• OkCupid’s opposition was important, sure — but there was much more at play in all this.

    First of all, members of the Mozilla board had already resigned in protest of Eich’s hire/promotion. Employees and open-source partners were in almost open insurrection.

    Eich didn’t help himself at all in the defensive, self-excusing interviews he gave.

    But the other thing that was happening just this week is Eich’s previous political donations were becoming known. Information available, by the way, in public databases and sites such as the FEC.

    The Guardian, for instance, learned that Eich had made donations to both Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul in the 1990s. More recently — and as recently as 2010 — he was still donating to GOP politicians who ran on anti-gay platforms, including Linda Smith and Tom McClintock. In fact, although Eich was no high-roller in the political donors world, according to the information dug up so far, he gave to nobody but the farthest right and most radically conservative of GOP politicos. Against this backdrop, a donation in favor of Prop 8 is just one of an existing pattern.

    When asked by the Guardian’s reporter why he donated to Pat Buchanan’s 1992 presidential campaign, Eich refused to answer.

    Those are the kinds of questions that don’t just stop being asked.

  • Where did you find that photo of Mark Regnerus, Alvin? It is PERFECT!

  • I don’t feel sorry for Mark Regnerus at all. The lying, bigoted SOB set himself to creating a phony pseudo-academic rationale for discrimination and the oppression of gays and lesbians all over the world.

    In Russia, they’ve been on the verge of passing a law to seize the children of gay and lesbian parents. In multiple nations in Africa, they debate only between life in prison or the death penalty for being gay. Here in America, the Regnerus and Marks studies are promoted as a ‘rational basis’ for denying marriage equality and adoption rights to gay and lesbian families.

    What Mark Regnerus has done is evil. I dearly hope one day he pays the full measure of the karma he’s collected.

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    Gee, I didn’t know Governor Brown was onboard with a return to alcohol Prohibition!

    I mean, what doesn’t destroy ‘alertness’ more than getting sloshed on booze? Which, by the way, waaaaay more people partake of than grass.

    Talk about out of step with reality…

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    Even though it was obvious to all that the intent of the Arizona measure is to legalize discrimination against LGBTs, the way it is written, it actually has no limits as to who can be discriminated against — just as long as religious beliefs are cited as the reason. Moreover, the bill even says that [...]

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    Well, the answers are obvious. At first, invading Afghanistan was a response to the 9/11/01 attacks, and billed as having two goals: Capture or kill Bin Laden, and to end Al Qaeda’s presence and their Taliban power base in the country.

    Then it became clear the Dubya administration had zero interest in capturing Bin Laden for real. And the war itself soon morphed into an intentionally open-ended occupation.

    Because a permanent state of war is terrific for the defense and national security corporate/government power axis — plus it keeps the public cowed and compliant. Just look at how often phony terror alerts were ginned up to goose the polls or to distract from some fresh GOP scandal.

    Short, quick wars where victory can be claimed are always popular. Decade-long occupations never are, especially when many of the young men and women being killed in Afghanistan even now were in grade school when the ‘war’ started.

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    What a douche-nozzle. Gee, an open call for more oligarchy than we already have!

    I wonder if he realizes those guillotines didn’t just show up out of nowhere, nor did the French revolutionaries use them on the aristocracy just for sh*ts and giggles…

  • Smells like attempted witness tampering to me. And rather blatantly at that.

    Repeat after me, friends: “It’s never the crime but the cover-up.”

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    The saddest omission from Sabet is what TheOracle pointed out: If anybody can grow MJ freely, the current situation of crime cartels controlling supply goes away. (Just like a different sort of cartel all but disappeared when alcohol Prohibition ended…) On top of this, national forests and wilderness areas won’t be decimated anymore by illegal [...]

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    Nice. Also: About half of my state, New Mexico, has marriage equality at present. And at minimum the rest of the state should be that light blue color.

    And Oregon has announced that for all intents and purposes, they’ll recognize same sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions.

    Then there’s Colorado, Nevada, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania where there are court challenges going forward. Plus cases in Kentucky, Mississippi, and North Carolina…

    The bigots are losing.

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    The extra guy is daddy’s on-the-down-low lover/prostitute. He always brings plenty of meth.

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    Yep — and let’s not forget: Several of the most populated counties in New Mexico have been issuing and registering marriage licenses for same-sex couples for a few months now.

    I’d say at minimum, we have a ‘light blue’ state overall, with red counties sprinkled throughout.

    Then there are the pending cases in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Oregon, and lots of other states.

  • The regressive radical rightists are silent because Russia is doing what they dream of doing here in America — but most of them aren’t quite ready to let their mask of pretended ‘reasonableness’ slip off entirely yet.

  • I live in New Mexico, not all that far from Kirtland AFB, and have seen Ospreys in flight on numerous occasions.

    There’s one other detail about that aircraft that’s not often mentioned, aside from its serious reliability problems: It is incredibly frickin’ loud.

    We’re talking way louder than a Huey. Subjectively, I think they’re louder even than the twin-rotor Chinook.

    In a combat situation, they all but scream, “Shoot me down” — and give enemies plenty of notice they’re coming.

  • Moving the goalposts. More bites at the apple. Anything to stop other people from making families, enjoying legal protections, committing to responsibilities, and being happy.

    I mean, yeesh! Judge Walker and the 9th Circuit were abundantly clear in the plain language of their rulings that they were not ruling merely to provide injunctive legal relief to just two couples or overturn Prop H8 in just two counties.

    They ruled Prop H8 unconstitutional, period, end of. Unconstitutional because it denied equal rights to gay and lesbian couples and their families. Unconstitutional because a civil right was granted and then taken away. And what’s doubly hilarious is the SCOTUS ruling to deny standing was clear that nobody but the government of the state of California could ask for further litigation on the matter.

    Anyway, expect ADF’s filing to be laughed out of court.

  • That map is incorrect with respect to my home state, New Mexico.

    Its asterisk indicates that it recognizes same-sex marriages performed in other states. At present, it does not, even though our law would seem to indicate that our government *should*.

    We have a number of cases now working their way through the courts to try to force the issue, because the only place in NM state law where it specifies that marriage is limited to one man and one woman is the one that regulates the marriage license form.

    We’re hopeful, but we’re not there yet.

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    We’re not even free from that past. Just today, there was a woman posting several times over on AmericaBlog that she objected to the gay rights struggle because we LGBTs are, by her definition, immoral.

    And she’s far from alone.

  • Sadly, despite the passage of the much vaunted and often mentioned Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes law, in four and a half years there has been only one LGBT-related prosecution using it.

    That one crime was the beating of Kevin Pennington in April 2011 in Kentucky. It took authorities nearly a full year before they brought charges.

    The law might as well not even exist.

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    Really? More serious than the Valerie Plame leak?

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    As many others have already pointed out: How many 15 year olds have a proof-of-age ID that would be deemed acceptable by a pharmacy?

    The plain fact is, almost nobody has an ID like that until they’re of driving age.

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