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    Afghan war lost period. Obama could have stopped this pointless war against the people of afghanistan who have nothing. I would really appreciate it if my brother did not have to go for his 6th tour of duty. my brother in law died as a result of wounds from Iraq. I am sure many families are in the same boat. A very few sacrificing for a country that does not even care enough about them to get them out of this endless war.

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    This is what happens when the Capitulator in Chief takes a stupid republican idea and promotes it as progressive. I am disgusted with this administration. I will not vote for Obama again. We have a republican party, what we don’t have is an honest opposition party. We do not need to be republican-lite. The lesson of the last election is that the blue dogs were decimated while progressives stood up to unlimited money from the right and won.The individual mandate was a stupid idea espeically without a public option. What do you expect? Stupid is as stupid does.

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