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    Hugo Boss has more experience in this department. But of course the final decision must rest with the Leader.

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    They’re going full the Naz-tard. Who will design their sNazzi uniforms?

  • President Obama announced today that the Dept of Justice in conjunction with the Comptroller of the Currency, SEC and the Federal Bureau of Investigation was at that moment seizing all the assets, offices and documents of the bank holding company known as Goldman Sachs. At a press conference that all of Washington had thought was going to be devoted to an executive action intended to shelter illegal aliens from deportation, the President surprised in effect the whole world by announcing the arrest of several top officers of Goldman Sachs, the seizure of the company under federal RICO and various banking statutes, along with the arrests of several current and former officials of the US Treasury and NY Federal Reserve. The President leveled his gaze into the cameras and stated in a calm but determined voice, “The United States of America is not -and will never be- a banana republic of corrupt government officials rigging the entire monetary system as “cronies” or henchmen for bosses in organized crime families like Goldman Sachs. If these mafiosi now respond by taking the economy of the United States and the world hostage, or by acts of sabotage or plots to assassinate those who stand in their way, then their threats will be met with overwhelming force. As President, I command the nation’s combined law enforcement powers under the Dept of Homeland Security, as well as the uniformed military of the United States of America, which I have, this hour, placed on alert. If the mafia families of finance want war, they can bring it.”

    Wall Street was said to be in a state of panic late today with every available helicopter in the tri-state area said to be booked “indefinitely” shuttling Vice Presidents and Directors and their mistresses from their rooftop bug-out staging areas and “safe rooms” out to private yachts parked in international waters.

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    I would like to see Republicans repeal the ACA too. But I really don’t think they will. They get too much mileage out of it. (way to go Dummycrats!) Also, repealing ACA would sever the siphon the insurance mafia have inserted into our Treasury and would hurt their industry, which is entwined with Wall St. The health insurance cartel -and it is a cartel- is a massive customer for Wall St.s financial “products”. It’s an integral part of the Finance Insurance & Real Estate (FIRE) sector that owns both political parties.

    Rather than repealing it, Republicans will probably try to tweak the law, making it steadily sweeter for the insurance mafia, and more and more onerous for consumers. It was a Republican health care plan in origin and nature after all – why would they want to repeal it? They will derive a benefit selling favors to the various industry lobby groups involved, and voters will mainly remember that they were enslaved to this law from Hell by DEMOCRATS IN CONGRESS AND A DEMOCRAT IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

    As Republicans gleefully crack the whip on our backs, Democrats will get all or almost all of the blame. And Democrats will deserve every bit of it.

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    Don’t forget to budget in your annual donations to the DSCC and OFA when deciding on the insurance plan that’s right for you and your family.

  • Not as good a liar as her (former) job title might suggest. Maybe senility, and that ol rockin’ chair has caught her?

  • can’t claim authorship, sadly.

    I bet the Chinese are laughing their ass off right now. Oh sure, Barack, we’d be happy to sign a CO2 reduction treaty with you (rofl). Now you just get it ratified in your brand new Republican Senate. Hey, can’t say we didn’t do our part. It’s on you, America!

  • I love it. It’s like the irresistible farce collides with the immovable abject.

  • No deals between the Klanned Old Party and Obama is the dream scenario – the absolute best we could hope for. If they spend the next two years slowing roasting him over an impeachment process instead, I’m all for it, if it stops the two parties involved Evil and Eviller from doing any deals.

  • I wonder if Mr. Gruber, who obviously considers the American people to be so much witless livestock, has ever considered what the enraged dumb Beast might do when it discovers that he and people like him have used deliberate lies and trickery to trap them in lifetime servitude to the “financial services industry”?

    The phrase “playing with fire” comes to mind.

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    There’s nothing wrong with the Democratic Party that couldn’t be fixed – except craphats like you won’t let it be fixed. You insist that voters owe the Democrats their votes no matter how corrupt, deceitful and abusive the party becomes, no matter how hostile to the interests of its base and the interests of ordinary [...]

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    They should fire nobody. I’ve been checking in at old Democratic haunts of mine and the party loyalists are sure they’ve done everything right that they should have, their critics on the left are wrong, that Obama and his “care” are perfect, that America is basking in its finest hour (or was, under their President [...]

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    Just think of all the good things the people of the United States could buy for 104 billion dollars… Why, we could build over 1,200 additional F-35 fighters -=AND=- over 6,000 new Abrams tanks!

    (Hey, I said think of what we could do with the money, not what Sweden or France could do with the money)

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    It’s always darkest just before it goes pitch black.

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    If you vote for Democrats you will get a New War and you won’t get Free College. On the other hand, if you vote for Republicans you won’t get Free College, but you will get a New War. Who says there’s no difference?

  • the “numbnutz nation” did exactly the same thing in 2006 and 2008. It voted its displeasure with what it perceived as the party in the driver’s seat. I’ll bet you weren’t complaining about them being idiots on those occasions.

    The Democrats had their chance to prove they’re better than the Republicans, and they blew it like a hurricane. Our political machinery may indeed be stupidly designed, and getting more obsolete and corrupt as time goes by. But the people are no dumber than they were in 2006 and 2008 when they voted the way you liked. If you’re looking for dumbfucks to blame, look to the Democratic Party which fundamentally agrees with the Republicans about the goodness of corporatist neoliberalism and the sweetness of militarism and global empire. Look to the loyal Democrat voter who votes for his team, rewarding them and reinforcing their treachery – no matter how blatantly team Blue sells him out. Voting against your own interests: it’s NOT just for stupid white Republicans anymore!

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    Hillary Clinton will get money out of politics. She’s gotten plenty money out of it already – like 100 million dollars worth! When Hillmonster lays a bet, it fucking pays, my pretties, or else. Remember the $1,000 to $100,000 cattle futures trade she once made. That’s a proven track record.

  • Unfortunately the path to keeping the Senate ran through the “Valley of Actually Doing Stuff For Their Constituents” and also required them to wade through the raging “River of Fighting For Democratic Values”. They just didn’t have it in them to complete the path. The Valley seemed dry and fruitless to them compared to the Candyland of Corporate Cash. The River was strewn with slippery rocks of Republican obstruction. They decided to go with rather than against the strong currents of corporate runoff and sell their constituencies down the river. In the end, dreams of golfing with lobbyists in Corporate Candyland replaced visions of a healthier more prosperous Republic with liberty and justice for all, and they couldn’t remember what the hell they wanted the Senate for in the first place.

  • I thought about this problem some already.

    No use hyperventilating about it: if the remaining Senate Democrats wouldn’t filibuster cuts to Social Security, then it is well and truly doomed anyhow.

    That would be the act of a political party that not only had “lost its way” but was actively trying to eradicate all traces from the collective memory of it ever having done anything decent for anybody. We could indeed be heading into this desperate pass, and Dog help us if we do; but it’s the same predicament whether Dems lose Senate or keep Senate. What matters is how far the rot has gone into the Democratic soul. If Democrats lose the Senate they could still successfully fight off Barry’s attempt to rape Social Security and the remaining safety net. The only way they could be swept aside is if the Republicans are ready to abolish the filibuster to kill Social Security, which would be suicidally rash (which is just their style, so I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, but it would truly be suicide for their party) It’s not inconceivable that the trauma of losing the Senate would force Democrats to stiffen their defense of Social Security, whereas they might be more amenable to compromising it incrementally (the slow death by a thousand cuts) should they retain the Senate.

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    Not if doing so would require them to cross the 1%, or pledge to. The Democrats’ loyalties are more split than the Republicans, who openly celebrate the superman status of the rich individual and corporations, but they are clear enough about what their values are and where their loyalties truly lie, if one pays attention over time. The Democrats are the other party of corporatism and empire. There are still a few good people left in the party, but they are dwindling in number and irrelevant to the modern Democrat party – except as window dressing. No sale here.

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