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    Excellent tactic by the protestors.

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    Please don’t keep trying to misdirect and obfuscate by blaming the repugs. Obama had majorities in both congressional houses when he was elected. he did not have to get all “bipartisany” to get anything done. pelosi had already show her true colors (impeachment was off the table) and hairy read did not need to make the super majority a requirement (the dims had 59 votes, including sanders) but LIEberman was an open repug mole so he was the 60th vote only part of the time. Obama chose to “look forward, not back” so all of the crimes of the previous administrations were cemented in place. Obama’s orders were to bring the repugs back to dominating the political scene from the near obscurity they had made for themselves.

    Refer to joeblue @11 to help you understand who obama really is.

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    I heard a part of the Diane Rehm show on Monday. Her show was about Ferguson MO. One of the people she spoke to on the phone was the national head of the police unions. He did not support the use of car dash cams or police body cams because they did not tell the whole story. I more suspect it was because it is harder to hide the events behind a word screen of lies and obfuscation.

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    Where did the state police go? It wouldn’t be out of character for the law to import or simply pay provocateurs to help show the necessity for more force.

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    jbade, you probably also think that Ed Snowden should not have left the country, but should have stayed and made his case in a trial. It seems to me that when it looked as though things might calm down with the arrival of the state police, the level of violent acts got more action. I [...]

  • Now that the police have their new toys and almost complete impunity, it will be somewhere between hard and impossible for the public to regain control. There seem to be many forces that are in play beyond simply a “war” on drugs.

  • She is obviously guilty. The idf, being the most ethical army that has ever existed, only arrests the guilty. The idf never tortures, they only use enhanced interrogation procedures that are guaranteed to elicit true and accurate statements from the people they already know are guilty. judge borman is so ethical that he is bending over backwards to remove any doubt that he would have ruled properly. Outside pressures didn’t enter the picture at all. People who are supporting justice for Palestinians can certainly rest easily knowing that justice is in such impartial hands.

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    The first full time female assistant coach in the NBA is going to the team that plays more like the WNBA. Basketball used to be marked by team play but over time it has become more one-on-one as fans look for the spectacular individual. Pop has his team work at teamwork and has been so successful. Interestingly the other coaches that have emphasized teamwork have also be very successful: Phil Jackson and Red Auerbach. The WNBA emphasizes teamwork and they play good basketball.

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    Israeli policy has always been to take all the territory they wanted and never make any peace on an equal footing with the Palestinians. The “peace process” has always been a sham. The more Palestinians that die, the fewer that will claim any right of return. Before the internet, the primary news sources were touting [...]

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    Brandon, bwhaaahaaahaaa! Prosecute the cia for doing exactly what this most transparent administration wants? You really are a jokester.

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    Thanks, Brandon. Good links to Patrick Cockburn and Chris Hedges. It is good that you give tags to each link. I can’t read them all, but I have some idea of what is involved.

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    we’re supposed to be afraid of more socialist societies because … why again?

    Because, well, you know, socialism ugga-bugga, Marx and all that. Don’t you know anything?

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    Even though it is a serious subject, those reactions are funny.

  • What a brave move by the Evanston public library. If they hadn’t done this the people attending the talk might have had their ears assaulted by the ugly views of the Palestinians. We know so well that the Israeli govt makes only truthful statements and the Palestinians only lie. For instance, the idf doesn’t target [...]

  • Thanks for this. I try to keep up with these stories, but this is new to me.

    Dr. Rafil Dhafir, who used his own charity to raise money for Iraqis affected by depleted uranium until the government criminalized his activity, put him on trial and had him jailed.

    I guess that the hope is that this will the Iraqis so no help should be provided to keep them alive.

  • Thank you, Sarah B. An elegant statement. I guess those of us that are not Jewish, but criticizing the Israeli govt must be anti-Semites, except how can we be anti-Semites if we want the killing to stop? I’ve just confused myself.

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    I posted a couple of links on the downing of the airliner and the Ukrainian jet. I did see a headline, did not read the article because I planned to go back to it, but now I can’t find it. Anyway, the headline indicated that the US had conceded that Russia did not down the plane, but it was an accident. There are a bunch of links floating around now.

  • Good story.

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    What has happened at the crash site that would implicate Putin and the Russians so that Europe would be more resolute in putting sanctions on Russia in place?

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    Russia’s traditional game of power politics remained which entails looking at countries like Ukraine as a sphere of influence that should not be surrendered lightly to US/EU forces.

    Nobody has talked about the Monroe Doctrine in a long time. The US govt still acts under that aegis without mentioning it.

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