearance ex-Director of our various spook empires actually likes, then it would not be torture for him. Which might explain his amazingly obdurate insistence that it was not torture for others.

  • That would be the House of Representatives, which of course is in Republican hands. Hoping that Republicans will impeach Obama for -essentially- not prosecuting Dick Cheney, and for obstructing the prosecution of CIA torture -which is another one of their turn-ons- is futile. And yet they want to impeach Obama so badly! A most painful dilemma, I’m sure.

    But if the House Republicans did pass a bill of impeachment and sent it on to the Senate for trial, the Democrats in the Senate would be placed in a nicely ironic bind. Either they acknowledge Obama/Holder’s obvious obstruction of war crimes prosecution and vote to convict, or they must toss their own 6,000 page report on the torture regime into the trash in order to acquit him. This would be another reason for House Republicans to want to impeach, just to watch Senate Democrats squirm.

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    The only study Obamacare needs is an autopsy.
    “Choked on its own filth” will be the primary finding, I’m sure, with contributory complications arising from Republican tweaking, and Democratic rot. It stinks already. To the furnace with it without delay.

  • Of course it’s grounds for impeachment. Barack Obama and Eric Holder are obstructing justice. They are obstructing it now, and they have been since the earliest days of this Administration. We now “have” the report (only a redacted summary). But they’ve had the information contained in that report for years, and the report itself, which they strove to suppress right up to the last second.

    The ACLU has been criticized for calling on Obama to pardon Bush and Cheney and their goons. But it escapes most of the people complaining that Obama has already pardoned them all by officially doing nothing. The move by the ACLU is to say: everyone knows now that serious war crimes were committed, crimes against US law as well as international treaty law. The Senate report could be used to slam dunk a prosecution of any number of Bush officials in federal court. President Obama twice swore an oath to faithfully execute the laws and uphold the Constitution. He has deliberately violated his oath of office and continually prevented others from pursuing course of justice which he has neglected. Either he now gives all the Bush era Nazis a formal Presidential pardon OR HE’S GOING TO NEED ONE HIMSELF AS AN ACCESSORY.

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    “…if they want a Republican President they should probably also prefer a Republican Congress, and if they want a Democratic President they would most likely also want a Democratic Congress.”

    And with two quality contestants as well matched as these it’s almost a shame there has to be a winner. I’m rooting against both of them.

  • Well shut my mouth. I really thought there would have to a charge for something in this case.

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    I think this will go very differently, and I have thought so from day one. 1) Chokeholds are illegal (I remember when they were outlawed. NYPD were choking people with their batons), 2) the video shows deliberate choking being applied (I’ve not watched all the video, actually, but still frames are clear enough, and no [...]

  • Indeed not in the way that it was sold to us.

    If you could afford to use your health insurance already, you still can, but NOW you’re being subsidized by people who are FORCED to pay premiums but who cannot afford to the deductibles and copays.

    A far fucking cry from the “universal healthcare” plan it was billed as when the Democrats foisted it upon us.

  • Sick, destitute people piling up and insurance co. stocks at all time highs are how you know it’s working! Thanks, Democrats.

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    Hugo Boss has more experience in this department. But of course the final decision must rest with the Leader.

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    They’re going full the Naz-tard. Who will design their sNazzi uniforms?

  • President Obama announced today that the Dept of Justice in conjunction with the Comptroller of the Currency, SEC and the Federal Bureau of Investigation was at that moment seizing all the assets, offices and documents of the bank holding company known as Goldman Sachs. At a press conference that all of Washington had thought was going to be devoted to an executive action intended to shelter illegal aliens from deportation, the President surprised in effect the whole world by announcing the arrest of several top officers of Goldman Sachs, the seizure of the company under federal RICO and various banking statutes, along with the arrests of several current and former officials of the US Treasury and NY Federal Reserve. The President leveled his gaze into the cameras and stated in a calm but determined voice, “The United States of America is not -and will never be- a banana republic of corrupt government officials rigging the entire monetary system as “cronies” or henchmen for bosses in organized crime families like Goldman Sachs. If these mafiosi now respond by taking the economy of the United States and the world hostage, or by acts of sabotage or plots to assassinate those who stand in their way, then their threats will be met with overwhelming force. As President, I command the nation’s combined law enforcement powers under the Dept of Homeland Security, as well as the uniformed military of the United States of America, which I have, this hour, placed on alert. If the mafia families of finance want war, they can bring it.”

    Wall Street was said to be in a state of panic late today with every available helicopter in the tri-state area said to be booked “indefinitely” shuttling Vice Presidents and Directors and their mistresses from their rooftop bug-out staging areas and “safe rooms” out to private yachts parked in international waters.

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    I would like to see Republicans repeal the ACA too. But I really don’t think they will. They get too much mileage out of it. (way to go Dummycrats!) Also, repealing ACA would sever the siphon the insurance mafia have inserted into our Treasury and would hurt their industry, which is entwined with Wall St. The health insurance cartel -and it is a cartel- is a massive customer for Wall St.s financial “products”. It’s an integral part of the Finance Insurance & Real Estate (FIRE) sector that owns both political parties.

    Rather than repealing it, Republicans will probably try to tweak the law, making it steadily sweeter for the insurance mafia, and more and more onerous for consumers. It was a Republican health care plan in origin and nature after all – why would they want to repeal it? They will derive a benefit selling favors to the various industry lobby groups involved, and voters will mainly remember that they were enslaved to this law from Hell by DEMOCRATS IN CONGRESS AND A DEMOCRAT IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

    As Republicans gleefully crack the whip on our backs, Democrats will get all or almost all of the blame. And Democrats will deserve every bit of it.

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    Don’t forget to budget in your annual donations to the DSCC and OFA when deciding on the insurance plan that’s right for you and your family.

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