• Pam, thank you for all your hard work and incredibly important contributions to the LGBT movement both online and off. I have always been impressed by the quality as well as the sheer volume of writing you personally have produced, since I can only imagine how you squeezed it in between working a full-time, demanding job and managing chronic pain and disability.

    I’ve particularly appreciated your remarks on the intersection of identities, like race and sexual orientation, as well as your comments on racism within the LGBT movement. As a white bisexual woman, I’ve tried to work on being more aware of my privileges and how I can be an ally to LGBT people of color; your writing has been inspiring to me.

    I will definitely miss PHB, but I understand why you feel it’s time to close up shop. I admire you for making that decision with no apologies—you deserve all the accolades for your success and absolute respect for deciding when to be done with this project.

    I hope ending your work on PHB brings you better health and well-being. I hope you can spend more quality time with your family (including the dogs of course!) and friends. And I hope you feel satisfaction and fulfillment from making such enormously important contributions to the LGBT community.

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    Laurel, I appreciate that you’re trying to make a legal distinction. But since all the amendments in question would ban same-sex marriage, it would still mean Arizona was the first to defeat one. If we’re talking “first state to defeat a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage,” Arizona is clearly the first to have done so. It doesn’t matter if the amendment also would have banned other things. If we want to say MN is the first to do something in this arena, we’d have to be very specific, i.e., “Minnesota is the first state to defeat a constitutional amendment that would have exclusively banned same-sex marriages.” And that’s not what MN United says. So I just think it’s important for MN not to take the credit when AZ activists worked hard to defeat the first one.

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    Thanks for covering this! But just one correction: Minnesota was the second state to reject a marriage-restricting constitutional amendment.

    Arizona rejected one in 2006 and then passed a slightly revised one in 2008. (For more info, see Wikipedia.)

    Minnesotans United for All Families has been spreading that error around since last year. I’m probably one of many people who tried to get them to correct their misinformation, but they didn’t listen to us, so unfortunately, it keeps getting repeated. I don’t think it’s any shame to be the second state to defeat an anti-marriage amendment!