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  • If Iran ever develops a nuclear weapon they can thank the US for the help we gave them. Jeffrey Sterling’s conviction and the harassment of James Risen convinces me that Operation Merlin was indeed true.

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    So Romney masquerading as Ward Cleaver with an attitude and a scofflaw to boot finds little or no support for another losing run for President? Even Ryan, Eddie Haskell to ol Mr. Romney, has the good sense not to run. Maybe the GOP Clown Car has no room for Romney anymore, he is a loser after all. He’ll discover in retirement that his wife’s dancing horse is more talented than himself since he’ll run the risk of resembling a one trick pony known as Harold Stassen.

  • Thank you Kevin for being one of a handful of reporters who are covering this case. You, more than most, understand that this democracy of ours requires aggressive investigative reporters reporting on government abuses of power. The war is not over because it continues against reporters and whistleblowers. Continue to remain vigilant and continue your superb reporting!

  • Indeed!! I recently heard of a rural county sheriff’s office with only 3 officers getting an up-armored personnel carrier courtesy of the DoD’s war surplus going out of business sale comprised of gently used military equipment from our most recent ME adventures! BTW, the first generation of Predator drones are being considered for almost all metro PDs across the country. Because of the extraordinary cost for maintenance it would be wise of the PDs if they begin using badge cams which would be well within most PD budgets.

  • Good morning all. I’m beginning to thaw out after some bone chilling cold air exits our region.

    Some of the media reports I’ve seen this morning are leading with a grainy black & white video that appears to be out of focus. Is it true that the officers who responded to a dispatch call were wearing badge cams that were turned off? Should we believe spokesmen who tell us that? Can I suggest that there were body cams, or badge cams, that were turned on and are being analyzed by the pd and, as a result to protect themselves, are not being fed to the media? The cameras currently in use in a number of pds are hi-def and have mics for the audio as well. The cameras should be worn so as to validate what officers are telling the public.

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    Thanks Things for putting a human touch on the door opening a little wider on our Cuban relations. Man, it was a long time coming. IMO the Castro Family Criminal Enterprise masquerading as a nation-state is beginning to see the inevitable transfer of power and other detritus from their period of rule. Will the family [...]

  • Oh, man! This is a great day for major league baseball! Cuba is home to some superb athletes. MLB now has a new talent pool to draw from.

    Plus, the U.N. plans on erecting a statue of a 56 Bel Air to honor the Cuban people for preserving all those 50s models we see in Havana glamor shots on the nightly news.

    Historic day here in the western hemisphere!

  • Thanks for the link!

    IMO, it would behoove the DoJ to leave the matter of Risen revealing his sources alone, if for no other reason than the fact that if they continue to pursue Risen it will bring too bright a media spotlight on the juvenile Operation Merlin and the unaccountable CIA. In 1991 and again in 1994, Sen. Daniel Moynihan from NY introduced legislation to dismantle the CIA. Would it be unreasonable to consider that sort of legislation in 2014?


  • Yes!

    I don’t know anybody foolish enuff to f**k with the King! And, in Cleveland, no less …!

    Just a quick note: I want to thank you and C-S for your diaries this past year – you two are treasures!

  • What an incredibly ignorant statement by Jeff Follmer? Is Follmer deaf, also? At the very moment when police departments across the country are being angrily confronted by citizens who are urging a change in the police continuing their thuggish behavior toward their fellow citizens, Follmer is a poster child of a cop in dire need of Constitutional Sensitivity Training. Since the athletes have shown their respect toward their ” heroes” in the not too distant past then what’s to stop an athlete for attempting to bring to our attention two folks who suffered death at the hands of trigger-happy cops? I commend Andrew Hawkins for wearing that shirt!!

  • What the DoJ “unnamed official” said to MSNBC on the 12th was that AG Holder will no longer ask Risen to reveal his source, or sources, but could still subpoena him in order to be asked if he had a confidentiality agreement with his sources. Happy to hear that Risen and his attorney are highly skeptical about the DoJ. Sounds as if the DoJ is attempting to soften Risen before getting him into court.

    BTW, Kevin, when does Sterling’s trial begin?

  • I agree!

    So Obama says in connection with the report, “This is not who we are.”

    Beg to differ Mr. President, it is who we are -Torturers R Us. This includes yourself early in your first term when you followed thru on a campaign slogan of transparency from roughly April, 2009, to June, 09, when your folks began leaking documents like an open sieve. At the same time you had begun to be attracted to some of the trash bequeathed to you by that overbearing aging frat boy from Texas. You bought Bush’s War, making you an accessory to a heinous war crime and followed up with a tacit understanding of impunity for the perps. Whenever you walk into a room there is a whiff of Bush’s foul odor wafting about.

    Your mumbling suggests that you are uncomfortably aware that Bush’s War is now an integral part of your legacy. Your failure to act on your knowledge of the torture regime tarnishes you and the rest of us.

    This why I hope we can encourage future whistleblowers – plural. We need to remind those who are contemplating stepping forward that there is strength in numbers, similar to the women who have stepped forward in the Cosby situation.

  • Echo your sentiments!! I am grateful for the good citizens of Washington and Colorado for leading the way!!

    BTW, my favorite Thanksgiving dinner was in 1971, when a friend who lived near me invited my wife & I over to share dinner with us. His turkey had a stuffing that included peyote & oysters. Following the dinner we shared some righteous weed. Greatest Thanksgiving ever!

    Indeed, love is the answer! Happy Thanksgiving to all, especially the good folks at FDL!

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    As the racial divide, and economic one, becomes reluctant to change we need to look at Ferguson and other municipalities which constantly are forced to deal with an ever increasing propensity for their law enforcement agencies to resort to lethal force in dealing with unarmed citizens. Because of your work in the criminal justice system [...]

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    We need to pay more attention to the nurses, and their union reps, at the Dallas hospital. Maybe it’s time to bring in the folks from Doctors Without Borders to show us how to deal with an ebola outbreak – they’ve been working at those primitive tent camps and have invaluable experience.

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    Arriving late to the discussion I have just a few thoughts about MH370. Have maintenance records of the missing plane been analyzed? Several days after the plane was reported missing a young CNN reporter reported that a number of relatives and friends of the missing passengers were receiving cell phone calls from the passengers. The [...]

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    Just saw your link after I posted. You’re quick!

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    CNN reported within the past hour an American al-Queda member has been placed on The Kill List – they haven’t identified the person who is to be whacked nor the country in which he/she is located. Barbra Starr, CNN’s crack Pentagon correspondent, said CNN, being a “responsible” news organization, is trying to confirm the info. Will CNN float the rumor that it is Greenwald? (I’m a cynic, of course, and skeptical.)

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    And, how much are we being hosed to pay the SIC to spy on us? And, we still have tax cuts and loopholes for the criminals on War Street! Anymore wars so we can borrow from our future? Taking food from children is reprehensible.

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    I loved Pete! The man was a national treasure. So long Pete, it was good to knowya! RIP, gentle man.

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