• I look at this a little bit differently. Richard Murdock was the Republican candidate for US Senate in Indiana who said that a pregnancy resulting from rape was something he had come to believe God wanted. The remark, despite subsequent attempts to spin it into something more benign, cost him the election. He lost to Joe Donnelly.

    Despite his obnoxious remark he still managed to receive just over 44% of the statewide vote in Indiana. My suspicion is that after almost 6 years in office if Obama tops the worst list with 33% of the respondents saying he is the worst, he is not doing too bad.

    Even going back to the Clinton presidency the right-wing has engaged in an unrelenting assault on Democratic presidents. The has right engages in non-stop messaging on things like the Lewinsky scandal, allegations Bill and/or Hillary had something to do with the Vince Foster death, Clinton was a traitor during Vietnam, and many other fake scandals. They have done it for years.

    But, Obama is the first Democratic president to be in office during never-before-seen GOP plan to sandbag everything he proposes. Worse yet, he’s the first president in the broadband Internet erar. This means literally millions of viral emails, links to hate-Obama videos and the such spread daily with one thing in common: Make Americans – and particularly white over-50 Americans – distrust Obama at best, and at worst, think he is just plan evil.

    In that context, Obama is doing pretty good.

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    Tom Friedman is one of those establishment windbags whose basic strategy is to seem brilliant by spouting just what the “establishment” wants to hear. The idea that manufacturing is coming back in a big way any time soon is a sick hoax. Capital always strives to reduce it’s labor cost and you can’t cut benefits [...]

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    Yes, he suspended and re-started after solving the financial crisis in the fall of 2008.

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    The fake campaign of Herman Cain was a media invention from the start. No meaningful campaign staff except the guy with the cigarette. No ground game at all. All he had was money, a book, and the media’s never-ending need to generate interest in a lackluster field of not-ready-for-prime-time GOP candidates.

    After providing financial payments to a gal-pal, and being employed by a company who made “settlement” payments to another woman who claimed harassment, Herman blames the same media that created him, with spreading the untrue and unproven rumors that clouded his message to GOP voters.

    Sounds like a script from central casting. It is interesting that what seems to have pushed this hoax off the stage was not allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace, but an allegation of a sexual relationship with a woman other than his wife. I guess Republicans don’t really worry about workplace harassment claims. It’s the cheating on the wife issue that seems to have sunk Herm’s ship. Potential bad news for Newt too.

    Bottom Line when failure hit: Blame the media. Get a website. Call it “Plan B.” The web address is interesting. http://www.thecainsolutions.com was only registered on December 2nd and the registrant is listed as Bell Research Companies, Inc. located in Tifton, GA. The administrative contact is listed as having an email address at bellplantation.com. The company appears to be big in peanut based products. Perhaps Herman’s “Plan B” is based on peanuts, peanut oil and peanut butter.

  • You can always depend on these two Clintonistas to have all the answers.

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    Good riddance to New Jersey’s John Adler. In a state with 3 D seats at risk, Pallone, Holt, and Adler, the only one who lost was sellout John Adler who played the act like “Republican Lite” game and lost. He deserved it.