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  • Thumbnail Every year Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center releases a glossy brochure called  Report to the Community . Among the doctor profiles and research-breakthrough stories are several dry metrics dealing with the number of beds, total patient and outpatient days and, perhaps most impressively, the year’s dollar value for something called “community benefit contributions.” Cedars, which is the [...]

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    ThumbnailAs the  Vergara v. California  trial ends its fourth week, the most conspicuous absence in court may be that of the man most responsible for bringing the education lawsuit — David Welch, the 52-year-old Silicon Valley entrepreneur and founder of  Students Matter . His Menlo Park-based nonprofit initiated  Vergara and is picking up all of the plaintiffs’ attorneys and PR fees — [...]

  • ThumbnailLast week’s testimony in the  Vergara v. California  trial raised many an eyebrow when Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Superintendent John E. Deasy testified on behalf of plaintiffs in a lawsuit whose defendants had originally included LAUSD. Despite its supporters’ protests to the contrary,  Vergara is widely seen as a frontal attack against statutory guarantees of due process and seniority [...]

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