• Why can’t these lazy parents see that they should get a better paying job. In this expanding economy, as Mr. Obama reminded us, more and more high paying jobs are opening up and with all of the retraining available that the parent can fit in during (mostly) her free time, why she will be swimming in money. But no, they want to continue their leeching and free spending of my tax dollars on luxuries such as food and shelter. How greedy they are.

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    Thanks for the article. I just have one little nit-picky:

    Chait knows he is going into the night of relevance in political commentary

    Would that “relevance” be the same as “irrelevance”? (Covers head waiting for the bricks to fall).

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    eCHAN, I am sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, but my computer froze and I had to leave before it could unfreeze.

    I may be misunderstanding you or you are misunderstanding me. My point was simply that since the internet is working, the gov’t is behind and information and news analyses are proceeding w/o gov’t control. The gov’t wants to plug that hole in dike; they want only the official narrative to circulate, otherwise the natives may get restless.

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    Die, the ge story actually started in Schenectady. Back in the Middle Ages, when I was young, they got tax breaks from the town but moved much of their manufacturing to cheaper labor areas of the US. Jack Welch started as an engineer in Schenectady and hated the place. The removal beginning predates him though, [...]

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    As Israel owns our congress, it will never happen that any federal law will work against Israel.

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    It seems that the gov’t is always a little behind the development of the internet. Now that they see how important it is because people aero turning away from the msm and to the web for their news and political analysis, the gov’t sees how important it is to control that avenue. Everything must be under gov’t control will punishment for not following the gov’t narrative about any incident.

  • erik, do you read anything besides USG handouts about the situation in Ukraine?

  • As much as I disliked Nixon, he would now be way left of anyone in American politics: EPA, stopped Florida barge canal, opened to China. Had he stopped the US fighting in Viet Nam (as he promised), it is possible that he could have been considered one of our greatest presidents. The Watergate fiasco may have been deliberately designed to hurt him.

  • Happy New Year. I have a little problem understanding your post. Are you saying that he has made an uncoerced confession and now the only question is the death penalty or life in prison? I don’t think that he or his brother were actually involved except as possibly stooges. Shouldn’t the trial be to determine guilt before imposing a penalty. Perhaps the slant of the news and the way the persecutor has relative free rein has convicted him.

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    JUDGE POSNER: Once all this stuff can be recorded, there’s going to be a lot more of this snooping around by reporters and bloggers. ACLU attorney Richard O’Brien: Is that a bad thing, your honor? JUDGE POSNER: Yes, it is a bad thing. There is such a thing as privacy.

    Oh, the irony of cognitive dissonance. [...]

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    Remember when Alterman came to the Book Salon some years ago. His arrogance and sarcasm were not well received and several commenters gave him some good chastisement. I had read his book, What Liberal Media, and I think it is a good read. I had also read his blog for some long time. I knew [...]

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    Does the U.S. wish to stand in history among the Inquisition, Genghis Khan and the Stasi, all of whom felt torture was justified?

    We have been there for quite some time (at least since 9/11 and maybe before). It is not likely that this will disappear from the govt’s “tool box.”

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    So long, Masaccio, thanks for your contributions here. I hope that your project will turn this country around.

  • Ramsey Orta, the person who filmed Pantaleo and other officers using force in a brutal manner which would result in the unarmed black man’s death, was arrested days after Garner was killed and accused police of setting him up on “gun possession charges” in retaliation. A few days later, Orta’s wife, Chrissie Ortiz, was arrested on assault charges.

    Orta was subsequently indicted by a grand jury in Staten Island. The arrests of Orta and his wife appeared to be a prime example of how police will protect their own.

    I really think that in many cases where the GJ is involved or the le officer is on trial, the jurors are given hints of what will happen to them all if there are any repercussions for the officer, no matter how guilty.

  • I hope that you understand that this idea is stupid, not you for reporting it.

  • Other than to thank you for the stupid idea, this doesn’t require comment.

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    I don’t have a link, but from early on I read that the store owner said that MB did not steal the cigars.

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    Yes, I was just wondering how her loss would affect the direction of politics here in our great nation. We are ruled by a tiny minority whether they be the right wing repugs or the moneyed interests that have bought the govt. Just remember “…liberty and justice for all.”

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    I believe the prosecutor is a “she.” I think that the Swedes are living in cognitive dissonance in that they believe they are so free and tolerant, etc., but they elected a rove disciple to be the prime minister.

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    I guess I’m totally confused about the whole incident. Are you saying that he didn’t have his hands up? Witnesses say he did. Did witnesses change their stories when confronted by the police? I might too if implied or overt threats were made. Did the red marks on Wilson’s face and neck look like a [...]

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