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    Like this was a surprise? get real. lol. the timing of the decision says it all. like Obama wasn’t already bought and paid for. where have all these “surprised” people been?

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    Lost the wars? were we supposed to win them? i thought the wars were just to “occupy” the idiots who voted? Because…. Freedom!!!!
    Patriotism is last refuge of scoundrels, i read somewhere.

  • sounds like she responded courteously. so, unless the station’s policy was known to this lady, i hope she’d sue them till hell freezes over.

    when whites stop acting defensive about racism/stop defending racist behavior, then they have no “inclusiveness’ to be afraid of. if you ain’t racist, you don’t fall under the same brush, so to speak.

    as i have heard said, me thinks thou dost protest too much. i hear a lot of defending such bad behavior in that “broad brush” response.

    being white is no gimme one way or the other. we are all human.

  • sure looks like a cave after the “angry black man” behavior when McCain and Graham first when after Rice. to see Obama get angry was fascinating. not like i’d ever seen that before or since.

    and with the list of people who have been thrown under the bus, if this is how Obama “operates”, 11th dimensional chess BS, well, i wonder just exactly what he wants or wants to appear as.

    Obama looks like he folds with a hard push. don’t know much about Rice, but she sure looked Obama let here do the “dirty” work. and now she is “Out.” Maybe Obama lets his “people” do their own surviving on their own. sure looks that way.

    and to see the Republicans pushing for Kerrey so they can put Sen Brown back in the Senate. this has all the earmarks of A Republican putsch. a Republican President in all but name.

    truly a fascinating “game”. just watching keeps me guessing what will come next. Obama has no “ground”, no left or right “underpinning in such wild gyrations of actions/behavior. Obama must be getting something out of this, or Obama is really really a pushover. just so wishy washy on the appearance, except for that one “angry black man” stance. maybe Obama can’t “be” an angry black man. sure looks that way.

    American politics in the Village for the Village. us peons just pay the bills. and watch out for where the Shiit lands.

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    that’s why Obama was the best choice by/for the Republican party. Obama will gut Social Security and Medicare, thereby giving the Republicans enough angry voters to give them the Senate come the next election.

    Perfect, come the 2014 elections. The Republicans have the Supremes, and the House. All they need is the Senate. with Obama doing their dirty work and by finally finishing off the Democratic side of the Money party with the kowtowing to the Wall St. elites. like Obama did with the appointment of Wall St. businessmen/Goldman Sachs people. Tim Geithner, for example. remember Obama called those on Wall St. “savvy businessmen.” like Obama will stand up to Wall St., his owners. Cover/appearances matter.

    so it is all in play. and you know how the Republicans like theatrics.
    Have yet to see a Democrat stand up the Republicans? Name me one? that didn’t give in?
    Bipartisan destruction of Government and Social Security/Medicare. just like Single Payer was thrown under the bus. those cheetos eating pajama clad leftwing bloggers, remember that “Label” Gibbs called those who wanted Obama to follow his “Hope and Change” pre election pr.

    call in the clowns, but don’t dare look behind the curtain.

  • the Blue Dogs, like my Senator, Mary Landrieu, are already owned by the Republicans. this is why they have to go.

    what the Republicans need to do is going to be quite interesting. reach out to those they “hate”. and whether the Latinos, Asians, and women will “buy” their BS is another question indeed.

    so the Republicans are going to “change their spots.” or all the “hated” others going to sell out for the Right price? that’s what we’ll have to wait and see how this goes down.

    but be sure, that this is just the natural result of this election. the Republican can’t hate the “others” and win, so they will do “whatever it takes” to co-opt them. Knowing Republicans, i am sure they will never ever stop doing whatever it takes. yes, it will be quite interesting to see what happens.

    does a leopard change it spots? we will see.

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    lesser evil, my eye. lol Obama’s the greater evil for Social Security, Medicare and the poor. Romeny was direct and honest about his feelings about the “takers.” Obama is by far the greater danger, only a Democrat can destroy the remaining social contract, what Bill Clinton started. just wait and see what Obama does “to” [...]

  • fascinating story line, do you think it was all pre-written. like out a hollywood movie.

    just waiting till the reality of it all hits America come Wednesday morning. really interesting times. shows how much our votes really matter.

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    lol, like voting matters. the Money Party/D/R collects all the votes. and wins. Every single time!

    the Colbert takedown of Bush was by far the greatest sign of Life/Light i have seen in America since 1980, when the Greatest Generation sold us out to the Great Liar. Since then, it’s been nothing but 2 bit copycats who pale in their scamming ability, though Slick Willie is still doing his part, honing his “grifting” talents. lol

    Marx was right about one thing, though. the way Business has sold Capitalism the noose to hang itself and us along with it.

    I can easily say with years of hindsight/you know/20-20 vision, i told you so. too late though. the way the body politic is jerking around and writhing in agony just shows this is jus a small part in the final scenes of the last act.

    bread and circuses. America is going down unless you are in the 1%/Elite category. when they start kidnapping/killing the Elite’s children. then i shall hold out some hope, but otherwise…

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    too much money local police will lose if MJ is legalized. the Prison industry will also raise hell. the War on Blacks/Drugs will be under attack. there is no way legal MJ will ever happen. too much money in the Prison/Police/anti black consortium. if blacks ever get the right to vote, god forbid what would [...]

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    Gosh, the only way to save Social Security and Medicare is for Rmoney/Ryan to win. at least the Faux party/Democrats could look like “heroes’ to stop the “evil” Republican party from “robbing Ameica’s Old people’s Medicare. it is already okay to rob the poor’s Medicaid via the ACA/Supreme Court decision. States like Texas and Louisiana, mine through Gov. Jindal, can refuse to expand coverage and refuse participation/limit Medicaid by claiming it’s too much Gov. red tape.

    with Obama in Power/re-elected, the Cat Food Commission and Obama can push through cuts to Social SEcurity and Medicare, with Obama leading the way. now that’s what i call smart move by the Elites: getting a Faux Democrat/Obama to do Republican wishes.

    tell me America aint Great or What???

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    will be interesting to watch Ryan from now on and see how Obama, the owners all play the “script.”

    such a “wonderful” life. lol. America in Weimar Germany times

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    yes, it seems Obama is setting himself up for big troubles with Congress. supposing Obama gets re elected without helping the poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free of the corruption Obama endorses, the Republicans will continue on in their quest for “getting” the Kenyan Muslim Usurper?

    limiting the successes of the Republicans in the Senate and House could be done by helping the average American. but then Obama would cross those that paid his bills/the Banks. helping the average voter in every state would increase the Obama vote and diminish the Republican hate machine.

    keeping things the way they are, Bankster controlled/Republican led, increases teh chances of losing the Senate. boy wouldn’t the Republicans love to impeach Obama. that would be most fascinating and also preoccupy the Republicans. would be quite a circus.

    bread and circus, now if they would only give us bread, too.

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    yes i won’t be voting for Obama, who need Rmoney lite? of course living in a RED state my vote never matters. it is the thought that counts. in the toss up states, people like me are going to just abstain and watch the Lesser of Evils game play out.

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    i’d nevr thought i’d ever could vote Republican again, but Obama has shown me how easy it is. a Far Right Bankster owned lackey versus A Mormon or a Good hair Secessionist!! What choices.

    i sincerely hope Obama loses. that ‘ll be the only way any Democratic trust fund like Social Security/not an entitlement/ won’t be completely ripped off.

    Obama is far worse than Any Republican i see, even Batshit Crazy Bachmann. She’s honest about being a looney tune. not that i would vote for her. i will vote against Obama, though, no matter who is on the R side., even possibly Bachmann. lol. well, there, i ‘ve said it. i would vote for Bachmann if she was the R against Obama.

    though, i do want a Democratic option to be listed, in the ONE party with two sides. Obama just proves that this is a monopoly Party with two bad sides. Which side is worse depends on the Democrat, usually. this time. the Democrat/Obama Republican in all but name/ is far worse than any Republican out there. Even Witcheroo, I am not A Witch, from Delaware. lol

    to think i even think Obama is worse than Bush, which is proof that fact is stranger than any fiction i could make up.

    Even Bush was “better” than Obama. oh God forgive me for blaspheming like that. lol

  • that’s the way i feel too. let’s get this over with, so we can start anew. end the torture now, just get it over with.

  • yes another shot at the poor, and working people. the Manchurian candidate. we need to review all those old movies to see what’s next for america.

    obviously Marie Antionette was/is the Role model for the Republican/Democratic Party. Tweedledee/Tweedledum. the lesser of two evils is still evil

    “let them eat cake” updated/American meaning.

  • Americans are so clueless and spoon fed Fox lies, they still have no clue about the differences between Saudis, Egyptians, Jordanians. All Arabs are the “jihadist”come to kill with swords until Christian convert.

    that’s all most Americans “know” about Arabs. whatever Glen Beck/Fox/Murdoch wants us to know.

    All i hear is the “Muslim Brotherhood” is out to get us. same us vs. them of black and white in the Southern Strategy.

    and it works!!! for over 40 years now!!!

  • just how much can they steal. with Obama’s help they will succeed and raiding the Social Security Trust Fund.
    The Rich has always wanted to get that obligation out of the way. this is all such common knowledge, most people feel “oh What can i do and then watch American Idol. the Seniors vote, like those crazy Teabaggers, Seniors make lots of noise. and Vote.

    this will be most interesting to see. Obama legacy of undoing Social Security will be remembered as such.

    all this greed just so the Rich can steal every Government penny not spent on them directly.

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    In America, White males never commit Terrorism! these Males are “loonies, sick, troubled, schizo”, anything but Terrorists! White American males who kill are “loners, sickos, angry”, but never ever called Terrorists. Blacks, Browns, and Others are Terrorists and their actions are what is defined as “terrorist attacks”, but White American Males never are Terrorists. i [...]

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