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  • BeerNotWar commented on the blog post Five Reasons Colorado Tokers Should Vote to Tax Marijuana

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    Of course it makes sense to tax a legal substance. There is a special excise tax in Colorado for liquor and so it makes sense that the same be true for pot.

  • Well he repeats the line that Obama basically rose to prominence on Affirmative Action — literally or just in the sense of being a black man of intelligence who had every advantage.

    What’s comical is the projection. Everything he accuses Obama of, Bush actually was. Dictatorial, unwilling to compromise, foolish in foreign policy, succeeding due to unearned status. He completely misses the actual abuses of the Obama administration, its actual disregard for constitutionality because he can’t see past his fantastic misrepresentations of who Obama is.

  • David Frum is entering the “Beltway Moderate Republican Zone” of reasonable Republicans who don’t hate gays and don’t want to invade every single country and think some taxes are sometimes ok. I’m concerned this letter is the first sign of a Villager backlash against legalization. So far all the momentum has been on the legalization side — at least for the last few years. The establishment may have woken up and taken notice after the two initiatives passed, and this may be their opening salvo.

    I expect more David Brooks, Tom Friedman types to chime in with similary “reasonable” yet completely condescending opnion pieces telling us why we should continue to imprison thousands for behavior no more harmful than what millions do every day in producing, selling and using alcohol and tobacco.

    At this point I haven’t seen anything to suggest the Feds are going to tolerate the production and sale of marijuana. We have a big fight ahead to make sure they honor our wishes. I’ve mailed my state representatives to make sure they push the Governor to draft a good set of regulations and fight the Feds to enact them.

  • I’m in favor of the trillion dollar coin, but mainly for the James Bond plot possibilities.

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    Whether or not any other states vote to legalize it will be heavily impacted by the President’s response to legalization in Washington and Colorado. If the DEA simply will not allow the states to set up legal manufacture and sale, along with taxation then I suspect legalization efforts around the country will stall.

    I’m frankly pessimistic based on the President’s statement on the issue, in which he affirmed support for decriminalization of small-time possession, but hinted at resisting full legalization. Here in Washington our own Democratic governor has expressed little enthusiasm for fighting to support a legalization framework. We still have a fight on our hands to get the people’s will enacted in the two legalization states.

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    Kennedy has voted almost a straight conservative line for the last few years now. There’s no chance Obama appoints someone to his right. With Ginsberg we’re screwed. Nobody who could win a presidential election would nominate someone that liberal in the current political climate. Which is my point. There is no scenario where you get [...]

  • BeerNotWar commented on the diary post Why I won’t be voting for Barack Obama, and you shouldn’t either by principlesoverparty.

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    You’ve made the case as well as it can be made for helping Romney get elected, but I still feel you are misguided. Both Romney and Obama will stay within the framework set for them by the corporate and military elite. No person who wouldn’t do so could be elected in this country at this [...]

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    While I do accept the evidence that the 2008 election was stolen, I just don’t agree that casting doubt upon the 2012 results before they happen will have any effect. The right is already doing so from the angle that Obama will use a bajillion undocumented immigrants to cast ballots for him. What happens in [...]

  • Facebook is and always has been a big fat lie. It provides the illusion that you are sharing your personal information with a group of selected individuals. But time and again it turns out that the whole world is the audience for the pictures of you drunk at a frat party fifteen years ago.

    When all we had was our home pages to share with the line was clear. Anything you posted was going to be available to everyone in the world. Now we think our boss isn’t going to find out we weren’t really sick last week, but actually at the ball game. Except whoopsie, he’s friends with your neighbor’s Mom and now you’re fired.

    Furthermore, I’m stunned at the level of narcissism it takes for people to put the minutia of their daily lives on the internet. I waste hours staring at baseball stats, but it’s a better use of my time than learning what you had on your pizza.

    Hopefully going public and the attendant drive for cash that will keep pushing FB to make stupid moves like this will spell the end of Facebook and the beginning of a new social networking site. One with a conscience. For every Zuckerberg there’s a Newmark.

    And like Craigslist and FB it’s all about critical mass. You have to believe that YOUR friends will be using the site or you won’t sign up. It will take people abandoning Facebook for something better and once that trend starts it will tend to snowball as people find their friends unwilling to participate in the Facebook illusion.

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    At the risk of contradicting my main point, which is that we should vote for Obama in states that are in play…Obama has done some evil shit. Suborning the claim that “due process doesn’t mean judicial process” as an excuse for killing a US citizen without so much as a warrant is pretty evil. I’m pretty sure the founders did not envision one guy in a room saying “yeah, let’s blow him up” as being “due process.” In fact that’s pretty much what the concept of due process is meant to prevent.

    Also, Obama is probably going to allow Keystone XL to go through.

    Also, Obama is only pretending to bring the banksters to justice as David Dayen (blessings be upon him) so thoroughly documents on this site.

    However I absolutely guarantee that Mitt Romney will carry on and expand upon all of these evils. And he will also do a lot of other stuff that’s worse.

    But to expand upon my original point, selecting a president isn’t about catharsis or message-sending. It’s deciding which individual will wield great power and that imposes upon the voter an obligation not to play games with the vote. If you’re in a deep red or deep blue state, vote Green. If enough people do it and the state begins to look purple you might even get someone’s attention.

    But I don’t think flipping a state from purple to red can do anything good for progressive causes.

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    As it turns out once you start a purity war it’s hard to keep it under control. First it was Barak Obama who wasn’t progressive enough to earn your vote. Now it’s the Greens.

    I hope everyone in a swing state will realize the absurdity of this and hold their nose to vote for Obama. The Green Party is fun and all until the result is a 7-2 decision reversing Roe v. Wade, Brown v. BoE, Griswold v. Connecticut or any other landmark progressive decision of the last century.

    Or a land war in Iran.

    Or zero chance of even reducing the impact of global warming.

    With Obama you will get half (or less) of a loaf. But I urge you to at least vote for him if your state is in play. The lesser of two evils is LESS EVIL and you have a moral obligation to choose it. Not voting or voting third party simply says to the major parties: “Ignore me. I don’t count anyway.”

    And presidential politics is frankly the last place to look for progressive change. The office has to please too great a swath of the country for a true progressive to win it any time soon. Local politics and the Congress are a much more effective place to put your energy.

    There is a scenario where a third party movement can succeed, but it starts with taking over a chunk of the House. Find a truly progressive district with a conservadem or retiring incumbent and push for a third party there. Or take over a state house with a third party. That’s where it will start, not with the presidency.

  • Just voted for I-502 this morning. Hopefully Colorado and Oregon will be joining us to take up the fight with the Feds over enforcement of federal drug laws against pot next year.

  • Please don’t be so short-sighted as to delay the day that we can stop wasting millions of dollars and destroying thousands of lives with this assinine drug war. You’re never going to pass a legalization intiative that doesn’t have provisions for preventing driving high and that has no impact on dispensaries. And it’s not at all clear to me that the DUI issue is even genuine, from what I’ve read.

    We need to take the first step to legalization. Once it’s clear that nothing bad happens to a state that does this, support for the drug war will vanish and we can craft laws that are even better.

  • These numbers also point to the “off year election” effect — or “not a big deal” election effect on Democratic turnout. Smaller elections favor Republicans and we need to change that. We need to find a way to get our voters out for every election, large or small. I’m in Washington state (though I bet this holds nationally) and I’m sick of watching conservative ballot initiatives pass in off-years.

    I assume it’s because our voters tend to actually have jobs and find it more difficult than a bunch of retirees to turn their attention to an election where a President isn’t involved. We need working class Americans to know what’s at stake for them every single time an election is held.

  • 1. Grain prices increase raising the price of meat as well.
    2. Demand for other food sources increases destruction of fish populations.
    3. Ocean acidification seals the deal and the oceans collapse as a food source.
    4. Global warming continues reducing crop yields worldwide.
    5. Apocalypse.

    If any of these steps is avoidable I’d love to know how. At best we can begin growing food in some places formerly too cold for agriculture to mitigate the famine. Still I think we’re looking at mass starvation, war, disease aka the four horsemen.

    But hey, go see Batman I hear it’s awesome.

  • David, I’m curious to know how you feel about the House Dems voting in droves with Republicans to push Obama to give out details of the sequester. Given the fact that uncertainty in this area could cause a lot of unnecessary pre-emptive layoffs this sounds like a decent idea to me.

  • Aren’t election years grand? With Elizabeth Warren and Obama both looking to build their credibility as warriors for the middle class, they no doubt worked to make sure the CFPB levied genuine penalties on Capital One. Here’s to hoping they keep it up after the elections are over.

    Cynicism aside, this is a real win for these consumers and may actually affect bank behavior in the future. A nice bright spot in an otherwise bleak landscape of bankster fraud and abuse.

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    I don’t know about Rand but the characters she uses to endlessly spout her “philosophy” in vast, winding monologues rant repeatedly about never giving anything away, or doing anything for anyone for free. Doing so is practically the same as shooting them, you’d think from how abhorent the very notion of charity is to her characters.

  • It’s important to see the political play this is for Obama before leaping to the conclusion that he’s protecting Big Oil. By going after China on solar, Obama can point to their unfair trade practices as the reason Solyndra failed. It takes away a talking point his opponents simply won’t let go of: that his administration invested in Solyndra purely out of cronyism. Now Obama can say the investment was good, but China’s dumping killed it.

    Overall I like the move as it helps bring people around to the notion that we can protect our manufacturing industries in this country. Now we need a subsidy funded by this tariff to help solar energy producers buy panels.

  • BeerNotWar commented on the blog post ENDA: That’s the Sound of Jim Messina’s Blood Curdling

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    Technical question. When does a demand like the one being made by the donors here cross the line into “quid pro quo?” I support the move, and think a lot of progressive causes ought to use the same pressure tactic. But only if it’s legal to say “We’ll give you money so long as you do X.”

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