• Just look at the poppy production in Afghanistan when we invaded and the poppy production now. There may be some hint of cause and effect.

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    Sad to say but most people here make no effort to seek out the facts of what is going on in their name; it’s just to hard and upsetting to their world. People who are certainly more intelligent than I refuse to believe what we tell them. If it’s not in the nyt or on 60 minutes, then we must be wrong. Most people will continue to vote the way they have voted and will think we are misinformed or just not very bright.

  • I have often wondered why it was so long after Dark Alliance that Gary Webb “committed suicide.” He was no longer a threat because the big m$m had destroyed him. I guess that the big reaction to the series was that the cia was worried that people would begin to understand their link to drug sales and the m$m were stung because the SJ Mercury printed the story that they knew was true but had to protect their sources.

  • Oh no, how can you say that? He is obviously for the whistleblowers, but he had to turn them down because you know ….

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    Deena, do you really think that the new Swedish govt will not persecute JA?

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    Jane, it is good to see that the size of the community is enough to cause change. Do I understand that we will now log into MyFDL as though it has a life separate from FDL proper? Will those that don’t get transferred have some way to know that problem? Will “new” diarists be able [...]

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    Actually his strategy will work exactly as he wants it to work. This seems to be a case of “hiding in plain sight.” The plan is to throw the ME into total chaos; this will hide Israeli ethnic cleansing and expansion far beyond any current borders, real or mandated. o will see to it that the Kiev govt is rearmed with nato reinforcements and under a false flag event is able to resume the fighting to try to keep Russia’s attention away from Syria and the warm water port. If there is no strong reaction from Russia to the encirclement by nato, then o will move to isolate China. Ending a threat from isis (or whatever) is not the goal.

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    As I have said before, they had an argument, she threatened to leave him, he said that if he couldn’t have her nobody could, she ran in the bathroom and locked the door hoping that he wouldn’t shoot her, he, in a fit of rage, did decide to kill her, so he did. Since he [...]

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    erik, I think that you are more sincere than agourabum, but you still see things through dim party glasses. When your hero ascended to the wh in 2008 he had the house and senate. By various moves he saw to it that the dims were immobilized by the repugs in the congress. The threats that

    Civilization [...]

  • Kevin, thanks for updating us. In this paragraph

    Would the Swiss government help organize his transportation from Russia? If Snowden managed to actually get to Russia, would he be guaranteed temporary resident status or asylum in Switzerland?

    don’t you mean “…get to Switzerland…” not Russia?

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    I will have to try to look up what I heard because I have no links handy. I heard that there was no real threat by isis to the Yazidis and that the Kurds arrived to help them before anyone else.

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    If it is real, it is nonsensical in its text.

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    We have plenty of work to do here, which our political class consistently ignores.

    Our political class is not ignoring the problems, they are deliberately causing them.

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    This must be a tongue-in-cheek offering. There is nothing that is being done by this wh that indicates any desire to bring peace and stability to the ME. The desire is to remove Iran as a road block to Israeli domination of the whole area and end any Russian influence in the area to get rid of the Syrian warm water port available to Russia. Our govt ended Iran’s democratic govt and is trying again to upset their govt. Why would Iran follow our lead given the present circumstances?

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    Yes, this is an excellent summation of what has happened so far in terms of past empires and the American version. I, however, feel that there is more in store than a forever continuation of this scenario. To me what is happening is chaos in the ME so that the israeli govt can expand to [...]

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    I know that the subject is becoming boring to many people, but I’m surprised that today of all days there is no recap and review of the actual attack and consequences of 9/11/01. We have enough evidence now to show that the official story was not worth the time, effort, and wasted paper to produce. There are too many links out there that show the problems with the official story so I’m not going to try to convince anyone that still thinks of us disbelievers as “conspiracy theorists” in order to snuggle comfortable in their mental cocoons. There are two links that are worthwhile: the James Corbett timeline here, and the article by Paul Craig Roberts here.

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    I think the key to understanding this verdict is just as I said when it first happened and he was arrested: “he will walk because he is oscar pistorius.” Now you may not consider this potential sentence as walking, but to me all of the trial was because a blonde, blue-eyed beauty was killed and [...]

  • Is the worry that an independent Scotland might not bail out the banks? Or is it part of a pressure tactic organized by the City of London to maintain control? Maybe a bit of both.

    I think that you wrote the exact truth. I agree with commenters here that the opposition has nothing and Scotland would be better off out from under the current order.

    I would hope that the nation would not be taken over by another set of corrupt politicians. Who are the main independence proponents anyway. And an important question to be answered is whether Andy Murray be considered the first Brit to win a major tennis championship since Fred Perry in 1936.

  • In full accord with the previous commenters. Here we go again causing death and destruction and govt chaos. Our 99% population will be reduced to penury as our govt moves forward in its game plan. The ultimate goal is to isolate Russia (no warm water ports and chaos and nato threats on its borders), isolate Iran (no Russia or Syrian help), allow for the expansion of the Israeli govt to the borders of Turkey and Afghanistan (and beyond if possible), to surround China and reduce their power. The eu will then be totally captured (they are already no more than puppets). Voila, the pnac goals will have been met.

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    All of that plus the total chaos in the ME. o’s hope is that the problems in Ukraine will keep Russia out of the ME so Putin won’t prevent o from deposing Assad for no good reason. And problems in the I/P area are getting the same chaotic intervention so that Israel will get the fossil fuel control rewards, ethnically cleanse the area of Palestinians and take over greater and greater parts of the ME to expand their “security zone.” Iran is still in the cross hairs but the chaos must be total so they have no support in the area.

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