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  • @Thingscomeundone:
    Your citations all reference the use of thimerisol preservative. Thimerisol is no longer used. There was no drop in autism rates when it was removed. This is far better proof that it was not a cause of autism than the small studies you cite.

    As far as the “overwhelm the immune system” line some people push – they haven’t thought about baby cramming dirt and cat-shit ladden sand box sand in his mouth at every opportunity the way we all did…yum. Maybe if vaccines were delivered by fuzz-covered dropped lollipops there would be less hysteria.

    Autism is very common. From pure random statistics, about a thousand babies will be diagnosed in the same week as they get a vaccination – there are 52 weeks in a year and roughly 50000 autism diagnoses. Autism shows up at about the same age as most vaccinations.

    I got measles, mumps and whooping cough as a child. Whooping cough was what scared my mother the most she said later as she wondered if I would make it through each night. Not all kids do.

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    metamars is playing the up the down escalator game with his temperature references:

    the c3headline site metamars cites seems to simply plot the data wrong:

  • metamars: Lindzen’s political speech to the house of commons is not a “reference;” it’s unreviewed. You’ll note that page 48 mentions “corrections from Trenberth.” This is called “I did the math wrong and I got caught.” More notably, Lindzen has not actually fixed all the problems (math errors and errors as to the affects of [...]

  • metamars: a list of “references” from an unpublished paper is not a scientific argument, it’s a list. (One thing to note is how incestuous the list you give is, heavily weighted with the Pielke/Christy clan.) I made specific points about assertions you made, a scientific response is to give reasons that you think my points [...]

  • @metamars “Also, what is your opinion not just about the future global climate, but of the US temperature records? (I.e., the ‘past’). Watts has recently confirmed his complaints about siting issues, though it’s too soon to tell if it’ll hold up. (It’s still in draft form, I believe.)” First, what’s your response to the real science [...]

  • Metamars: Do you have any idea what science looks like? Science is measurements and understanding towards a self-consistent model that explains and predicts system behavior. Global warming is a question of conservation of energy: how much does the temperature of the atmosphere have to increase to radiate away the energy from the additional sunlight trapped [...]

  • The purpose of this guy’s attempted murder was terrorism which explains the increased sentence. The case was also stronger because the FBI wasn’t a co-conspirator for once.

    Rat poison is usually warfarin which interferes with blood clotting; the bombers intent was to increase the damage and lethality of the attack by making people bleed to death. It’s used as a fairly safe rat poison since the fatal dose is proportional to body weight. A small dose won’t kill a human as long as you’re not bleeding already.

  • @spidermonkey:

    The much larger fraud is that the banks are listing nonperforming and foreclosed properties at book value, allowing them to inflate their earnings and give themselves (and perhaps yourself?) nice bonuses while undermining the financial stability of the housing market and the banks themselves. The banksters are betraying their responsibility to their stockholders and their charters to ensure the long term financial security of their institutions. As long as they push the problem down the road, the underlying losses will continue to grow, increasing the amount of instability in the market the risk of another failure. A bank that renegotiates a loan and restarts payments generally ends up recovering more than from foreclosure which leaves the bank with an unsellable property. As long as the there is a huge backlog of unsold properties the housing market will remain moribund. Foreclosure by fraud allows the banks to continue to conceal their real financial condition.

    It’s stupid to place the blame on mortgage holders. Bankers are highly paid to evaluate ability of loan takers to repay and the value of the properties. It is bogus to say the bankers, who drove the inflation of property valuations by making borrowing too easy, are not responsible, while home buyers who made the same kinds of decisions that rising home prices and a healthy economy would make loan repayment affordable somehow are the bad guys. And while you throw mud at Freddie and Fannie and Frank, you carefully don’t notice that the majority of the debt is in jumbo loans not originated by the Federal loan companies.

    The bankers killed the economy and with it the jobs of thousands borrowers. The bankers got paid lots of money to be the expert arbitrators of the market and they screwed it up royally. They should be in jail, not get bailed out. Now, the only thing lower than a politician is a banker. Yet somehow, clowns like you can only think of the poor bankers and how they were mistreated by the evil home buyers.

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    Fox has scrubbed it’s original article. Now it’s all “this light hearted joke..” Anyone got a screen grab of the original?

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    Her wiki page has the following quote: On August 10, 2009, Stabenow was reported by The Detroit News as saying “Global warming creates volatility. I feel it when I’m flying. The storms are more volatile. We are paying the price in more hurricanes and tornadoes.” I guess she feels like flying is smoother now. Her [...]

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    This a false description of Twain – a huge point of the book is Huck’s growing understanding that “n” Jim is a real, valued friend. The “n” word thus becomes a marker for the wrongful dehumanisation of blacks and slaves as Huck comes to see Jim as a real person. I liked Gore Vidal’s approach [...]

  • shush! Obama will decide that LaHood isn’t being bipartisan enough and overrule him.