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    Ivan Lopez.

    Nice middle-Eastern name.

    Even sadder is that 515 people re-tweeted this asininity.

    When will the US get that it is just as important to fix broken soldiers as it is to send them to war?

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    I’ll buy that as long as you concede that most of the previous denizens of the White House belong in jail too. Not just the POTUS’s, but some of their minions as well.

    I’m still waiting for Cheney and his thugs to do time, but it’ll never happen.

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    A college student fell to his death after ingesting a cannabis-laced cookie. While it is being reported as the drug causing the death, it seems too far-fetched for a drug to do this.

    As I understand it, it is the intensity of the ingestible drug that was the issue and it was the kid’s first time on it.

    I question it as an excuse to keep the stuff from being legalized, but there you go. As with any new substance, your mileage may vary.

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    Sarah Palin criticized Rep. Paul Ryan (D-WI) for his “insane” budget plan for not doing enough in terms of cutting spending; I went back and forth in deciding to post this since Palin’s views are nothing to me, but it could be something important

    Would that the rest of the media took the same position, Brandon.

    Well-played, sir. Well-played.

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    The only solution I’ve come up with is to completely turn off the sound on my PC, turning on only when I need it for a video or a conference call.

    Otherwise, I’m bombarded, as you are, with worthless and annoying ads. It’s the first thing I do with every PC and laptop I use – hit the mute button.

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    Although not directly working with in a Union shop, I have implemented enterprise resource planning systems in such environments. One of the hardest parts of the implementation was planning the training for the new skills these folks would need for reporting their work. Had to manage the training and system access in light of union rules. Made it a bit more cumbersome.

    But those shops were interesting. Granted, my experience in this is anecdotal, but I was rolling out a system with manufacturing in Pennsylvania (union) and in Mexico (non-union). The PA plant had been place for decades with a poor historical relationship with management (major strike and penalties and it was just a big mess); the Mexican plant was relatively new, with a typical Mexican atmosphere (very diligent and harder work ethic). Management had moved a major product line from PA to Mexico. Over the life of the product line, product failure in PA had been in the 15 – 20% range. Once it moved to Mexico (same machines – they were relocated), the failure rate fell to less than 5% in the first year.

    I don’t know how else to interpret it.

    But the long story short is, the PA manufacturing plant is now closed – the union is out of all those jobs.

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    The problem is, there’s always one apple to spoil the bunch.

    Philadelphia is the worst example of a union-run city. They have beautiful convention facilities there that mostly stand empty after businesses try to hold their events there. The costs are prohibitive, mostly due to rules that demand workers are paid for standing around (3 workers, for example, to watch one worker actually perform the task) and litigation if someone other than a union worker performs a task, like moving a power cord.

    These examples are not anecdotal, but are part of the narrative as to why major events, like political conventions and business conventions, often choose another location than Philadelphia. The behavior has cost the city millions in revenue over the last few decades, but the union leadership is so powerful that no administration has been able to fix it.





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    We can accuse the President of putting forward a faulty health care plan.

    However, this was the original recipe version of the ACA:


    How much of the original program was de-railed in the name of bi-partisanship and trying to get something, anything, through an obstructionist Congress.

    Look, Iran may not be the best example of a nation that wants the best for its people. At the same time, they seem to be doing a better job of this than we are. Constitutional prescription may have something to do with it.

    But before we call for Obama’s head on this one, let’s make sure we put the blame where it belongs. He signed it, but he didn’t write it and SOMEthing needed to be done, for better or for worse.

    Flame-throwing sure to come in 3..2..1

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    And it’s not like in the private sector where, if you don’t like the job or the pay, you have the option of going elsewhere.

    When you are in the military, you are there until your time is completed. It’s almost indentured servitude, along with (as noted above) not making enough money to support a family, so needing food stamps and assistance on top of the miserable pay.

    I’ve had this argument recently (the one about it’s voluntary). What’s not voluntary is what the government does to you after they have you.

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    I wish James Gandolfini was still around.

    Perfect casting, especially with a little dash of Tony Soprano thrown in.

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    Have been on a public sector (military) civilian project on and off for 10 years – read that as, not on military grounds. In their reception area, FauxNews is always, always on and has been for this entire time period.

    So someone is buying into it.

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    It is unfortunate that there are few remaining victims of the Holocaust with their identification numbers permanently tattooed on their forearms to point out the folly of this comparison.

    Wondering how these idiots would respond if they had to endure even 10% of what the true victims lived through…..

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    Securing the border between the US and Texas could be a less expensive project than securing the border between the US and Mexico – less land to cover.

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    Considering that, at least here in the Philadelphia area, the Daily News is written at a fourth grade level, the speeech being rated at 10th grade may actually put it out of reach for many.

    Otherwise, I think a great opportunity was missed with the presentation of the injured solder (G-d bless him). This was a great opportunity to demand that the VA process be completely reformed, so that injured soldiers like this one can get the help they need to get whole NOW, not in a year or two from now. The application and evaluation process is an embarrassment. While I appreciated the applause he got from the Reprehensibles and Senators, I would’ve appreciated more O calling these morons out in the face of the injured soldier for cutting benefits and not reforming the VA process.

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    Many churches have a ‘souper’ bowl collection, where proceeds and donations are taken to the local food shelter. The two churches I’ve attended in CT have been doing this for many years.

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    What does it say about the GOP when the Arizona GOP censures John McCain, of all people, for being too liberal?


    I think the entire party has lost its mind.

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    I honestly don’t think it’s possible for anyone to achieve the Presidency under any means in the current environment that doesn’t include a con.

    Trouble is, we fall for it every time.

    The system is set to manage cons effectively. To wit, no third party candidates are ever given any kind of media platform, but we have to have a dozen ‘debates’ among characters you couldn’t write in a book. Monetary influence rules. Everyone wants their piece of the action at whatever the market will bear.

    I have a hard time blaming the chief executive for any of this, what with all the false equivalencies being spouted – ‘oh, but your side did it, too’. Just yesterday, a conservative went on record saying he was beyond impeachment for the president and was leaning more toward hanging him from a tree in a way that could only be construed as a lynching.

    Someone please find where such a comment was ever said about any previous president, let alone the last one, and the speaker wasn’t carted away.

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    Re: the DeBlasio snow removal discrimination story:

    I have a former classmate who is among those affected. She said they were absolutely sure it was because the Upper East Side didn’t vote for him.

    She then said she missed Mayor Mike (Bloomburg), though the guy has only been out of office for, what, about two weeks?

    I wanted to respond to her, but didn’t, saying that maybe it was because all the Upper East Side maids and servants wouldn’t have been able to get to work, if the plows had been focused on the UES. Or maybe the nurses and nurses aids for the hospitals. You know, all the little people you so readily accuse of being takers, who can’t take a day off from work to watch the snow fall because they won’t otherwise be paid.

    Sanctimoneous idiots, those 1%-ers.

  • Listening to the NYC news last night on my way to my project in south Jersey, the Christie administration was discrediting the mayor by suggesting that she waited a conveniently long time in revealing this issue, in light of Bridgegate.

    They also said, since it was initially reported by MSNBC, the story was definitely politically motivated, since MSNBC is nothing but partisan and has had it in for Christie since forever.

    See here:


  • The damage is being done.

    Doesn’t matter too much what the voters think if you have financiers asking questions:


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