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    Link to New Yorker, “Letter From Albuquerque.”

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    Thanks for the postnhost, Ruth. We are supposed to get cold again here. I’ll be on the road today.

    Tomorrow is trial of last of the protesters from Mayor’s office. It was joined, a jury trial, just 3 of 13 still in the game. Mayor looking bad from New Yorker article, the judge gave a $4M settlement in the civil suit it features.

  • We finally got rid of DP in NM, but it is hard to keep the revenge-bound from trying to bring it back. It is not a deterrent, it is not cost-effective, and the only purpose it then serves is for revenge. Some people want that, but even those who have lusted for it for the killers of their beloved find there is no relief in it.

    All in all, a bad game.

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    GM, and thanks for a good topic. I guess there will be a dearth of shopping where the storm hits?

    I am not much of a consumer by US standards, but I do buy my share of construction/re-model supplies. And cat food and litter. . .try to shop local for groceries, but I know all of these are big industries and very different from what we had when I was a kid. I recall we used a big (old) cake pan with dirt in it for a cat box. Mostly the cat went outdoors, but we were not living in a big city.

    I hope everyone has a great day!

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    The junior bald was quite a sight the other day. I am always scanning for big birds. Yesterday I saw a hawk having dinner in a tree right next to a busy street. I did not realize that red tails are rare here in the winter. I guess that is why they were all over in TX when I was there, more than I have ever seen anywhere, and they are regulars on my road trips. Normally I count and clock them by mileage. I am used to seeing them about every 10 miles, but it was every mile or two at most when we drove in TX that week.

    There was a pair of what I think were ferruginous hawks one day, but it is possible what I saw were rough legged. Never got a good look at the tails.

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    The bird book and binos are always at the ready, in the car at least.

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    Maybe you’ll see a red racer, Ruth. I saw one that was really big on the road in those parts. I saw a juvenile bald eagle the other day at one of our open spaces. We saw a couple of goldens driving back from Roswell last week.

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    GM dinerzens. Lots going on here! All best with your surgery tomorrow, ms. molly!

    I was down in Marfa again recently Ruth, and I have been pining to check out Terlingua. Maybe next time. When I was in Big Bend last year, mid-February, it was 98 degrees! But we had really chilly weather in Marfa and it snowed there the last few days, I think.

    There were layoffs recently at WIPP, first since the disaster, and it is coming up on a year since the closure.

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    Morning, everyone. Thanks for the postnhost, MiB/Crane.

    My father grew up in the country. He never liked eating chicken because of having to kill them. He used to say that potatoes were grown for flowers before the roots were discovered to be edible, but that would have been long before his time.

    After he died, I found a letter from his mother describing life in OK when she was growing up at the turn of the century (1900). She said her mother used to tell her she “peeled the potatoes too thick.” That is some poverty.

    My father was from Iowa, and I never heard of putting bread sacks over the shoes. I just think the poor children would be slipping and falling on their heads. I guess it happened to Joni at least one time too many. Poor thing.

  • Thanks for this, Kevin. I am so thankful that I am not living on the streets in the cold every day. It is almost the worst deprivation I imagine, no home and cold, stormy weather. How can we allow this suffering in our name?

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    Sincere condolences, BT. Very hard. Hope this is the last and you can recover from the grief of the recent past. Adorable cat, very nice to see that.

    Wishing everyone the best for the week.

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    Thanks for this update. I have been planning to be arrested for same protest, so this is interesting. Don’t give up the fight!

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    Thanks for putting alternative info out. As if anyone but a small handful of people is listening.

    WRT incarceration. It is also the biggest indicator of cops shooting: mentally ill and drug addicted people are being shot more than anyone else in ABQ.

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    I am not sure y’all heard that last week the police here shot their own in a “friendly fire” incident? It is surreal at this point. It was a drug sting over $60 in meth, and a cop opened up on a car with undercovers, hitting both of the U/C cops, nearly killing one of them. Neither of the ostensible meth sellers was shot, neither received any weapons charges, and the shooter was the superior/supervisor in the U/C shop. The most severely wounded officer has not died, we have not heard his condition for a few days, but he was in surgery over and over for days afterwards.

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    GM, Ruth and BT. I’ve been away from the computer most of the last 8 days, and I did not now about the Tunisian people in that tragic event.

    I have also not been in ABQ for the latest cray-cray. I keep thinking I will write about it, but it becomes so incredible and long, I can’t imagine the time it would take to write it, and who would believe it? The last person was killed by APD on Tuesday literally across the street from my sister’s house.

  • Apparently the Rs got less votes than ever and less votes overall than Democrats, and the gerrymander is the only way they survive. The whole thing is revolting. Our country is lost.

  • It is a documentary on the Kochs and their influence in places like WI. They are hard at work in poor little NM.

  • I saw “Citizen Koch” the other day. Very depressing. It devotes a lot of time to the recall effort. Really tragic and we face same in NM this year.

  • Or a “show trial” as the DA put it.

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