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    Fuck ‘em all, indeed… But LOVE me some wendydavis!!!! Apologies for all my silence of late but I couldn’t resist commenting on this compelling cri de coeur . I thought you might like to know that John Lewis has called for martial law, a slippery slope to say the least ( http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2014/08/14/3471313/john-lewis-ferguson-martial-law/ ). Regardless of the respect [...]

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    WD! Another winning contribution. I keep wondering when JH figures out you should be a paid FP’er here, given the consistent high numbers you bring in rec’s and comments.

    Just back from my gig in DC and I owe you a genuine e mail.

    Hope u r well!

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    you wrote – “*The Massachusetts system seems to work OK, so don’t lose hope.’


    here’s mine: http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/massachusetts/2012/09/09/medical-debt-massachusetts-persists-despite-health-law/QztpbflGjmUfVcf8J8tjbI/story.html?camp=newsletter

    “Architects of the pioneering 2006 Massachusetts health law, which required most residents to have insurance, expected it would reduce medical debt. Years later, however, even insured people are struggling to pay bills from hospitals and doctors. The most recent data suggest the scope of medical debt has remained largely unchanged. Temporary lapses in insurance and increasingly common plans with high deductibles and copayments have led to debt for some. Rising health costs and the recession also likely played a role.”

  • “Last year only 50 percent of Independents supported legalization but this year it is now 62 percent.”

    I wonder if this has at least something to do with former registered Democrats re-registering as Independents… like me!

    Were the stats broken down by party affiliation? I’d be curious to see those numbers. During my lifetime I was always nonplussed by the favorable libertarian bent towards mj among otherwise die-hard GOP politicos… George Schulz and William F. Buckley come to mind… and Scalia surprised people some years back when he voted against infra-red surveillance of suspected “grow” homes. They seem, by comparison, to be far to the left (yeah yeah I know… libertarians…) of Mr. “Throw-the-hippie-hopheads-in-jail-and-ruin-their-lives” Obama.

    OT – I just heard a report saying Harvard may have found a cure for male-pattern baldness. Admiring the splendid wreck that was once my future is fine but… sweeeeet jeeeezus (!) if pot were decriminalized and I could grow my hair back… I might just be able to re-live some of the brighter (higher?) moments of my wanton youth. Yay!

  • Your comment seems to suggest Obama himself is not a war criminal or has never used rendition for the purposes of torture. Care to expand on this?

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    “Poor Tea Partiers, assigned the blame for all that has gone and is going wrong in liberal America. What of liberal America itself? Blameless, besieged by intransigent nutcakes, or rather, indistinguishable from those identified with Reaction, holding up the latter for ridicule in order to certify a mythic Centrism for the nation as a whole and pretend to humanitarian credentials, themselves vitiated by hiding behind the term while conducting interventions and hegemonic movements in the best tradition of power-politics?

    If the Tea Party is the Far Right, I propose a new political typology, with most of the rest of the country, Republicans and Democrats alike, members of the Mocha Party, i.e., an enriched brew more insidious for its seeming sophistication—from tricolor hats, now to business suits and warm-up jackets, but with the same commitment to militarism, corporatism, an underlying paranoia directed to what has already been thrown over the ideological cliff, socialism, universal health care, full employment, equalitarianism as the national ideal, as though somehow the realization of any or all of these would destroy America. And unfortunately, that may be right, for American capitalism has wholly filled out and corrupted the ideological universe in which we, as Americans, live, the air we breathe, the goals we choose—or for that matter, Obama’s favorite boastful cliché to silence all criticism (though to opposite effect): that’s who we are as Americans. Who we are, from the vaporization of human beings through the targeted assassination of drone warfare to the willing submission as a people to the bludgeoning of civil liberties through massive surveillance into our personal lives.

    Liberal America has been and remains a fig leaf to cover international predation under the banner of market freedom, and the structural impoverishment and imposed sense of inferiority of one-third of the nation, in both cases, silently accepted as though sanctioned by divine law. We have become spectators at our own funeral, a winding procession the hearses piled up, patiently waiting their cue to move out through the White House gates past the foreclosed properties, gated communities, splendiferous banks, deteriorating infrastructure, a mishmash of wealth and poverty held together by the bonds of hatred for all things which bring into question our own superior moral virtue…”


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    Yeah well, the Democrats have had 5 years to “get outraged” at the “African American” guy who has killed children indiscriminately, silenced journalists, prosecuted heroes and overseen violent assaults on peaceful demonstrators while expanding and effectively legalizing the crimes of war and Wall Street previously perpetrated by the loathsome white guys who proceeded him…

    but all we get is “hey, look over there, the Republicans…”


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    Indeed, one needed to look no further than Gore’s (and formerly Clinton’s) Foreign Policy advisor, Kenneth Pollack, to hear through the Democratic rah-rahs.

    Ih yeah… and Joe Lieberman…

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    I think I owe you several…

    I may be waking up from my slumber so, alas, you may see/hear more of me!

    Mefiez-vous des blancs! INDEED!


    c xo

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    Trumka is an ass.

    Good catch, wd!

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    love you, wd!

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    Clever how, in a post addressing possible constitutional abuses by the current Administration and its NSA, Grayson highlights the name “Nixon” while the name Obama appears NOWHERE in his essay. What Nixon would have done is immaterial and moot. Grayson should be asking what Obama has already done… as for what Grayson should be doing, [...]

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    The problem is real enough and there’s no doubt that digital communication has not only disturbed face-to-face encounter but changed it as well. I’ve seen evidence with students who can no longer express themselves tete-a-tete with spontaneous language skills, but revel in their ability to text their thoughts… and too often without any empathy for [...]

  • well isn’t that interesting and ironic…

    a response I wrote regarding the update about Teddy Partridge’s post (which inaccurately suggests it was Obama who said “No Deal” to the Iraqi’s when it was the Iraqis who said “No Deal” to Obama) was deleted by the FDL moderators…

    as i suppose this one will be as well…

    guess I’ll have to tweet that fact, especially given Kevin’s point about deleting comments.

  • Mr. Obama crossed the rubicon so long ago that it’s ever more difficult to express adequately the outrage one feels, especially since it falls on so many deaf ears in the “progressive” community. The silence from the Black Misleadership, as Glenn Ford describes those who should be most outraged by this evil man’s legacy, is [...]

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    they’d probably find a lot more revenue if they targeted names like Pritzker, Geithner, Dimon, Blankfein… and of course Koch, Walton, Romney etc…

    but the IRS won’t do that…

    and i think you’re being generous to suggest it’s because the real thieves can afford legal dodges.

    maybe that’s a consideration…


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    you should run, TBogg…

    you’ll discover what a loser really looks like

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    alas, not many could say the same about you.

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