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  • barne commented on the diary post Does Barack Obama Support Anti-Gay Reparative Therapy? by Teddy Partridge.

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    No, gosh darn it, he does not. Think, please!

  • barne commented on the blog post On the Wisdom of Keeping Up Offensive Pressure

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    Wow. Thrilling, awesome athleticism. I always feel so touched by how hard these people work toward their . . . . GOALLLLLL!

  • barne commented on the blog post Guardian: Andy Coulson to Be Arrested in Hacking Scandal

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    Just below the surface, blackmail wars must rage, even more than ever in the internet age.

    I’ve read that one famous blackmailer’s method was to pop into your office with a manila folder which held photographs or other damning evidence. Then he’d say, “My office has become aware that this information is out there, and we’ll be doing our best to make sure that nobody tries to misuse this against you.”

  • barne commented on the blog post Will Cyrus Vance Turn His Head & Walk Away From DSK?

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    Some impresario could offer the maid a large pay-day, if the maid agrees to long sessions under polygraph, live on TeeVee. It might be an empty Geraldo vault, but maybe not. And the ratings worldwide would be HUGE. I assume the maid speaks semi-ok english, but might retreat fast into pidgin.

  • barne commented on the blog post Still Fishing

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    Land of the silver birch, home of the beaver, where still the mighty moose wanders at will,
    Blue lake and rocky shore, I will return once more,
    Hi-ucka, Hi-uh!, Hi-ucka, Hi-uh! . . .

    (Was tempted to type ‘Teh mighty moose, ‘ just for toobz-type funnies.)

  • “Roast me! Hang me! Do whatever you please,” said Brer Business. “Only please, Brer Consumer, please don’t throw me into the briar patch.”

  • barne commented on the diary post On Bradley Manning’s Guilt, Who Will Be Barack Obama’s John Mitchell? by Teddy Partridge.

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    Could be like Obama wearing the flag lapel pin; take away the opponent’s blowhard issue by mimicking it. Maybe Obama has decided to play hardball against the opponent, for the greater good? Like “covering” in a sailboat race. If you’re ahead, you don’t just follow your own good instincts for the fastest route to the [...]

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    Happy Easter everybody. As a kid, it was a T H R I L L to take a trip with the family to a place like Kartchner, or Wind Cave, or Carlsbad Caverns. I remember thinking, “Look at this cool place, and the trouble that good adults went through to make this available to us, and to create a safe path with a handrail, and good safe stairways, and then to fill it with educational thrills and fun guides, and a place to sit down and eat. THIS WORLD I’M GROWING INTO MUST BE FILLED WITH GREAT, GOOD PEOPLE AND WONDERS.”

    Well, the great good people ARE there, and the wonders ARE there, but our leaders, in Congress, are N O T putting it all together with nearly the right amount of courage and thought. Easter Jesus! Think of what this world could be like if we had courageous, thoughtful leadership driving us forward into sunlit, thrilling uplands. What the heck is going on here?!!

  • barne commented on the blog post Obama Pretends the Bob Woodward Law Doesn’t Exist

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    It WILL be sad if O finally angles into the “it’s our due” cush lifestyle, like Clinton and Blair, with the glamour and flash and Wall Street buds and multi-million dollar weddings and such. But I do begin to fear he’s way more average than I’d hoped.

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    But, yeah, it’s pretty troubling.

  • barne commented on the blog post Obama Pretends the Bob Woodward Law Doesn’t Exist

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    Only Nixon could go to China, because if a Democrat went, s/he’d have been pilloried as a traitor commie.

    Try going to China, or any modern equivalent, as a black Democratic president. Imagine the forces ready to pounce at one false step.

  • It took a LOT of hard work to get so many players organized to pump housing prices as high as they got them in 2006. No wonder some might want to take a breather.

  • barne commented on the blog post Some Context on MI’s Emergency Financial Manager Law

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    Dear trailer park Republicans and Democrats, Country Club Republicans DO look down on you, and laugh at you.

    Dear “not a member of the country club” Republicans, If you had any idea what the country club set really thinks of you, you’d vote Democrat.

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    Dear trailer park Republicans, Liberals don’t look down on you. It’s not Liberals at the country club, trying to figure out how to stick it to you. Liberals are at the union hall, trying to figure out a way for you and your kids to have a decent life.

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    When they slash at police and teacher pay, it’s not just police and teachers who take a deep cut. A very few at the top stand to gain, but a whole lot more, not at the top, are gonna lose big.

  • Players dug in very cleverly, with lots of doomsday poison pill booby traps carefully prepared over the years so that nobody dares to touch anything.

    “It’s just the way of the world! But let’s plan to get together over the coming years, in Cannes and Geneva and on the yacht, and by golly we’ll see if we can’t come up with something to make things a little better.”

  • barne commented on the blog post Mark Bittman: “I stopped eating on Monday”

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    Where do these leaders come from who don’t seem to care, at all, about the suffering of others? Were they born this way? Do we make them in childhood when we cruelly reject them for various reasons? We better figure this out.

  • If it must be surveillance max, can we at least do something to make sure the files aren’t used the way J. Edgar used his?

    In the meantime, though, I’m willing to bet that LOTS of pols and players were naive about what info. they put out over the wires over the last 15-20 years, and are now executing their duties while knowing or suspecting that that info. is in dirty hands and would be used if certain lines are not toed. Think Kwame.

    So the blackmail files will hold some sway until that trapped generation retires, or until a change in society renders sex scandal less of a blackmailable issue.

  • I called this AT&T surveillance ace-in-the-hole back in the late 90s when VOIP and cell was touted as the end of AT&T’s 800-lb gorilla status. Back when Myhrvold was saying voice telephony would soon be free.

    Somewhere, long ago, I read that “our government” tapped into the original submarine cable carrying telegraph messages. AT&T’s predecessor acquiesced, but insisted on first receiving a get out of jail letter from a poobah. Got one from the Sec. of State.

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