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    Elmer would never let himself go like that, although the gut is kind of emblematic.

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    None of these people have yet sold their teeth for money – I don’t feel bad for them one whit!

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    Oh you mean because both of them engage in…false equivalences???

    You also might want to consider that one of those groups has considerable power and leverage within their party and the other has virtually none.

  • Oh God, stop, I’m pissing myself!!! (Gasp for breath). Damn that picture of Gamble always gets me (and he wasn’t a bad ballplayer even with the aerodynamic drag!)

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    I haven’t had time to read through everything people wrote here, but I came to NY as a fresh (acne)-faced kid from Oregon and quickly learned to love the place – like in two days. Fortunately, I had a roommate from the city so that was a good intro. So find someone who knows the place.
    I would second the suggestion to get a bike – it can save oodles of time and money and most of the city is pretty flat (except for the hills in Washington Heights – oof!). Plus one of my greatest thrills was to ride from Queens when I was living there over the 59th street Bridge into Manhattan – you really feel like you are coming right into the buildings.
    Is the Met still pay what you want? Pay a penny. My art history teacher told me to do that and I did it.
    Find my good friend’s band Les Sans Culottes, a faux French band from Brooklyn. They seem to be away for the next couple of weeks, but they are one of the best times you can have. http://www.lessansculottes.com/les_dates.html.
    Food? Anything I can tell you would be out of date, but I generally found the famous places (like Sammy’s Roumanian) kind of sucked (Katz’s was still pretty good).
    NYC is the best place in the world to be in summertime if you can stand the hot sticky thunderstorms because the whole city is out on the streets and there are oodles of free events. The best music in the world is at Summerstage in Central Park although you do have to get there early. And rent a rowboat afterwards.
    Go to the Cloisters on a Sunday. It’s the only place that ever made me feel like I might want to go back to Church.
    Actually, since she’s kind of liberal/progressive, she might want to hook up with the folks at Riverside Church who do genuinely good works in a non-sectarian manner.
    And stay away from my friend Gil. He’s a heartbreaker for young women.

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    Does that photo looked staged to anyone else? Shouldn’t the ballplayers be in better focus? I think he just pinned a dead bug in front of a photo of a ballpark. I demand an investigation!

  • Wow, I guess JG must have had a really terrible time as a kid. All you girls who made fun of him instead of dating him, you really should apologize…

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    Wasn’t it big news when John McCain got a Twitter account in 2008? That’s why he won the election!

  • Man, that is one crack PI! He must have gone to the Young Conservative Private Investigator Home School

  • Nah, Mitt would definitely do Stills instead – “Love the One You’re With”, baby!

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