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    Good things stated all around. I am just logging in to disabuse people of the incorrect usage of certain rhetorical phrases.

    What is "Begging the Question?&#34 "Begging the question" is a form of logical fallacy in which a statement or claim is assumed to be true without evidence other than the statement or claim itself. When [...]

  • Think about this while you pay $7.99 for a pound of organic strawberries as you shop at Whole Foods.

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    Could someone give me a brief chalk talk on the etymology of “neoliberalism”? To me, liberalism is a good thing. A bit ineffectual at times, but at least it has its heart in the right place. But neoliberalism is evil. How does putting a three-letter prefix on liberalism make it so horrific?

    It is "liberalism", in the classic sense of the term, reborn. A lot of issues arise from this moniker because the terms "liberal" and "conservative" have pretty much lost all meaning in American politics. The are only really tribal designations, like tattoos or clothing, and really have no correspondence to left / right political distinctions. How else could you have people who are for gay-marriage and against racism, but have nothing to say about entrenched classism, elitism and our 12 year war in far off "Brownskinistan"? I also cite the entirety of the regime since 2008 as further indication; the systematic dismantling of the social safety net cast as "entitlement reform" and so on.

    So once you have gotten around that, it"s more easily understood. You can look-up classical liberalism, i.e. pre-20th-century for clarification. Its intellectual trappings characterized by things like social-darwinism, pro-corporate economics, a de-emphsis on a moral-foundation of religion, and a decidedly imperialist foreign policy. These ideas were called "liberal" at the time because when they were initially new and, seemingly, forward-thinking because they asserted the rights of individuals. Remember, that people who weren't Caucasian were not even part of the equation because they were thought of barely human, in most cases, but certainly not capable of self-rule. What we associate with "liberalism" today corresponds more with what was once classical "conservatism". So, that's all clear then. . .

    In essence these political labels have been very intentionally molded by the two major American parties in order to provide the illusion of opposition. They are really just corporate branding. This is the only way I can makes sense of American political discourse. Just so long as we don"t stray from the discussion of which is better; being robbed at gunpoint or by a knife then the 1% are satisfied.

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    This is heartening, however, I live and work in close proximity to many millennials. For every one person like this there are many more who voted for Obama in 2008 because he was "for gay marriage".

    Never mind that this liberal progressive had to be shamed into his current stance by his 71 year-old VP. The D's pick-up on social issues that have no economic impact on corporate gains. As long as gay people can have some semblance of a socially-sanctioned monogamous relationship, then that's good enough for many. Never mind the TPP or our forever-war against terrorism.

    For these sorts of people being pro-gay-marriage is progressive enough.

  • If a prominent politician is comparing another leader to Hitler, that is our habitual war preamble. I wonder how much of this is due to Snowden's asylum and the diffusion of a Syrian invasion? Perhaps it's professional jealousy? Nobody invades non-aggressors like Uncle Sammy. Who the hell are you, Putin? That's our gig!

    Having said that, Putin is pretty awful. Yet this is starting to smell an awful lot like Iraq.

  • I strongly recommend the death penalty for Federal officials caught engaging in these shenanigans.
    President Obama needs to address the problem via executive order because obviously the extreme right won’t be supportive of anything that might return basic ethics to D.C.

    Does your tribal taboo-belief structure extend to the current President of the United States? I think you will find, with even casual scrutiny, that President Drone-y has engaged in some pretty unethical behavior, which would lead to interesting logical conclusions to your constant Democrat in-group cheer leading.

    Do you think this ridiculous policy, of murdering corrupt politicians, is cool when your political-party lifestyle identity will be out of power? Do you think he should be president for life? If not, you may want to examine your own ethos and why revenge-power fantasies of harsh punishment seems fantastic when it applied to certain groups.

    You are either a cartoon or intentionally trolling.

  • Yeah, one of my all-time favorite bands!

    I saw them in 2010 at the Milwaukee Summerfest: FOR FREE. You can’t beat that kinda slack; a great live show. They were definitely fat, old guys, but they could still put on a great show and were entertaining as all get out. If memory serves it was Bob 2 who broke all 5 strings on his guitar during a protracted solo. God speed, Bob 2!

    He will be missed. . .the beginning was the end.

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    When Putin isn’t torturing and murdering gay people or inciting a civil war in Ukraine, he’s committing dog genocide. I am completely baffled by the so called American “left”‘s embrace of him. Oh yeah, and the small fact that Putin is a ruthless capitalist who makes his billions destroying the planet in the name of oil.


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    So our evolving police state will be run by pols who say nice things about gay marriage?

    Pretty much, yeah.

    I live with a lot of millennials, and although there are a few Occupy-types who are savvy to the Democratic-Party-heralded (as you put it) police state, the majority act as if "gay marriage" is the only issue of merit. Maybe it's because most of them are caucasian, I dunno. Maybe it"s because identity politics seem to be the only meritorious form of politics to these kids.

    Somehow the powers-that-be convinced Americans to frame every single issue separately from class, and to never even mention class at all. It has been incredibly successful. It"s interesting to experience these people talk about (classless) racism and other forms of oppression, because there"s no way you can have an honest dialogue about racism without bring up class; the two are inexorably linked in our culture. This is how we can have a police state run by people who say nice things about gay marriage.

    We also need to understand that very soon there will be people of voting-age who have never known a pre-9/11 America and to whom labor unions, if even thinkable, are ancient history.

    Scary stuff.

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    Was that his Holiness William Jefferson Clinton who spearheaded NAFTA and the welfare reform (PRWORA) of 1996? Democratic Party always good! You seem to be buying conspiracy theories regarding the teatards, in spite of the TP being a thing, wholesale.

  • Oh no, we missed Harman telling us what traitorous scum, she has been told to think and instructed say, is Edward Snowden! We probably missed her explanation of her preferred style of execution for this contemporary Emanuel Goldstein.

  • Thank you for your reasonable answer. I more or less agree, but you gotta get the plebes outraged to get them to rise up.

  • Go read some James Bamford books or learn about Echelon and see how these supposed revelations aren’t all that new.

    Good god, man, what is your deal? Is this a fetish? Why is it so important to you that FDL views f you as the national security hipster?

    "Pssh. I knew about ECHELON and STELLAR WIND before got all mainstream and started to suck. I might see Snowden on tour, but I just don't follow that. I am waiting for something with more of a COINTELLPRO or MKULTRA mix to it."

    Slavery was a human institution for thousands of years before it was finally outlawed as national economic policy. Are you saying it should have been further tolerated because it had already been around, like, forever?

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    Ah, Prof Alfred McCoy; one of our distinguished UW- Madison professors! This guy knows what he is talking about. He blew the lid off the Golden Triangle and all the sleazy bullshit the CIA got up to in South East Asia during Vietnam.

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    Although it is true that feckless 2008 Obama voters may justifiably complain about mess we are in, those who voted for him in 2012 have no one to blame but themselves. Any real scrutiny of his policies and speeches revealed, by 2010, that he was little more than a blind technocrat with nothing to offer but his (admittedly) charismatic image.

    It is time for Obama voters to face up to the fact that, although they might have been largely motivated by racism and the yellow journalism of the right-wing echo chamber, the "teabaggers and the libertarian wacko birds", as you put it, were correct. Obama is a failure in everything but his being marketed as a progressive; that was unfortunately an unparalleled success.

    Let us compare what you said about Obama today to what you said regarding the WV chemical disaster on 1/13/14:

    I think it’s appalling to make such mean spirited statements . . .I believe he is a truly well meaning fellow, his credentials as a genuine progressivist are impeccable. It really makes me SICK that damn near the whole country has turned against him. The FACT is he probably got tricked.

    And how about 300,000 piss-poor WV-ians who had the misfortune of living near a chemical disaster? 'A truly liberal and progressive ethos:

    Trouble in teabagger paradise eh? I’m delighted that these miserable POS are now experiencing exactly what they asked for.

    It seems that the worst thing anyone can do is turn their back on Obama. How dare this white trash betray the great HOPE?!?!?! These pieces of shit deserve what they get. May they succumb to the cancers their sleazy, unappreciative tissues painfully inflict for not voting for the greatest leader in history! And by the way: Obama is has not yet been briefed! Obama has been tricked! (Don"t let the perfect be the enemy of the good!) Obama is powerless to stop the constant march of Evil!

    The only American who deserves your benefit-of-the-doubt is the gatekeeper of the most expansionist and opaque reign of the unitary executive, and unparalleled whistle blower prosecution, in history. You are a proud member of the Tribe Blue. You are a Democratic Party apparatchik. You are a preacher extolling the virtue of the Divine Right of Kings during the Middle Ages. It a testament to his image handlers that you empathize more with this man than hundreds-of-thousands of your own fellow citizens.

    It"s time to take our medicine and realize that Obama is doing the job he was installed to do: oversee and expedite the transfer of last vestiges of public wealth in America into the hands of a tiny, privileged minority. He is not ineffectual. He is not weak. He is not buffeted by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

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    I expect "cinder-block man" to be identified soon and held 100% responsible for the situation, the event, and maybe even the clean up. He will be revealed to be a Freedom Industries, Inc. employee, making $7.85 per hour, working 75-hour-weeks and consistently failed haz-mat training. He may even be an undocumented worker. Justice is served. [...]

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    Wow, is that really their business logo?

    All that's missing is a single, jewel-like tear rolling down that eagle's cheek and the silhouette of the World Trade Center burning in the background. Disgusting.


  • Ok, we get it now media; the lying bully is a blow-hard and a lying authoritarian who abuses power. I can not wait for the following six-months of benghazi-styled he said / she said reports and commentary from FOX, MSNBC and all the other ministries of truth. Meanwhile, Net Neutrality is becoming a thing of the past and a fast-tracked TPP oppressively looms on the horizon.

    Those chairs need to be moved around just a little more in order to make this deck arrangement PERFECT.

  • Its pretty clear though that right wing canards like “family values” are way down the list.

    Deficit hysteria is still astoundingly high upon the list. Higher than income disparity, WTF? Some one is listening to the bleating of the austerity herd mind.

    It is a amazing to think that people compartmentalize these issues: income gap, jobs and unemployment, deficits, lack of money, education and poverty as if they are all different plants, rather than branches of the same tree. I hope that is just the way the poll is organized rather than a reflection of our cognitive dissonance.

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