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  • yes I do. We discussed this stuff way back, thought everybody took the plunge

  • That’s it. Now my curiosity is aroused. What Nutella ad….where? I’m not seeing it and based on the comments I’m lucky.

  • My sentiments exactly. Another fox to guard the hen house will be found. I suppose a citizen advocate who would really regulate is asking too much.

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    Out of the chute those go getting R’s are on top of the issues. Keystone abortion and Social Security. They’re shit but they’re focused. Got a dollar for any fire pup who is any way surprised.

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    You’ve got your hands on some dynamite kool-aid Erik. I’m glad O wants to pay his debts cause he owes me a bunch for his 2008 promises.

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    This is a very good description of the what if mechanics in this election cycle. That being said who really cares beyond the beltway and their 1% beneficiaries. The whole lot to put it politely can kiss my grits.

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    “Obama will be able to keep his promise to limit our involvement in Syria.”

    There’s that assumption again, that Obama ever makes a promise he actually intends to keep. I think not.

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    I just love reading these threads as if homo sapiens has a f*****g chance in hell of turning their behavior around to save their existence. I don’t even care if they do at this point. I’m hoping we extinct our nonsensical big brained asses soon enough to save the planet and hope the next attempt [...]

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    They lie

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    I recall after the 2009 elections that the pundits proclaimed the R’s as a regional party. Obama then pursued policies that galvanized that group, gave birth to the TP and the rest is history. This president doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the Democratic base. The Dino senators don’t care as well. O is a freakin republican and sabotage of the senate majority is probably his goal. LOTE that people. Good grief.

  • It wasn’t down completely but I could not access on several occasions. You can bet your bippy FDL is a target for plenty of scoundrels of the MIC but this episode is unexplained right now so I will not be paranoid.

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    The “real” liberal segment of the now defunct democratic base that saw this administration for what it was very early on are not surprised by this crap. There is more on the way just…100 troops 2 planes a few tanks at a time.No voices on the left except for my fellow pups showing any disdain for these decisions. Yes ISIS is evil. Evil will always be with us. I’m more concerned with young black men killed by excessively armed law enforcement for no good reason. I’m more concerned with wealthy anointed candidates for president and governor in my state who so far stand for nothing. I suspect we’re toast.


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    I’m just a bit too fatalistic to be a cause joiner these days but I agree with the effort. I’m still digesting O’s comments that our current hi tech incursion will last months. The question is how many months 12 24 36 or more. We’ve been here before. Keep up the fight David and Obama [...]

  • LOTE is a joke on those of us interested in real progressive policies. The D’s have been crapping on my ideals for decades. They have moved to right at dizzying speed and this boomer finally walked (green) last presidential cycle. I know they know that the real left is lost to them electorally. I also realize they don’t care.

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    I share your sentiments

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    I am shocked…shocked I tell you that the D’s when they bother to make a statement on anything sound like the other guys. I’m in the 14% waiting for pigs to fly so we can readdress the issue of single payer.

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    I now believe the old adage that you have to break an egg to make an omelet. The lesser of two evils crap will gain us nothing in the long run. I think of the poor in Texas who know the truth full well. I think of women everywhere whose rights are being eroded even in an era of shared power. I think of the permanent unemployed who are in that predicament through no fault of their own. I think of the elderly who soon will endure the slashing of the safety net. The crazies taking over would likely break our societal backbone but perhaps healing then would begin to put their idiocy to rest for good and in time to solve our biggest problems. Obama by the way can kiss my neo hating backside.

  • I see the pigs are flying again. This would be the last site to find folks that think O’s glass is half full. This country was looking for an open ended agreement that would have kept us in country for a time to be determined (including forever) and they’re just going to walk? Most of us would consider that a good move, so now close your eyes and try to remember anything this guy has done since 08 that made you warm and fuzzy.

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    They could make her out to be the next Joan of Arc and I wouldn’t vote for her. I see no effective change on the horizon.

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