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    What you saw today with the platform is how they govern.

    Which is why, of course, Democrats must be elected or the world will come to an end.

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    Proving once again its impossible to parody “Progressives” anymore.

    Yes, uber-”Progressive” lightweights like Tbogg and the Rumproast kool kids chastising the rubes for not voting for their brand of Evil is always a hoot.

    This is Part 1 of what I’m sure will be a near-daily feature in “ProgressiveLand” until E-Day.

    There will be 110 million people voting in November but the 1 or 2 peeps that might be coerced into voting for Your Guy through warmed over Sarah Palin “jokes, second-grade Art and recycled silly Doomsday scenarios might make the difference.
    How – in a dark way – charmingly naive.

    And dressing up one cliche after another (“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”; “O’ the Supreme Court”, etc.) with juvenile Dick and Vagina …soooo cutting edge.

    Almost as bad as Open Mike at the Bird In the Hand (Pa.) tavern.

    Looking forward to Part II.

  • Believe me, if this bill was ever in danger of being enacted, Sweeney would find a reason to table it.

    For some perspective, Christie nominated two minorities to the state Supreme Court this week, one of whom is also gay. This is bad theatre. Sweeney’s from the Corzine-wing of the Dem party. His campaigns are funded and opinions are written by Insurance and Banking industry gangstas.

    And while Sweeney does have his eye on Pa Lautenberg’s Senate seat, he is more interested in being the state’s next Governor.

    In other words, it’s a Lose-Lose for Garden State citizens.

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    The Tea Party has struck fear into their party; the progressive movement inspires laughter.

    Yet another reason why all “Progressives” should cast their ballots for Candidate Obama – no matter what.

    Modern day “Progressives” excel at one thing: playing the useful idiot role to the DNC Powers That Be (see: Public Option faux debate, 2009-10).

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    Well, all I have to add is thank God this Geithner dude is now on Team “O”.

    This just illustrates the depth of the Dem Economic Team bench. Timmy G, Jonny “MF” Corzine, Jan Yellen…WoW! that’s some mighty economic intellectual capital waiting to be spent by Team “O” come General election time.

    At a minimum, stories like are why Frauds and Financial Terrorists such as The-Man-Formerly-Known-As-”Maestro” and his ideas have been rightly discarded into the wastebasket forever.

  • Tens of Billions in military weapons sales?

    Wow…but diddya hear Ron Paul’s a racist?
    Glenn Greenwald too.

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    In defense of Paulson, it is easy to see how such a thing could slip out, particularly considering who the luncheon attendees were:

    Hank: “Gee, the pasta salad is tangy… Manhattan is lovely in the fall ain’t it?… and didja hear about Fannie and Freddie are stuck with 5T in toxic MBSs…Conservatorship we come!! FYI keep it on the QT.”

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    Good thing our side had Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and those feisty Congressional Dems fighting for the 99-percenters during this Grand Larceny, eh?

    Maybe in the Obama II administration, Treasury Secretary Corzine can clean up this mess.

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    Barney supported and help shepherd through the 2008 Paulson-Bernancke 7.77 Trillion dollar bailout of the banks…no questions asked.

    Yeah, he’ll be missed.

    What will we all do without him?

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    In the 2012 election the American people will now choose between two parties that want to cut your Medicare benefits.

    And this is news?

    Support a third party for crissakes and stop whining.
    There are more than two parties offering candidates. Most with better, smarter, more earnest candidates than the Corporatist parties.

    There’s 12 months before the election already.

  • A painful 2 minutes.

    Was Ms. Rhodes Scholar and Bigtime Pulitzer-prize winner seriously trying to dissect why Corporate Amerika’s current BFF isn’t taking up with the Anti-Corporatism movement?

    How much do these people get paid to ACT this dumb?

  • Tax cheat?

    Is this story about Tim Geithner?

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    Boy that Obama is a friend of the workingman with those Super Committee and Grand Bargain ideas.

    Hey, I have a candidate for his special Jobs Committee. This bastard can sit next to Immelt at those secret, get-away luncheon/meetings.

  • Barry’s pulling them out of Iraq, by way of Libya to aid the wildcatters.

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    In other earth shattering news…the Sun will set in the West tonight and Obama will be on the phone with (fill-in Wall Street execs’ name here) today.

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    Why do u want Tbogg to comment on people who actually matter? Are u some kind of Naderite or a Teabagger?

    Where u been the past four years? Today is Bachman… Tomorrow, Tbogg has Palin Facebook page duty so get ready Rubes for some “original” Flying Moose mockery.

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    And the reason all this tough talk on Taxing the Rich is happening now but not two years ago is….??

  • Well, it looks like the Campaign for America’s Future is intent on keeping riff raff such as wage earners, seniors and the Underemployed away from this very, very, very important “Take Back The American Dream” conference.

    Conference Accommodations
    We have rooms available at *a discount rate of $259 (single/double) per night at the Hilton Washington & Towers from October 2 – 5, 2011. You must book your room by Thursday, September 1, 2011 to receive this special rate. Room availability and price is not guaranteed after September 1, 2011.

    *bold faced added

  • After a precursory view of the lineup of speakers at this pre-fab conference reads like the Washington Generals of the Left.

    More Better Democrat grifters, MoveOn.org hucksters, mildly left-of-center back bench Congress people and the “unofficial” Congressional Goldman Sachs’ farm team director – Barney Frank.

    John Podesta must have a Corporate speaking gig this week at a remote island in the Mediterranean or else I’m sure he’d be there as well.

    This smells like a lot of things but Change aint one of them.

  • Bob Borosage? Van Jones? Donna Edwards?

    Co-op much?

    Talk about trying to take the air out of an organic, grassroots, people-powered original protest.

    Did Edwards, by chance, pass out petition and donation forms for OFA on her way back to her Limo?

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