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  • Well, you and we have had some good innings together. I’ve been a regular reader though rare commenter almost since you showed up here.
    I’ve enjoyed not just your writing here which has bordered on the sublime (sublime to the cor blimey as my father would have said) at times, but also the motley crew of regular commenters. You, too, will be missed.

    All the best to you, the missus, L&T Casey and the boys.

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    What’s the male equivalent of being always the bridesmaid, never the bride? Pawlenty?

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    And I love this:

    36″ x 48″ giclee on canvas, stretched and glazed (ONLY 43 numbered and artist autographed editions will be made available; when they’re gone, they’re gone!)

    Folks, “giclée” is essentially a somewhat fancy version of inkjet printing. It’s done on what for all intents and purposes is a giant full-color inkjet printer. The term “giclée” (from the French word for “spurt” or “squirt”) was created as a marketing tool because it sounded much more arty than “fancy inkjet printer”. It generally costs around $5 a print to do.

    The grift is strong with this one.

    Five bucks a print? Gee I’d love to know where you get your giclees printed, PW! It is done by inkjet but a sophisticated inkjet printer with 8 jets using archival quality ink. So the same, only not.

    As others have said the proportions are laughable. I think what the artist did was try to get that magisterial look of looking WAAY up at the still dead Breitbart, hence the foreshortened limbs, but didn’t bother with his head.

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    The Breitbart hagiography is still in the transition phase.
    With this image he appears to have lost 20 pounds with careful shading but the weight isn’t gone, just hidden. In forthcoming iterations, the weight will fade away. His slightly walleyed look will transform into a piercing glare and his hair will be tidied.

    In time his physical transformation will include pecs, a six pack and guns (and buns!) of steel. All that will remain of his true physicality will be his orthopedic lifts.

  • It demonstrates Palin’s basic victimology mindset. That she saw such a softball question as a “gotcha” and implying that Alaska doesn’t get magazines is indicative that she herself is also sadly out of touch with the lower 48. What ordinary person would think they wouldn’t have access to virtually all of the reading material they might have in the rest of the country.

    I am sure that virtually anyone could have knocked that one out of the park.

  • Oh Jeez! Listening to those greatest hits brings back just what a lucky break the world got when the Maverick Team ™ did not manage to get elected.

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    In as much as anyone else’s beliefs neither break my bones not pick my pockets, the prospect of post mortem baptism doesn’t make me lose sleep, but given the fervently held belief of the Mormons in what they choose to believe and of Jews, particularly those who were exterminated because of that belief, I find myself perturbed by what it says about those who support the practice.

    It seems to me a matter of basic respect of one’s fellow human beings that something they themselves consider an essential and core aspect of one’s identity should be respected and not erased, even in death.

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    Alinsky plays Moses – yes, the Biblical Moses – talking to God.

    So lemme get this straight.
    There was a play about a guy.
    The guy the play was about was not actually in the play that was about him nor was the other guy the play had the guy the play was about playing. Another guy playing the guy the play was about played him playing another guy because another guy who wrote the play made the guy playing the guy play him playing that guy.

    And then after, another guy got up on stage with a bunch of other guys and they talked about the guy the play was about. Not only do we not know if this guy along with the other guys on stage talk about whether the guy who wrote the play should have had the guy who played the guy who the play was about play the other guy, we also don’t know if the guy the play was about ever played the other guy the play had the guy who played the guy play in his real life or whether this was simply a device used by the guy who wrote the play about the guy to say something about the guy who the play was about.

    But all this proves something else major about the guy who talked with some other guys on a stage about the guy the play was about.

    And this kind of thing is allowed in America?!

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    You and Mark Twain!

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    Apparently Obama offed Breitbart because he had college film of Obama.

    Given how easy it would be to make fake video which could have Obama doing any number of heinous things, one has to wonder why they waited this long.

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    And Andrew Breibart is apparently dead.

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    I think she thinks she’s got a shot at VP.

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    What I don;t get. There was a place that was able to enact an Every Sperm is Sacred Paradise and in living memory to boot.

    Doesn’t anyone remember Romania?
    From wikipedia:

    In 1957, [abortion] was officially legalized in Romania, following which 80% of pregnancies ended in abortion, mainly due to the lack of effective contraception. In 1966 abortion was criminalized (except in exceptional cases) again, by Decree 770[5] under the rule of Nicolae Ceauşescu. The natalist policy was completed with mandatory gynecological revisions and penalizations for single women over 25 and married couples without children.[5]

    The sudden effect of this policy was a transition from a birth rate of 14.3‰ in 1966 to 27.4‰ in 1967. Between 1972 and 1985, further decrees altered the minimum age for legal abortion.[5] The children born in this period, especially between 1966 and 1972, are nicknamed the decreţei (singular decreţel). They had to put up with crowded public services as the state was not ready for the sudden increase. The word decreţei has a negative nuance for the perceived mental and physical damage due to the risky pregnancies and failed illegal abortions.[6]

    This policy was reversed in 1989, after the Romanian Revolution, and, since that time, abortion has been legal in Romania.

    Doesn’t everyone remember the horrid scenes in the orphanages where children had been abandoned because their parents (often single mothers) could not look after them? Jesus Jumping Christ it was only back in 1989-90 that it all came to light.

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    I think that animated gif is going to come back and bite you on the -um- butt, Tbogg.

    I am a straight woman I found This Shakira’s ass strangely hypnotic and compelling. I can only imagine what it going on in the minds of the straight males who frequent this place.

    And there’s the rub.

    I would not be surprised if they find it so hypnotic that they never leave this page. Not only will reports of driedup husks of former bloggers start to appear in the media but your own page hits will drop as visitors can no longer bring themselves to click to the next page (even if it is Thursday night).

    Of course your overall hits may stay in the same range as visiting this update will become a rite of passage for nerdy young males. The Internet myth will grow…

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    Sorry. I just had to laugh.

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    I was talking with my 80 year old mother tonight and she said that men are going to have a rude awakening because if assholes like Douchehat succeed in removing birth control access from women, then women will start behaving differently and they won’t be putting out like they do now when they have access to good birth control.

    And it’s such a different world than when my mother was young and frisky. The modern pressures and laws make an entirely different landscape than when young men could knock up women and it would be all her fault and responsibility.

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    I said, “You know the story of R&J.” He said no. Relationship didn’t last long.

    My daughter was madly in love with Leonardo diCaprio back in the day, so we got her a Romeo and Juliet DVD with him and Claire Danes for her birthday. My son, who was about 9 at the time watched the DVD raptly.

    At the end he turned to me absolutely lived. “They DIED? They DIED?”
    He was so unprepared for that.
    We were so shocked at his surprise because everyone knows the story of Romeo and Juliet, right?

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    Shorter Dana: “You say Geneva convention and I say FOAD.”

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    One of my son’s has a middle name of Tecumseh, or as he told my friend when he was 4, Humpty Dumpty.

    I have always wondered since what a kid thinks about parents who would give their son that name.

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    U 2 funnee.

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