• A deeply depressing and frightening aspect to all this is how routine, mundane and un-special it has become.

    The WMD lie pushed on us by Bush was a classic “big lie”. The Lie was easily debunked of course – but it was big, Big, BIG!!! The claim was that Saddam Hussein had hidden WMDs left over from the previous war, and that he was working new, expanded WMD programs such as germ warfare, and even reaching towards nuclear weapons. They augmented these with claims that Saddam was working on missiles that could hit European cities at a few minutes notice. In other words, to scare America into silent compliance and to launch a war of aggression against Iraq, Bush and Cheney felt they had to invent a bogeyman on the scale of a Bond Super-Villain, an Arch-Fiend who was clearly bent on world domination, nuclear extortion, and global petroleum monopoly (it was just a self-portrait with cartoonish exaggerations). The pretexts were flimsy, but the conception was Grand Scale. Big Lies don’t get much bigger. And as the main theorist of the Big Lie explained in Mein Kampf, going large with your lies tends to work because ordinary people have a hard time imagining that a public figure would dare invent something so colossally untrue.

    But now, just nine years later, to take us to war in Syria and Iraq, and maybe also in Ukraine/Novorussia, Obama no longer feels the need to make up extraordinary, outsized threats to commit the US to war. The unruly natives of Iraq are an obstacle to the flow of oil. They will be liquidated until we are satisfied that orderly conditions required for oil production are restored. Syria is to be subdued and dominated, whether we go in as an “enemy” of the current government, or we go in as its “friend”. We will press our attacks in Ukraine, come what may – be it genocide in East Ukraine, general famine, or global nuclear war – because Russia is our historical enemy, and destabilizing Russia requires going through Ukraine. (Napoleon did it, Kaiser Wilhelm did it, Hitler did it, and Obama is not one for originality.) No fantastic nightmarish threat to the United States or its people is appended to any of these war overtures. None is needed. The closest they came to that is the MH-17 clusterfuck, which fizzled fast. Even if it were the case that it was not a false flag attack by the pro-western side, the downing of one airliner over a warzone is hardly a threat to the US that would justify our entry into a war: they’re not even trying anymore. A Malaysian airliner shot down over a warzone is not equivalent to a US flagged passenger ship torpedoed in international waters, nor does the murder of a US journalist in Iraq amount to a secret plot between Germany and Mexico to jointly attack the United States. Obama just identifies obstacles to the NeoLiberal new world order Blitzkrieg, he says “These are some bad folks” and then he just starts bombing and cutting throats in some remote corner of the world without even bothering to justify the murder and mayhem as a defense of the people of the United States. He tells us carefully that he is opting for only a “limited action”, but these little sprees of bombing and assassinations and incursions have a way of dragging on episodically for years and decades. At least Bush and Cheney thought enough of us and the notion of consent of the governed to make up Big Lies for their war crimes.

    Given that we’ve been at war in Iraq directly and continuously since 1990, and we’ve been fucking with Afghanistan off and on since the late 1970s, the energy and focus of the Big Lie in US government has shifted away from the area of legal and moral thresholds and justifications for war, which have faded away into obsolescence along with the last veneer of democracy in this country. “Big Lie” has attached itself instead to the pretense that there might be some limit, of any sort, temporal, spatial, causal, to the global reign of Perma-War, Incorporated. The Big Lie now is that it’s not a big deal to kill some “folks” on the other side of the planet, because we only want to kill a few folks at a time (or a few thousand at most), and it’s not like we’re sending the whole Army to do it just some bombers, drones, and special forces and maybe the Marines. And besides, it will all be over before you know it. All wars are now called “limited”, so that they can continue forever and spread everywhere as desired.

  • Sure it’s coherent. I can explain the underlying unity very simply. It looks as though our President can’t even make up his mind who is the Hated Enemy over there, and who is the stalwart Trusted Friend. But that is only an appearance. The strategy is to invade a country or region, occupy it with indiscriminate violence (billed as “surgical strikes” and “targeted assassination”), then withdraw to let the chaos ferment a while to provide fresh argument for slaughter, then return and bomb whoever has managed to survive.

    You see, the people over there are ALL the Enemy. The precise order in which we kill them is of no importance, nor is the ever changing reason given out for why we do it. The order of death and ersatz justifications given are merely tactical and incidental. Eventually when the nations of the ME are scattered and the torrents of their blood have seeped down into the sand, all that is left is the one essential thing – the oil.

  • If that’s their justification for assassinating Americans, I don’t see anything about it that strictly limits the executive branch’s claimed “right” to murder our citizens to kills on foreign soil only.

    The only criteria seem to be the feelings of danger on the part of the President, or perhaps of even lower level executive branch officials, and their assessment of the (in)convenience of sticking closer to Constitutional due process, without having to justify their judgments of either subject to anyone. What they’ve created isn’t a slippery slope to tyranny so much as a gallows drop.

  • I and some other people have been warning since it first emerged that Obamacare, if it passed, would be used as the model and the precedent for subverting and “marketizing” Medicare and Social Security. Republicans are not the worst thing we have to fear. Democrats did this, and Democrats will take the next steps towards destroying the social safety net.

    Obamacare was never meant to take us in the direction of Single Payer – how could it be? It was intended to achieve the very opposite. Obamacare addresses the central source of dysfunction in our health care system, which is the profit motive of insurance racketeers and makes it a permanent feature forever, stamps it with a government seal of approval, and elevates it beyond reach or question in the realm of public-private institutions that are deemed Too Big And Important To Fail. But, as I eventually discovered, you can’t reason with a Democrat.

  • Yup – Obots are such fun aren’t they?
    When they think things are going well, they crow about how Obama TRIPLED! the US troop presence in Afghanistan. When they find out that No, it’s not actually going well at all, then “it’s all Bush’s fault!”

    I would roffle, but the Obot two-step became insufferably tedious way back about 2010-11. Soon they’ll be blaming Bush for Obamacare.

  • What lesser evil?

    Shit like this is why it has become impossible for me to politely repress my laughter when people tell me “oh but you must vote for Democrats, even if they aren’t perfect, because of all the evil things the republicans will do” if they get in the WH/Senate/whatever.

    I don’t think I could ever become a Muslim, but all things considered, it’s more likely that I should convert to Islam than that I should revert to being a Democrat. At this point, being a Democrat is about as morally compromised as being an informant. Hey, no wonder then that Obama/Holder DoJ thinks everyone should be willing to be a Stasi pigeon for them, or expect government retaliation, right?

  • “Not sure morph is correct”

    Indeed, it is foxes -only hungry foxes standing on the backs of other foxes- all the way down. There never was anything else to it.

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    Just cue ol’ Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas” already!

    Will I succeed in suppressing my smug I told you so airs when discussing this subject with acquaintances from the DemocraticandRepublican Party? No, I don’t I will, and I can’t think of a good reason, really, to even try.

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    If your plan to stop/mitigate climate change relies on the Democratic Party for its success, then the obvious answer to the question of potential success is OH, FUCK NO.

    Democrats will stand shoulder to shoulder with Republicans, and oil barons, in extracting and burning every last gallon of oil and every last cubic foot of natural gas. If you are tied to them, you are wedded to burning every petro based therm, from every source foreign or domestic, eventually. When that is all gone, they will shake their heads and sadly tell us, “We simply MUST burn more coal now. But the bright side is that America is Coal Rich! (Huzzah!) Yes, the Republicans are for the same thing, but we must go along with them. There Is No Alternative.”

    But there is an alternative. Plow under your Democrats, manure their graves copiously and water them with nitrogen-rich urine – prepare for the Greening of America. Do not mourn the putrid departed Democrats. From their rot, a fresh goodness will grow.

  • This is pure GOTV catnip for his base, though.

  • (For Mr. Biden:)
    Are you gonna bark all day, little dog?

  • I’d rather vote for an imaginary animal, like a unicorn or a chupacabra, than a REAL bankster crony and a police state fascist, like Obama.

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    The USA IS a debtor’s prison. One vast, open air debtor’s prison.

  • Yay Democrats! You’re foisting yet another travesty on defenseless people who can’t fight back, and eventually through repeating your Big Lies often enough and long enough, they’ll just lapse into learned helplessness! You’re the absolute BEST, Democrats!

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    I am not saying Republicans or Libertarians are right about anything, but I will admit that when they challenge me to defend the government against the charge of being evil, and they press me to defend against the proposition that government is something to be minimized, rather than invite it and involve it in practically [...]

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    Ima start callin this Prez “Shlomi” – like the Sham Wow Guy. Y’all remember Shlomi?

    Such sham, many wow. (mentally insert Doge gif here)

    You’ll say WOW! every time.

  • And what happens to those who miss work bc of illness, or whatever, and can’t keep up w their monthly premiums?

    Remember what happened to those kids whose parents got behind on their payments for school lunches? No lunch for you, kid!

    In Canada, such unlucky people would not have their misfortune compounded by the loss of health benefits. In the US, though, I expect we’ll find that those little cracks in the system of coverage will drop you straight down to Hell.

  • Translation: 7 million citizens were extorted by threats of IRS fines and audits, plus open ended legal trouble in Federal Court, into letting themselves be gouged for defective health “care” products.

    How many of these 7 million will actually be able to scrape up the protection money? And how will the economy register the theft of their spending on productive goods and services?

    Republicans are sick and twisted enough to propose such a scheme of corporate-fascist thuggery, but it takes morally blind, self righteous, scumbag Democrats to actually inflict something this vicious on a voiceless and disenfranchised people as a matter of law.

    Fuck them for all time.

  • I wouldn’t worry about this if I were a Republican. I’m totally serious. All this statistic means is that young people will come to know the feeling of being taken for granted by Democrats, and will also frequently experience the taunting: “You got nowhere else to go!”

    And what happens to idealistic young people whose allegiance is taken for granted? Who are repeatedly burned by people they trust, and told they have no other option? That’s right – they become older, cynical and bitter non-idealistic people. JUST LIKE THEIR PARENTS.

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