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  • Massachusetts Congressman Mike Capuano is recognized as a progressive hero in the United States House of Representatives — but he recently accepted $5,000.00 from lobbyists for Citigroup, Inc. We’ve started a petition asking him to give this money back!  Please sign the petition, here: You do not have to live in Congressman Capuano’s district to [...]

  • Don’t be so quick to give Obama credit.

    The critical quote is here in this AP story from today:

    Obama’s jobs council yesterday called for an “all-in” approach, urging an expansion of oil and gas drilling and an acceleration of projects including pipelines.

    So, it’s not a principled victory for the environment. It’s just an attempt to salvage some good fundraising money from people concerned with the environment. The message is clear: Obama will not stand on the principle of defending the environment.

  • The most shameful part of Mayor Menino’s raid on the #OccupyBoston camp was that he waited until 1:30 a.m. before ordering the police in to storm the protesters. This was shameful and slimy — because it was clearly designed to occur at a point in time that would minimize any press coverage. Most of the television crews had gone home for the night, and the morning’s papers had all been printed. In this way, the issue of a mass-arrest of 141 people was hugely minimized in the public’s mind.

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    Kudos to Mr. Tyler for announcing his intentions! Undoubtedly, the so-called experts will mock this man’s courageous bid, and from the very beginning, he will be dismissed as a long-shot, an idealist, and a lunatic. But given the recent performance of the big-money duopoly that is modern American politics, anyone who is working to provide [...]

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