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  • Besides being fools, their version of Obama’s economic policies and ideas is completely off base, echoing the memes and lies of the Romney/radical billionaire’s club.

  • I’d say either let the kids in – the guy won’t be molesting anyone while he’s standing at the pulpit – or just let him go and set up his own parish with the adults-only rule from the start. I understand the guy’s parole forbids him contact with minors, but if he’s done his time and he’s out he should be able to preach if people want to hear him.

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    Gingrich can’t win. He’ll have one of his blowups at the wrong time, or he’ll blow up at someone who will call him on hypocrisy and lies. As bad as Obama can sometimes be, he doesn’t have it in him to reach the heights of slime that Gingrich and Romney climb to with ease.

    Also, Obama’s actually been on the real streets, Mitt. Not on the “real streets” next to the $1000 train set your Dad bought you when you were six. In contrast to the incredible hypocrisy and slimeball lies on display at the debate, we have Obama riffing a little Al Green and drawing a laugh. He’s a person.

  • Can I have what she’s having?

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    She’s quoting Krugman about “bordering on” dishonest. Read the piece, it’s strong, simple and clearly portrays Mitt as “crossing the corder” on dishonesty; it’s just parsing the verbs that let him slide by. That and the otherwise blind, biased, and bought media.

    Brooks, on the other hand, I won’t read. I’m not going to waste one of my precious free 20 NY Times articles on him.

  • Copland was gay, Jewish and a leftist who was blacklisted in the 1950s. He was closeted, more or less, but according to various sources liked “much younger men.”

    The whole Rick Perry right wing so-called Christian thing is a cover for racism and bigotry, oure and simple, and it ain’t much of a cover. Perry, the Republicans, and the media who take this clown seriously should be ashamed of themselves.

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    Not just lie. Lie to get ratings, lie to get money from advertisers on high-rated shows, lie to help elect people who will appoint right-wing judges who will go soft on their illegal wiretapping, etc. I have had the same reaction when I send articles to otherwise intelligent people. Like the Tea Partiers, they simply [...]

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    “God’s design for human sexuality.” Brought to you by these jerks without, you know, any bias.

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    So we accept that only those who have reached the magic age of 18 (or 16, or 17…) can offer informed consent? Okay, if it’s politically convenient. I say Teh Gay is throwing pedophiles under the school bus as it careens down a slippery slope. Which they have every right to do, of course.

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    At the risk of inciting (verbal) violence from the FDL crowd, let me point out that when the gay rights movement started, or re-started, in the 60s it was populated with what would now be called “pedophiles” but at the time were gay guys who liked boys down to about 13 or 14. The “boylovers” were conveniently stigmatized and marginalized so that “normal” gay people, mainly men, could more easily gain the social and legal acceptance they enjoy today without having to defend age-old homosexual practices. (Ancient Greeks, and so on – adult-to-adult homosexuality was considered an aberration while (check the art on those vases) adult-to-teen was held in high esteem.)

    In fact the slippery slope exists and if we slide we’d liberate quite a few younger gay people. Do you have anything but opinions and personal observation that separates a gay man who likes 19-year-olds from one who likes 14-year-olds? Or two 15-year-olds who like each other, for that matter?

    This is an old argument among the gay lib crowd. Of course I am not accepting view that all non-hetero sex or relationships is perverse; almost the opposite. I’m suggesting we embrace a more inclusive view. But stop at 14 and no horses.

  • “Fewer” people, not “less.”

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    It’s Afghanistan. He and his head of security were both after the same 14-year-old boy.

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    I should have known not to try and edit.

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    The Santorum article has:

    Potential 2012 presidential candidate Rick Santorum said the “abortion culture” in America is to blame for the failing Social Security system.

    Great research by the author, CNN Associate Producer Gabriella Schwarz. Since when it is a given that Social Security is “failing”? Sex who – oh, I guess the genius, Rick Santorum said so, so, you know – if a stupid right-wing mofo says it’s failing, well, who is CNN to question it?

    What Santorum says is so blindingly stupid I can’t even comment.

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    I’m overseas, and have been for a long time, but what’s left of my nuclear family is in the middle of East Texas. Starting even before 9/11 I heard this kind of stuff, as if Bill and Hillary were New York Jews. It springs, as many have pointed out, from a know-nothing “Christian” fundamentalism that [...]

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    Global warming means colder winters, explained:

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    For example, “Give me an R….”

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    I think the judges are right. The above comment gives the obvious solution, or the young woman can prosecute or at minimum inform the school officials who can take some action. If she’s on the cheerleading squad she has to cheer. If the tight end (male) of the high school team was raped by the quarterback, for example, it would be ludicrous for him to refuse to catch the qb’s passes. The cheerleader needs to respond to the alleged rape through channels or if that fails, the press. I guess she could also join in the cheers by name but yell “Rapist” after the guy’s name. Or have the whole squad yell “Rapist”.

  • “Fewer”, not “less” people.

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