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    [Gore is] also a senior adviser to Google and a member of Apple’s board, where he has options on about 98,000 Apple shares, according to the company’s last proxy statement. Apple, by the way, is trading at about $580 a share. You do the math [...]

    Yeah, OK, I can do that. Looks like the strike price on at least some of Gore’s Apple share options is $129.69. If that’s the strike price for all his shares or if it’s the average price, he stands to make $44,132,340, less commission, by exercising the options and immediately selling the shares, assuming his sales don’t move the market. Not too shabby.

  • I have never seen a guy run such a bad campaign.

    Yeah, kinda reminds me of Shrub (although Shrub was probably a little worse). Shrub never got elected to anything, did he?

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    I respect all religions equally.

  • Just more big-0 kowtowing to the pharmacy captains of industry.

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    According to data from Urban Institute this move by Perry could leave roughly 1.3 million Americans without access to health insurance

    Americans do not need access to health insurance. They need access to health care. They’re not the same thing, and guaranteeing access to the insurance does not guarantee access to the care. There’s a whole ‘nuther set of problems beyond insurance that have to be dealt with to ensure the latter. We haven’t begun serious discussion of those yet. And they’re almost without doubt best addressed without the private insurance middleman. Without inspired leadership, and there’s certainly none of that on the horizon, I despair of our ever getting there. America, I hardly knew ye.

  • That’s for sure.

  • Lee has maintained that the “stand your ground” law in Florida, which asserts that citizens have the right to “meet force with force, including deadly force,” if they feel threatened, exonerates Zimmerman.


    points to the fact that Martin was not being threatening and in fact felt threatened by Zimmerman himself, complaining of being followed and trying to get away.

    Interestingly, under the Florida law, Martin would be justified in shooting Zimmerman.

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    And according to Sargent’s bit in Pravda, heads will definitely NOT roll.

    Asked if Brinker’s job was safe, Raffaelli said: “Yes.” He added that the board “unequivocally” stood behind her.

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    I know they are hubris intoixicated but I don’t see them fucking with PP ever again – not necessarily because it was the right thing – just that they were truly blindsided by the events of this week (really ? Bloomberg & Mrs Greenspan for the win ?!?!?)

    Hope you’re right, but it’s still curious that they chose to phrase the “retraction” in the way they did.

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    Yup. From the Wikipedia link cited previously.

    On February 3, 2012 the Susan G. Komen Board of Directors issued a statement to “apologize to the American public for recent decisions” and said Komen “will continue to fund existing grants, including those of Planned Parenthood, and preserve their eligibility to apply for future grants.” Komen said it will amend criteria to “make clear that disqualifying investigations must be criminal and conclusive in nature and not political”

    Slick people.

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    When it comes to adherence to the constitution, there’s an uncomfortably small distance between Gingrich’s campaign promises and BHO’s performance in office.

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    For those keeping score (h/t to Matt Cutts on Google+) here are the congress critters who are still ostensibly co-sponsoring.

    SOPA co-sponsors
    PIPA co-sponsors

    The Senate list may not be up-to-date. Cardin is still listed as a co-sponsor and I read yesterday that he had withdrawn his sponsorship.

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    PS. If a fund is based in the Caymans, it’s to the fund’s benefit, not the investor. Any investor gains are taxed at US rates.

    Sure. I guess he just moved his 33 million there because he wants his money to be toasty warm in the winter. What a swell guy. I don’t suppose he might have put the assets into a Cayman resident trust which would not pay taxes in the US. Naaah. He’d never do anything like that.

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    And as we know well, just because a member withdraws co-sponsorship doesn’t mean that s/he won’t vote for the bill. Kabuki. And, Marylanders, supposedly progressive Cardin was (still is?) a co-sponsor or PIPA. Of 26 Senate co-sponsors, 19 were Ds and only 6 were Rs (+ I Sen short ride).

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    What? US contractors are being indefinitely detained by the Iraqi government without any charges being filed? That’s outrageous. I’m so glad I live in the US where nothing like that could ever happen.

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    Manifold works too.

    having many different forms, features, or elements

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    If the Worst Persons in the World slots aren’t filled up today, you could do worse than the couple who put out a fake Salvation Army bell and kettle and stole the money they made from it.

    Worst persons in the world? You’re kidding, right? The U.S. military is engaging in wholesale killing of innocents throughout the world, banks are stealing us blind, our constitution has been shredded and our civil liberties have gone up in smoke, the president claims the right to assassinate anyone he deems a “terrorist”, and these two idiots are the worst people in the world? Not even close.

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    They only polled Democratic-leaning and Republican-leaning voters. Guess they’re not interested in how enthusiastic I am.

  • Except that, according to Yves Smith, the Financial Times is reporting:

    Under the new rate structure, the wealthiest earners – those making more than $2m a year – are to be taxed at 8.82 per cent, down from the 8.97 per cent they now pay under a surcharge implemented in 2009.

    So, the richest New Yorkers will pay 15 basis points less in income tax under this arrangement, yet we call it a tax increase. Truly Orwellian.

  • At least there’s this (from the linked story),

    The decision has caused sharp reaction and disapproval in the Eastern Kentucky county.

    Dunno how pervasive the local disapproval is, but it’s something to take into account before judging Pike County too harshly.

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